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Chapter 1527: 1527

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He had been with Qiao Wenyu for three years since he was fifteen.

His three years of youth and effort were only worth a million?

Qiao Wenyu wanted to abandon him and live a good life?

He wanted to stay by Qiao Wenyu’s side, sabotage his plans, and make him pay the price!

On the dining table, there was a table full of dishes that looked, smelled, and tasted delicious. The candlelight flickered, and the atmosphere was ambiguous.

Shen Zhiyi opened a bottle of red wine and poured two glasses. “Peach Blossom Eyes, let’s drink a toast.”

The two of them clinked glasses. Shen Zhiyi picked up a piece of bass meat and put it into Tang Chen’s bowl. “Try it.”

Tang Chen ate it obediently and nodded. “It’s Delicious.”

Shen Zhiyi smiled a little smugly. “Do I have the potential to be a good wife and mother?”

Tang Chen chewed on the rice. He knew what she would say next, so he just grunted.

Shen Zhiyi was a little discouraged, so she ate the rice in a depressed manner.

Tang Chen looked up. The woman under the candlelight was so warm that it was like a brightly-colored painting. It was also so beautiful that it was like a dream. He couldn’t help but be lost in it.

He didn’t know what this feeling was, but he didn’t want it to end.

After eating, the two of them went to take a shower.

Shen Zhiyi gave Tang Chen a treatment as usual.

After they got into bed, Shen Zhiyi suddenly exclaimed, “Peach Blossom Eyes, since when did you not refuse me to climb into your bed?”

“Is it useful to refuse?”

Shen Zhiyi smiled and leaned on his chest, her fingers playing with the black hair on his forehead.

“You’re the man I want to sleep with for the rest of my life.”

Under the dim light, her eyes were abnormally bright.

Tang Chen suddenly had a feeling that it was not bad to spend the rest of his life with her.

He sneered. “If you want to sleep with me, I’ll sleep with you.”

Shen Zhiyi thought he was teasing her again. “Before I Cure You, you can only lie down and be pressed down by me.”

As she said this, she lowered her head and kissed him on the lips.

“Just like this. I can forcefully kiss you, but you can’t.”

Her smugness made Tang Chen’s heart itch inexplicably. He couldn’t help but smile. She was 70% evil and 30% noble, stunning Shen Zhiyi.

However, just as he was in a daze, Tang Chen’s right hand grabbed the back of her head and pressed down.

Their lips were tightly pressed together.

Shen Zhiyi widened her eyes in disbelief.

Tang Chen… did he take the initiative to kiss her?

Seeing Shen Zhiyi’s shock and joy, Tang Chen felt a little uncomfortable.

His actions just now were completely subconscious. He didn’t even have time to think properly.

Tang Chen was just about to push Shen Zhiyi away when she suddenly bit his lips. She stuck out the tip of her tongue and licked his lips awkwardly.

The fresh body fragrance from her wrapped around Tang Chen. The gentle touch brought out his most primitive desire to bathe.

Tang Chen’s body stiffened. It was unknown whether the hand hanging in mid-air wanted to push her away or hug her tightly.

The atmosphere in the room became romantic.

At this moment, the door was suddenly knocked open. Bang!

“God of plague Tang!”An excited cry sounded, shattering the ambiguous atmosphere.

Lin Wanwan, who was rushing in, was grabbed by Lu Zhanbei’s collar.

She looked at the two people stacked together on the bed. She was stunned for a long while before she held back her laughter and coughed. “I’m sorry. Looks like I’ve disturbed you guys. You guys continue, Hahaha!”

Just as she was about to pull Lu Zhanbei away, Tang Chen pushed Shen Zhiyi away.

“We’ll wait in the living room.”

Shen Zhiyi sat up and looked annoyed. “Wanwan is such a spoilsport. I almost raped you.”

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