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Chapter 121: Episode 38. Why are you coming out of there?

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For the next month, the world was rocked by the "Colon Aboriginal Massacre."

When Dino published an article and the hostile forces, including Looncandel, joined the public opinion campaign, Jipple blamed an individual named Muron Zipple for all that.

However, when the broken parts of the "cozek" were revealed as additional evidence, the Jipple was forced to be cornered in the Handong area.

Of course, Zipple dismissed the project as a deviation from Muron Zipple. He paid a huge sum of money to all kinds of newsletters, and sent several ships full of gold to Beemment, the center of the media.

The people of the Hufester Union are angry, and the people of the Rutero Magic Union are shirking.

When Biment took the lead in supporting Jipple's innocence, the scandal subsided like a boiling pot. The dirty deal was quite successful.

As a result, this time again, Looncandel benefited from the reflection, Bismant got the money, and Jipple lost its honor and prestige.

In particular, it was a remarkable achievement that left an indelible stain on the face of Jipple, which used to put forward "good" and "justice" as absolute values.

"Jipple's gonna have to hold his breath for a while. Starting with the recent death of an additional shareholder and the massacre of colons. Slowly, Jipple's ugly bare face is being revealed, and there's no way to stop its prestige from being broken."

said Dino, rolling a pen.

He and the natives arrived in the Hufester Union not long ago and were protected by Luna. Although they haven't met Luna in person yet, the managers of the estate were touching them with quite the hard treatment.

"Saint Confucius, who, at that young age, never thought to penetrate all this flow exactly, it's amazing to think again. I thought there was only a man crazy about the sword in Looncandel."

"But there's one thing that Confucius lost didn't expect.”

Tika smiled and pointed to the mansion yard under the window.

There was a pile of support from all over the world to the colonists. All kinds of sponsored items are filled with letters of condolence and support.

The janitors of the mansion have been busy organizing them for days already.

"Because Confucius saved us, so many people became interested in colons. We've all been turning a blind eye to us for hundreds of years."

Tika slowly turned around and lit up the candle filling the room again.

It was a candlelight vigil in memory of Lao Temple and other dead people.

"From now on our prayers will be directed not toward him, but toward Confucius, who lost. I wonder when the world will know exactly who the passers-by are in your article."

a passerby who was passing by.

That's how Dino put the hero who saved Colon in the article. Even until now, when the incident was quite quiet, there were many questions about who the passers-by were, but none of the news had been revealed.

Whenever Dino was asked questions, he said, "I really don't know."

"It turns out that it was Prince Jean's party, probably after Prince Jean became the flag bearer of Looncandel. Naturally, this case will be illuminated one more time, and Confucius Qin will then formally express his position again as the rider of the Looncandel."

"By revealing the details of the new thing, the mirror, that we were protecting?"

Dino, nodding his head, he was looking forward to that time.

Jin Yi, who became a rider and took over the supremacy of Looncandel. The image of sinking a jipple one by one with justification.

* * *

Caller: Kashmir

Recipient: Ciron Looncandel

Report: Passers-by, the key figures in the Colon massacre, are Jean Lunkandel, Murakan and himself. And Jean Looncandel joined forces with Murakhan to kill Muron Zipple.

Remark: Muron Zipple's body was recovered by Zipple.

Black Sea.

A thick blood clot appeared on the forehead of Zion, who had just received a letter from Khan.

'The housekeeper is angry. What the hell did the sword write this time?…?’

The air in the dark sea has become heavier, and we have to be careful of what we can't help but notice it.


Poetry sighed with anger.

"Lord, have you had trouble with your youngest master?"”

"Not that, Khan. It's the opposite. This time, they cut Muron Zipple's throat.”

"I expected the young master to be the key figure in the Colon massacre, but I'm surprised to hear that for myself. After Andrey Zipple, the seven-horse tower. You've done two big pure blood before you even became a rider."

"But you should take a look at this letter, too."

As soon as I looked at the letter, Khan's face turned white.

" don't think he's been so unenthusiastic in reporting to you since last time?"

"It's okay because the simple form is the result of what I told you to write short. But this time, the sword intentionally hid the information from me. How dare you......!"

As Siron said, Kashmir did not write down most of the important reports that should be written in this letter.


As a result of the debate, there was a slight earthquake in the central part of the Black Sea.

"The whole world has been in a uproar lately. But no matter how good the youngest is, it's not enough to handle the project."

"Yes, I'm sure someone else was involved. There's no way the sword doesn't know that.”

The names of Jin and his party were not the only ones missing in all the articles on Colon.

Talaris Endorma, the non-goongju, and her daughter Siris. Nor did it say a single line that the two were involved.

So the public were just predicting. The first team of the Ghosts and the Black Kings, or Ron Haran, moved.Like, the Vigung fought, or the Runkandel horsemen were on the scene.

As both reporters Dino and Jipple are closing their mouths, even Ciron did not know who blocked the project yet.

"I can't believe you're covering up such information to the Lord. If you'd just tell me what to do, I'll go and train the sword right away...….”


Suddenly, a white gate was opened just in front of Siron. As soon as Khan was about to search reflexively, Zion raised his hand to restrain him.


It was, of course, the eyelid mott that jumped out of the white portal, and the talarisman riding on it.

"Well, I was worried you might have moved the meditation place. I'm glad you came back, it's been a long time. Ciron."


"Can't it be a greasy reaction to see you after a long time?”

Khan bowed lightly to Talaris, and Ciron stared at her for a while.

Soon the gaze seemed burdensome, and Talaris waved.

"Oh, that look. It'll heat up if we face each other more. I didn't come to you for a fight like before, so please relax your face."

"It was you."


"The one who stopped Kozac. You seem to have helped Jean, Talaris."

Thalaris smiled as Xiron loosened his gaze.

"Yes, and unintentionally overheard your heartbeats talking. I guess Kashmir hid information from you, didn't?"

Then Xiron extended a letter to Talaris, and Talaris smiled strangely.

"You deserved to be angry, I was involved, but how dare you hide such information against you? So. You're gonna send that guy down to beat him up?"

"I intend to give you a light warning."

"I want to tell you not to. It's rather a compliment.”


"Yes. Cassimir only made it clear in this letter who he was. I'm not Siron Looncandel, I'm Jean Looncandel's man.”

The argument narrowed the gap between the eyes.

And the theory of nodding one's head as if one knows soon.

" is that. Are you saying that you're going to understand Jean's position first, not mine, even reporting to me?"

"You mean your youngest son got a man that well. When Kashmir came to visit Vigung, he had his life on the line. For Jean. I think he's quite useful, so why don't you let him down?"

In the end, the expression of the argument softened.

As she said, Kashmir eventually nailed that he was a Jin. And there were literally very few people who could do that against Ciron.

"At the moment, I almost made the youngest child's heartache. I'll count on you once, Talaris."

"What does your son owe me? Hm, Cochac. It was pretty hard to stop it. It was jipple and almost chapped."

"Did you come here to get that debt? Take it on your own from the youngest."

"I'm kidding. I came to see you today...…”

a talarius for a moment's

"My daughter and your youngest son. What do you think about the two getting married?”

Khan's mouth was wide open as he was listening.

* * *

at a pinch

"What's the matter, Master?"

"Oh, no. I suddenly felt something cold."

"Did Confucius feel that, too? I've been feeling a little creepy lately, for some reason."

Jean and Kashmir nodded at each other.

Except for the coolness of their backs once in a while, they have been quite idle ever since they came back from Colon.

Rest was necessary. After leaving the family as a backup rider, they have been fighting for a long time.

From destroying Tessing to the Colon massacre. Jin was at the center of most of the recent events that have caused a stir in the world.

And he has achieved growth that is truly a one-time improvement.

'Six swordsmanship, five spirits, and a mirror, and at one stroke, the mana became seven.’

Improving mana with mirrors is something that should be restrained as much as possible. The world is over when the solderlet's seal gets loose.

However, just carrying a mirror from Colon to Tikan naturally boosted the mana. Also, it would be difficult if there was no reward like this after all the hard work.

Nevertheless, Jean was feeling somewhat impatient.

spider-hand alu

Jin's eldest brother. A figure who might have something to do with Joshua Looncandel. Perhaps, related to the Wizard Who Cursed Jean.

The Seven Colors were still unable to find any information about the alu.

Either way... can't stop him.


Even if I failed at the time...….

The last conversation I had with him right before he killed Allu.

It was a story that still bothers me. It's quite rewarding to reveal the corruption and tyranny of the Jipple and to reveal the secrets of the world.

What Jin is most curious about is the person who cursed himself as "the widow of the wing" in his previous life.

'It keeps bothering me that all the information about alu is erased. If you can't even dig out a seven-color bird so far, you may never find it...….’

As soon as he was about to sigh out of frustration, a servant found Kashmir.


"What's going on?"

"Well, a man came to the mansion. He told me that he was a beggar, but he was informative. He wants to work for his master.”

"Haha, man. There's only one or two such guys a year. I'm sure the backstreet ragman, who was at a loss for his life, picked up my rumours and came to see me. Give him a decent amount of money to bathe and dine and kick him out."

"I was going to. You know the exact location of one of the Seven-Color Secret Headquarters. So I thought I'd have to let you know how to handle it."

Kashmir's eyes sharpened.

" know one of our secret headquarters? Where is he now?"

The servant pointed carefully out the window.

"Huh, you made a funny scene in front of Confucius. I thought the security of the Seven Colors was pretty great.... I'm ashamed."

Naturally Kashmir and Jean went to the window and looked down at the man in question.

When Kashmir saw a man who was begging the gatekeepers, he held his forehead irritably.

Jean was startled and called the man's name inside.


It was Akin's informational jet that came to Kashmir.
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