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Chapter 122: Episode 39. Jets rolling in are surprisingly useful (1)

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At the time of the annihilation of Tessing, Qin sent three letters to the three agencies.

He sent a letter containing a slave list to Beemont, a letter containing an illegal transaction book to Gipple, and a list of Tessing's clients to Arkin's newsletter.

And I wrote Zet's name in the letter. Thanks to this, Jet was taken to Beemment and Jipple's investigation for questioning, but he had survived thanks to Beemont's witness protection law.

At that time, Jean wanted Jet to start a new life with her young son.

But looking at Jet, who now finds Tikan in his skeleton, Jin realized that he was too complacent.

'I get it. The witness protection at Beaumont must have been weaker than I thought. Maybe he was chased by Zipple's pursuers and got here.’

There was not much sympathy. He was a bully who hit his head several times in his previous life, and he poisoned his drink as soon as we met in this life.

If it weren't for his son, who is only three years old now, perhaps Jean would have advised Kashmir to just kick Zet out.

"Let's hear it first. Bring him."

Rumbling escorts dragged Zet up to Kashmir's office.

literally shabby Perhaps he was beaten all night by someone, and there were blood signs all over his face.

Facing Kashmir, Zet lowered his anxious gaze politely, and the guards continued to create an atmosphere of acrimony.

And Jean was still leaning against the window and turning her back on Jet. Don't let him recognize himself.

"Well, I thought you knew one of our secret headquarters, so I thought you were a seven-color old boy. You have no idea. Where did he roll?"

Kashmir's attitude toward Jet was cold.

For Kashmir, it was bound to be edgy that the inside information of the Seven Colors might have leaked out.

"I'm Jet, who ran an information store in Arkin."

"Arkin? Then he must have worked for Tessing. Tessing's ruined, so you must have lost your job, huh? How do you know our secret headquarters? Your life will be determined by the answer."

Then Zet came up with an answer that Kashmir had never expected.

"......for information, security is life. I can't tell you that until I'm your man."

"You! Who are you bluffing in front of? Tell me the right way, how you know our headquarters?"

"It's the only way I can deal with Kashmir. I can't tell you if you beat him to death."

Jet's eyes were filled with determination.

"And I have good information not only about the secret headquarters of the Seven Colors, but also about a recent request that the Seven Colors are working on."


"Write me down. If my abilities are not proven within a month, then I will humbly accept whatever you do."

"You son of you!

Although he shouted, Kashmir was feeling a curious curiosity about Jet.

Because the attitude that Jet is showing now is not so bad. Heavy Mouth is one of the most important virtues for information. In that sense, Jet was doing quite a good job.

In the past few months since the annihilation of Tessing.

Whatever the hell had happened, Jet had become a little different from what Jean remembered.

There is only one man who is in a tight spot, even though he is shabby.

"If Kashmir kills me here, frankly, there's no way I can stop him. It's all right to do chores at the end of the Seven Colors, in the third-class intelligence department. Give me a month and you'll see what I can do."

"You're very stubborn... And we know that our intelligence division is divided into three grades."

Kashmir said with a more muted face.

"You have nothing to lose. I'm going to be a loyal servant, but if you don't like it, you can always get rid of me."

"Hmm, Confucius. What do you think of Confucius? He's a little suspicious, but I'm a little curious to see that he knows the security details of the Seven-Color Tides."

When Kashmir called the camp, Zet's gaze also turned to the camp. From the first time he was brought into the room, Jet had been caring about Jean.

'As far as I know, the owner of the Tikan is definitely a kashmiri. But who the hell is that person who's looking only at the window with Kashmir in front of him?

The moment Jean turned slowly.

Jet had to feel his heart sink.

"You, you, you...…!”

"Long time no see, information jet. I must have given you quite a few jewels before you broke up, where are you selling them all to and doing all this stuff?"

"You swindler! What else are you going to do with Kashmir this time! Mr. Kashmir, don't be fooled by him! He's the one who impersonated Veradin Zipple to destroy Tessing! It's a bit of a special lease!"

a jet in a flash of blood

It was worth it, because he had no doubt that his life had come to this after he met Jean.

It wasn't a very wrong idea. In fact, in Jin's previous life, Jet lived a decent life as a big-time information dealer for Arkin. Of course, Zet was a clear villain at the time.

There was a moment of silence, and Kashmir and Jean burst into a foot laugh at the same time.

"Confucian...... haha, I didn't know that you were a special bit of a bargain."

"Jet, you must've been mistaking me for the privilege. Yeah, it can be. But do you think Lord Kashmir is with me without knowing who I am?”

As soon as Jean finished her words, Jet's face turned white.

"Well, then... you don't think Tessing collapsed, because Cassimir sent the author...…?”

At that moment, Murakhan burst open the door and entered the Oval Office.

"Hey! Mimul! Where's the red book I asked you to save? It's already been a few days... Huh? What about this guy?"


"You're the asshole who poisoned our drinks in Arkin, aren't you? Mimul, why is this here?"


Jet's mind was literally in a state of confusion.

'Ka, you're treating Lord Kashmir by calling him Mimul!’

And as far as Jet remembers, this ignorant and scary man must be that swindler's henchman's henchman's henchman.

Jet's head began to spin like crazy.

'Cashmir is the owner of the Tikan. But this ignorant fellow treats Kashmir, the owner of Tikan. And the ignorant man is the rich man of the crook. Then, who is the highest person here?'

a bitter swindler

It was Jean who had to bow down to Jet asking him to hire him.


a jet that almost falls on its knees

"Oh, my God, I haven't seen this stupid little man before and now. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Beacon special lease! That's not fair. Please forgive me for not being able to understand the deep meaning!"

"Oh, now you're a little jetty.”

"Aigo, aigo. You don't know what I've been through since I left Arkin! But thanks to you, this jet, which was nothing more than a backstreet miscellaneous, has been reborn as a soldier for the public good of Akin."

In Jet's mind, which changed its attitude in an instant, hope was springing up like when the first Jean did not doubt it was a "veradine jipple."

I don't know what the author is now. I really don't know! Anyway, he's a man enough to play Kashmir. If I belong under it, my life can be rosy again!’

I knew you were extraordinary from the start! I didn't know you were a child of the Zipple family. Sir, please give me a chance to show my sincerity. I'll take anything.

The words Zet uttered when Jean impersonated Veradine at an underground auction house in Tessing.

'Let's forget we've been fooled by the author and gone through all sorts of hardships. Anyway, when you broke up, didn't you even give him a pile of jewelry? You're not such an unfriendly person!'

Jet rubbed his hands and looked up at the camp.

"Well, it seems like you've suffered quite a bit, as you said. I'm sorry about that...... yes, you want to belong to the Seven Colors?"

"Yay! You've been through this before, but this jet is quite useful. You used me very well in Akin, didn't you?"

"Well, it was...... then things went well thanks to you. All right. I'll write you down as a seven-color terminal, if Lord Kashmir allows. But before that, answer some of the questions I ask sincerely."

"Ask anything!"

"First. How does your guy know the secret headquarters of the Seven Colors?"

"When I was running an information store in Arkin, I happened to get a seven-color crew member's notebook. I got to know one of the secret headquarters while I was at ease deciphering the code.”

"Ha! I can't tell you if I beat you to death earlier.Dooney asks, and he swells up. I'm not scared. I'm scared of Confucius.”

That's what Kashmir said, but in fact he didn't hate the Jet that confessed to Jean.

Rather, what surprised Kashmir was the fact that Jet had decoded the cryptogram of the Seven Colors himself. It was impossible without a really 'useful' figure.

"Well, good. Then second. What happened to your son? I didn't mean to sell it somewhere during my escape.You haven't lost it, have you?"

"I would have looked like a bottomless pit in your eyes. That's true, but you jet! My son thinks terrible. My son is at Tikan Daycare Center now. I spent the last remaining money on it.”

Jet came to Kashmir ready to die because of the conviction that he could not afford to feed his son after the day-care period.

"I'm ashamed, but if Kashmir kills me, I was going to ask you to take care of my little son... I've heard that Kashmir is a warmhearted person."

Jean swept her chest down into her heart.

If Jet's son had gone wrong, it would have been hard to bear the guilt because it was due to his return.

"It's the last third. If you even like the answer to this question, you could probably be a member of the Seven Colors."

"Speak, my lord!"

"In an earlier conversation with Sir Kashmir. You said you also have good information about a request that has recently been hung by a seven-colored bird. What kind of request is that?”

There was a smile on his lips for the first time.

The seven-color request he knew was likely related to Jean.

"You destroyed... Tessing's chief, spider-hand alu. The Seven Colors have been digging up information about him lately. And I know a little bit about his past.”

Jean nodded satisfactorily.

At an unthinkable moment, he discovered the key to the long question.
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