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Chapter 124: Episode 40. Delky's Chasers (1)

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It was only four days after the seven-color crew members brought in meaningful information.

"You've been fretting over the past few months because you haven't had any results. It's not long before we have a clue. The seven-color crew brought some pretty good information from Delky."

"What is it about?"

"The last name of the castle, Marius. It's a castle that's often found anywhere on the continent, but in the kingdom of Delky, only one group uses it.”

"A group, not a family?”

"Yes, there was an orphanage named 'The Sacrifice of the Moon' in the southern part of the Delky Kingdom. And every orphan uses the last name Marius.”

"You mean Alu and the Thai nanny are from the same orphanage. They're quite deeply connected, if not blood."

"That's right, but they've also learned some interesting facts about the orphanage. The moon's sacrifice was not a normal orphanage."

The moon's sacrifice was not a facility built simply to raise orphans.

It's true that the orphanage has housed a considerable number of orphans, but the real purpose of the orphanage is to foster the dagger of the Delkie family.

"The Moon sacrifice was run by the main body of King Delkie's faction, which trained orphans to become assassins or agents. The civil war was shut down after the prince's victory."

"It was some sort of secret military training center.”

"Yes, the training was very brutal, too. It was in the form of forming a bond between orphans, forcing them to kill each other, and finally selecting the surviving children...….”

"Crazy guys, what they don't do in Looncandel. By the way, does the taiyan nanny and alu work in the orphanage overlap? It's going to be quite an age difference.”

"The timing of his activities doesn't overlap, but even after he became Looncandel's nanny, he found the moon's sacrifice whenever he had the chance."

"Even after you became a nanny?"

"Yes, that's the core of the information that the Seven Colors have come to. I don't know if he condoned it in Looncandel or if he didn't care, but he found the moon's sacrifice at least once every two months."

Jean knew that Luncandel's nanny had little personal time. The only holiday officially approved for the nannies of Looncandel was a week a year.

And the nannies usually voluntarily returned even that week and continued their work. It was because most of them were "out of nowhere to go."

'Luna's personality could have given her a lot of unofficial vacations. But I can't believe I've been looking for the moon's sacrifice... Have you felt compassion for orphans in the same position as you?"

Thinking so, it also made sense that Taichung had given Alu a chance.

Anyway, as soon as I checked the relationship between the two, I felt uncomfortable. Jin hoped that Taichung and Allu would happen to have the same last name, but had no idea.

So even if Allu has something to do with the curse, Taichung will not be held responsible.

"What is the source of the information?”

"There are a few survivors left in Delkie from the Moon's sacrifice. A total of nine, except for the dead Allu. They survived the closure of the facility by the prince faction.”

The victims of the moon met by the Seven Colors were all active in the dark. To work in the dark, irregular mercenaries, or work as a troubleshooter and extort money from the common people.

"Everyone seemed very reluctant to talk about Tai Lung. The amount of money the crew had fed her was enough to hear that she often found sacrifices on the moon."

"I need to see them in person. If I reveal my identity to them, I'll hear more about Tai Lung."

"You're on standby, wouldn't it be a little dangerous to identify yourself?"

"It's all right. We just need to make sure it doesn't fit in our brothers' ears."

* * *

April 1, 1796.

Jean and Jet loaded themselves into the mobile gateway to Delki.

hufester united nations ltd. We didn't need as many people as we went to Looncandel's headquarters. There is nothing good to notice.

"Hehe, sir! I will do my best to help this Jet during his time.”

Taking Jet with him was to leave the chores to him.

"What kind of bonus, if there were any battles, I'd have to take responsibility for you."

"Ah! You're in charge of me? When I'm so touched. If you're in a critical situation, you can always leave me alone!"

"Why do you throw yourself away, I've put you in the Seven Colors at the best of my ability. How's life these days?"

"Okay! As a seven-color informant, it's an elite job to eat anywhere. Well, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have had a chance to work in a place like this.”

"That's true. I guess teleportation is starting now.”

"On arrival, I'll find a clean accommodation first!"

"No, I don't need it. Today we're going all over the western part of the world, where there are three survivors. We'll meet all three of them, then we'll move north and then we'll get them."


The mobile gates opened and vibrated everywhere. Then a shriveled mana covered the two, and when they opened their eyes again, they were in the waiting room at the gateway to the west of the kingdom of Delky.

"Welcome, Jean Grey. Mr. Jet. Have a nice trip."

The guide smiled as he checked his ID card. As soon as Jean left the entrance, she pressed on her hood, and the full face of Zet, who followed her, was full of laughter.

"I can feel it! The weather is nice, and somehow I can get back the information you want.”

"Who's the first survivor to meet?"

"Yes, let me see. Garber Marius. Neltara is a friend who is playing tricks in the neighborhood. And it's about an hour's ride from here.”

"Get the horse."


Even though it's the first time Jet has ever been to the West of Delky.

Within half an hour, I got two Junma pens from somewhere. He also spent much less money than Jin's gold coins, and he even tried to return the change to Jin without leaving any money behind.

So Jean had no choice but to feel a little absurd.

'He was the one who'd skin me in my whole life. Well, when we first met in this life, he tried to sell me, Murakhan, and Gilly. You really don't know about people.'

Jean shook her head lightly, and in an instant Jet looked servile.

"My Lord. Don't you like the horse? Or am I too late?”

"No, it's great. Keep the change. Let's start right away."

"Hi! Thank you! I'll make it useful."

Giddy up!

It was around noon when the two drove as far as they could on a well-paved horseback road and arrived in Neltta.

"I told you where I was, but...... Oh, I see you there, sir. the Nelta vigilante Oh, you funny guys. You're a gangster, and you're putting up a sign of vigilante."

Jin almost laughed at the sight of a buried dog scolding a buried dog, but did not show up and beat the gates of the Nelta Vigilant.

"Come on! Let me do this. I have the vulgarity of the lower parts on my precious hands. And when you beat a gangster's den in broad daylight, you have to be more aggressive, so that at least one of them pops out.”


"Yay, usually these thugs work at night and sleep well during the day. You can't even hear it if you're being shy.”


Jet trimmed his throat and began to bang at the gate of the vigilante.

"I'm here to see Garber Marius! Come out!"

Then he shouted loudly, and a few passers-by looked at the two.

Boom! Boom, boom!

After a long beating, however, the tightly closed wooden door showed no sign of opening.

"Huh, look at these. Doesn't it look like you're having a good night's sleep? Not a single one comes out."

"Isn't there nobody inside?"

"It can't be. Gangsters really care about their own camp. Hey! Anyone pop out!"

There was no response from inside to Jet's continuous kick. Soon after Jet scratched his head as if he was embarrassed, Jin stuck his ears close to the door to check his popularity.

But the next moment, what Jean felt wasn't a sign.

'This is......!'

It was a faint smell of blood, flowing through a crack in the door.

The jet that stuck to the door felt the same way and looked up at the camp as if it had no idea.

"These guys, was there a struggle last night? I think I'll just have to open the door. The smell of blood is light, but if it's coming out this far, it's not just one or two people who are dead.”

"Come out back, I'll cut the door."

"You can't do that. You can draw attention, and if you show a knife for no reason, you can turn it upside down. Please wait a minute, the shape of the keyhole looks like the kind I can pick."

"Do you know how to do that?"

"Haha, how many years have I rolled in the dark? Wow, I have so many memories. When I was a kid, I used to make a living with this door opener."

Jett, who took out the long pin and ring from his arms, stuck to the lock and wrestled for about five minutes, click. I heard the unlocking sound.

"You were really good to bring me in, weren't you?"

Come on...

The smell of blood deepened as the door opened. But inside it was dark enough to overshadow the noon sun, so nothing could be seen.


The moment Jet closed the door again and turned on the lantern.

The two had no choice but to open their mouths wide without realizing it.

"Crazy, what the hell is this...….”

"Say, my God. What's this? Sir, I think something's wrong!"

The inside was simply hell.

Not only the floor, but also the walls and ceilings were clearly covered with human flesh. There was not a single body that seemed to be more than 20 years old.

If the two were not familiar with blood and corpses, they would probably have shuddered with nausea for a long time.


"These guys, it hasn't been that long since they died. The blood didn't even clot.”

"Huh, come to think of it... No, it's this big, and no one outside knew it was it? Maybe he was eaten by a demon. Or was it wrong with a high-ranking knight?"

An ominous foreboding ran over Jin's back.

"I'll look for Garber Marius for now. I don't know if there's a body that can compare faces, but...….”

While Jet was treading carefully on the unbleached floor, Jean looked closely at the body.

'This is not the act of a high-ranking knight or a demon. These people were torn from body to body by wind magic.’

It was clear that he was also subjected to at least eight-star wizards. Eight-star wind system magic, capable of 'hell wind'.

And the Hufester Union ruled the crime of using magic more seriously than anything else.

"Jet, stop looking. We'd better get out of here first. Like you said, we could be overwritten or classified as involved."
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