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Chapter 125: Episode 40. Delky's Chasers (2)

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As soon as he stepped outside as if he had seen nothing, the noon sun shone on the two again.

"Ooh, sir. What the hell did we see? Why are they all dead?"

"It was done by a sorcerer of more than eight stars. It's a sign of being swept out of hell.”

"The eight-star wizard? I don't think he'll ever buy such a bottom-up rascal and a grudge, but I saw something terrible as soon as I got to Delky."

Jean and Jet shook their heads as they climbed onto the saddle.

"Just for about 10 minutes, see if any of the local people know Garber Marius. I'll be in front of the fountain I saw on my way. If you don't know anyone, you go to the next survivor right away."


As soon as Jin went to the fountain and tried to figure out why the alternative Nelta Vigilant was gone, Jet, who had left, was seen returning.

"I didn't need 10 minutes.Yo, sir, three people saw Garver enter the vigilante headquarters drunk at dawn yesterday."

"So you mean Garber's dead too. Copy that, let's go. Who's the next survivor?"

"I'm in a neighborhood about two hours away from here. Weatherway Marius, this is a mercenary."

The two men who escape Nelta again with an uncomfortable heart.

'I don't know for the life of me. A wizard with more than eight stars would have been able to fix a gangster without having to make such a fuss.’

Why did the sorcerer slaughter the gangsters, even at the risk of creating a magic crime in the Hufester Allies?

'It ended too soon to be considered a murder by a deep grudge. There was no sign of torture. I just raided, stepped on a bug and left right away.'

There was a limit to the analogy because there were too few clues, but there was a prickly corner to dismiss it as just a coincidence.

Questions about him ran for two hours and continued until he arrived at the gate of the mercenary corps, where Westaway Marius was located.

a squeaking sound

When I opened the door, men of fierce looks welcomed the two.

"Haha, thank you for your hard work. I'm looking for the Weatherway Marius."

The men sighed as Jet entered the room with a good gracefully, the men sighed.

"What, I was wondering if I could get a client in a while. Why are you looking for Weatherway? Oh, was he beaten up by him at the bar last night?"

"Oh, not that. Other than old friends. I happened to stop by this side during the trip, so I just wanted to see my face.….”

"Hey, that bastard had friends, too. What a wonder! Weatherway hasn't come to work yet. I'll draw you a map, so go and see."

"Thank you, brothers!"

Take the directions and cross the boulevard and alley to get to Weatherway's house. This time, Jet knocked on the door again.

"Wetherway! Are you inside?"

Boom, boom, boom.

The tightly closed door did not show any sign of opening until some of the neighbors shouted, "It's noisy."

"You're opening the doors of other people's houses several times today."

And before Jean even ordered it, Jet started unlocking it, click. The moment the door opened with a sound.


"Oh, dear."

The first thing the two saw was a man, Weatherway Marius, lying in a strange position in the middle of the living room.

"My Lord. Well, I think he's dead...... He's not breathing."

"It's poison. And it hasn't been long since he died this time. It's a well-refined assassination poison, seeing that the skin and color are not discolored in the poison."

There was still a faint warmth left in the body's chest. At best, he died about two or three hours ago.

"My lord, if you are...…?”

"Someone's killing the Moon's victims, in real time. And it's another who killed the Nelta vigilante and Marius." The styles are so different, it's a minimum of two."

Let's confirm the death of the second survivor.

Jean could be sure.

"Criminals have recently recognized that a seven-color bird is prying into the name Marius, and are sorting out the victims on the moon for fear of information leakage.’

Now it couldn't have been a coincidence.

Also, if there is an element of coincidence in this matter, Jin. It was judged to be more favorable to the criminals.

'We don't know if the criminals know or don't know if I and Jet are looking for survivors right now. If you know, he's deliberately covering us up, and if you don't... Bad luck.’

The investigation into the massacre of the Nelta vigilante and the death of Weatherway was due to begin in the afternoon at the latest.

In the eyes of the common people, however, the last time they visited the Nelta vigilante was two, and in the case of Weatherway, fellow mercenaries saw it clearly.

If you go back to the mercenary squad and say, "Report, Weatherway is dead," it won't work, and even if you believe it miraculously, Jean and Jet will also have to be investigated by the garrison.

Then there is the risk of revealing the status of the reserve rider, and it is inconceivable to find the remaining seven survivors.


Jean clenched her teeth, suppressing her soaring irritation.

'No matter how much I'm a backup rider, how dare you play with me in the land of Looncandel?’

So far, the culprit has been identified as one wizard with more than eight stars, and one assassin with a good knowledge of poison.

'That alone is a tremendous amount of power to put in to deal with the Moon's victims. That means it's important for them. Maybe there's more assassins.’

When Jean left Weatherway's house, Jet puffed along.

"What would you do, sir? Wouldn't it be better to go back to Tikan first? We're going to cover this one up and down."

"That's a good idea, Jet. But we're meeting all the remaining survivors. We have to move quickly, before the assassins kill them all."

* * *

The third survivor.

Fourth survivor, fifth the eighth survivor.

He changed his words three times at midnight, used the mobile gates twice, frantically searching for survivors.

None of them was not a dead body. Even the sight of two people dying just before or a few hours before their arrival.

Fortunately, there were only two assassins. All of the dead were either windmills or poisoned.

Because of this, Jean was almost at the top. Every time, it feels like the survivors of the moon are dying before their eyes.

"Ha, this is the last survivor, sir. Den Marius. What if he's dead?”

"Open the door first."

The last survivor, Den Marius's location, was a remote house outside a city in eastern Delki province.

I didn't even knock since I was looking for a fourth survivor. I just opened the door hoping that there was a survivor alive.

Tick, tick, tick!

The moment the last survivor's house gate was opened.


An arrow flew in.

Jet could not respond, so he flinched, and Jean caught the arrow that flew into his chest with bare hands.

"Oh, my God! You crazy man! It's been saved me."



When Qin, who quickly took out the dagger, struck the second arrow, the pupil of the man standing in the living room grew bigger. Then a man who screams like this with a scared face.

"Who, who are you! If it's enough to knock out a crossbow from this street, Bo, I don't think you're a good man. Why would you just open the door of someone else's house...….”

"Den Marius, the Moon's sacrificial survivor. Is that right?"

The man's mouth opened.

"How can I......are you the ghosts of the king's faction? Or did he send you?…!”

As soon as I confirmed that the man was den Marius.

Jean almost hugged Den. Frankly speaking, I didn't think Den would be alive.

'And that's him. Is it Taichung? Or the one Alu said?"

Either way, I had a strong intuition that he was an important person who would provide clues to the curse.

"Den. There's no time for a long explanation. It's dangerous here. The assassins will be upon you soon, so come out for now. I'm here to save you.”

"Well, what does that mean?"

"Gaver, Weatherway, Burt, etc. Since early this morning, assassins have been killing the Moon's victims. All nine are dead except you. I don't know if they're the ghosts of the king's faction, or if they're the servants of Taichung Marius, but I'm not."

" you know Mr. Taichung?!”

"It may be a little confusing, but trust me and follow me. You don't have to spend more than five seconds if I tried to kill you. Do you understand what I mean? I won't hurt you, I promise."

For a few seconds, Den gritted his teeth and then nodded.

"Okay... just a moment, please. My daughter is sleeping."

"Oh, my God, man! Get her out of here! You don't even have a wife, do you?

"No, I'll get him in a minute!"

Den hurriedly climbed onto Jet's horse, carrying his half-asleep daughter.

"How long does it take from here to the Eastern Movement Gate?"

"Three hours of hard work."

"Far away. Explain the rest of the situation on the way. Let's go!"


The horses began to trot and run the open streets at night. Jean and Jet, wearing hoods, and one tough guy carrying a child on his back.

It seemed a bit of a kidnapper because of the time zone, but fortunately Delky's patrol never grabbed them.

Ten opened his mouth as he crossed the boulevard into a deserted forest path.

"Are all the other brothers really dead?”

"Yes, I think not the ghosts of the king's faction, but the one you mentioned sent an assassin. Who is he?"

Den seemed to avoid answering as if he could not say that yet. Feeling stuffy, Jet tried to intimidate Den with abusive language, and when he saw his little daughter, he turned his head again.

"You're supposed to end up telling me anyway, man! Don't be stubborn for no reason. I was a lowlife like you, and I met you and my life began!"

"......never mind, didn't you say nine brothers who died earlier were nine?”

"Yes, I checked it myself. They're all dead."

When Jean answered, Den tilted his head as if it were strange.

"Then you're mistaken. I couldn't speak earlier because I was busy, but my brothers on the moon are 12 including me."

Chi Yi Ik!

When Jean pulled the reins, the horses stopped running hurriedly.


"There are two more."

"Where are the other two?"

"I don't know that. Unlike me, they're still working on direct orders."

Jean and Jet looked at each other at the horse.

I have two brothers left.

Two assassins.

As soon as Jet was about to ask about him, he could see a shriveled light spreading from one side of the bushes dark in Jean's sight.

It was magic.



As the light shot from the bushes, the horses fell as if they were falling and screamed.
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