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Chapter 126: Episode 41. Veris and Kuzan (1)

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It was a pair of mana rays that penetrated the horses. The horse died instantly, but Jin shouted, and the group did not suffer any other damage.

"Oh, what the hell is going on!"

"I think it's them.”

He quickly took a defensive stance, but the next attack did not continue immediately. Instead, the two phosphorus slowly began to emerge in the bushes.

Women and men. They were young men who were not yet over thirty.

And as soon as I checked their faces, Den's face turned to earth.

"You, you."

"Ah, Den O'Rabunny. What, what! How did you know we were coming? You got a escort, and you're more tactful than I thought.”

It was the woman who opened her mouth first. He is taller than the man standing next to him, and his face is full of playfulness that does not match the situation.

She was under the illusion that Jean and Jet were guards of Den.


The woman grinned as Den called her name.

She was the wizard who had just killed the Moon's victims, forming a wind sphere with new mana in her grasp.

'I don't think he's even 30 years old, but he's a wizard with at least eight stars? Besides, it's not even a zipple.’

It was shocking that he was younger than expected. He's a genius, but he doesn't know anything about him.

"Hehe, Kuzan. What do you think? How did Dan know we were killing our brothers? Once you've made Ten Orabunny into beef, you'll know when you ask them, right?"

"That stupid guy couldn't have known in advance. They've been doing our background checks recently. And he knew we started hunting today. Veris, be on your toes up. 'Cause that hooded guy doesn't seem like an ordinary wager.'

"Ay, nervousness. That was too much! Do you think it's easy for you and me to meet someone so strong that we should be nervous? Kuzan is too careful anyway. So it's not popular."

Veris Marius, Kuzan Marius.

The youngest, strongest hounds from the Moon's sacrifice.

Jet glared at them with a nervous stare, and Den was holding her daughter in his trembling hand.

"Berris and Kuzan. I was wondering what kind of guys were screwing up my work, and it's good to see you."

When Qin put an auror on the bradamante, Kuzan also pulled out the sword. Unlike Veris, Kuzan remained expressionless and cautious throughout.

"Heehee, I'm really curious about who you are and I'm thinking of getting to know you. But I need to finish my work first. Dan O'Rabuny, come on out front. Then I'll save my daughter. Maybe?"

Veris laughed forward at the wind she had collected.

Four-star wind magic, blade wind.’

It's enough magic to take Den's life, but an eight-star wizard usually uses higher-grade magic. Jean, the wizard, saw why Veris uses low-level magic.

Every time you kill survivors at dawn, you're saving your mana. I think I'm a guard, but I'm sure he used it.’

The reason why Veris had to kill the Moon's victims in a hellish wind is probably because of her unique bizarre and brutal nature. She was one of those who enjoyed the overwhelming carnage.

An eight-star wizard full of mana would have been pretty heavy.

An eight-star wizard, lacking or in danger of refluxing, could defeat enough. Unless it's a wizard who is extremely superior to the average eight stars.

'The problem is him. Circumstances suggest he killed the Moon's victims with poison, the sword.….’

Kuzan's holding is the most common type of long sword. Those who are trained in assassination techniques do not usually use such swords as their main weapon.

'Is poison just one of the catch? The main force is the sword.'

Worst case is when you are good at both poison and sword. And of course Jean had to fight on the assumption of the worst.

Is it possible for Jean to fight them and win?

Magic 7 stars, sword 6 stars, and spirit 5 stars. They may win if they let their guard down, and Jin is good at numbers.

"However, it is virtually impossible for Kuzan to be an eight-star. I don't think he wasted O'er unlike Veris. As always, we have no choice but to make variables somehow.'

The moment Jin was about to say something after quickly, was about to say something.

"Oh, you're getting annoyed. I told you to pop out, you buggy brother!"

Shiaak! A blade wind was fired straight from the grasp of Veris. When Jean opened up the shield and blocked it, Veris immediately called out the next spell.



"Take Den and run away."

"Yes, uh. What are you saying?! No, sir! Haha!"

At the same time that Qin swung the sword and struck the second blade wind, Kuzan rushed like a wedge and aimed for his shoulder.

"Shoulders. They'll want to save me as much as they can. I'm sure you have a lot to ask.’


Despite the fact that it did not contain electricity, there was considerable pressure flowing through Kuzan's blade. Eight stars, nothing to measure. The worst assumption fits in.

Still, thanks to Looncandel's unique blessed body, he was able to shed it several times with one hand.

"I think you're a much more valuable person than Den, wouldn't it be better for you to leave Den and run away? Besides, one hand, it looks pretty shallow.”

"Well, it's true that my life is more precious. I didn't want to show my father to die in front of my child. 'Cause I'm a little weak.'

Chaeng! Steng! The blades of Qin and Kuzan's blades were mixed and sparkled, and Jet was stamping his feet without doing this or that.

"Aigo, sir!"

"Hurry up and run! Your skills won't help. There's a chance for me to fight alone on one way or the other. Either I kill these things, or you survive."

"I'm going to die with you!"

"Don't say anything you don't have in mind. Get the hell out of here, it'

"Good luck, sir!"

The tearful Jet took his daughter from Den's arms and began to run like mad. Den followed him in a hurry, and Veris, who saw it, burst into a foot laugh.

"Oh, really! I can't watch it because I'm crying. Hey, honey. Did you really think they could get away? Kuzan! Hang on a second. Play with the cutie. I'll be right there and take care of it."

Kuzan with a slight nod.

When the blade of the knife flew again, Jean glared her eyes and unfolded a magic hidden in her unarmed grasp.

Every time a crisis comes, the very magic that never let Jean down.

a flash of light

Wha-a-a-argh! Suddenly the sharp radiance lit up everywhere, and Kuzan, who responded to the light head-on, had no choice but to backped back.


Even if it was an eight-star article, he could not help but lose his posture for a while when he suddenly saw the light. Even Veris, who was quite far from Jean, flinched and covered her eyes.

A moment in less than a second.

Jean did not miss the gap and dug into Kuzan's arms. I thought I could cut my throat with a single knife and finish it off.

Syik! Bradamante's black light, and short pagong sound. The feel of cutting something with the edge of the knife was clearly conveyed.


But the eight star status is by no means an area that can be obtained in vain.

Are you reacting to this?’

Ttuk, Ttuk. Blood was dripping from the edge of Chin's knife, which was slightly distanced before the counterattack began. In the meantime, Kuzan has regained some perspective and taken a good posture.


Instead of the neck, it was Kuzan's chest. Fortunately, the wound didn't seem to be light, as the coat was dripping madly fast.

"Argh! Kuzan!"

The laughter was first wiped out by Veris. Running with a white-faced face, she checked Kuzan's wound, then glared at Jean with a gruesome look.

"I'll tear you apart one point, one point carefully... How dare you!

Go, o, ooh!

Suddenly, mana began to gather around Veris like a waterfall. To scream with one's eyes behind one's back. He is trying to deal with Jean with all his might.

But Jean smiled inwardly with a smile of remorse.

'I'm sure you're running out of mana. Keep your mana up, you'll end up self-destructing with backflows...….’


As soon as Veris was about to rush toward Jean, Kuzan shook her head, grabbing her shoulder.

"Don't get excited, Veris. He's a horseman. It means you know the sorcerer's weaknesses. Besides, the one I just used is light-based magic. You have to deal with it carefully."

"But he's got you!"

"You know this injury is nothing. Den chases later. We'd better take care of him first before they run far away.”

"Not a big deal? You're losing your life!”

Kuzan was the problem.

'Strong, arrogant and prudent. I didn't know you were sure that it wasn't an artifact but a horse prosecutor. He's a tricky guy.’

The spine cooled down.

If there are two eight stars and you don't even let your guard down and even watch out for variables, Jin's winning rate will be infinitely low.

Kuzan was seriously injured.Ziman, when Kuzan took the glass bottle out of his arms and inhaled it, the bleeding began to stop quickly enough to be seen.

Kuzan drank poison.

But for humans with extreme tolerance, it was like a mystic poison.

Was it the same kind as Jonah's sister? He's getting worse.’

Jonah Looncandel, Jean, who had her sister, could recognize the fact at once.

If you ever meet someone like Jonah as an enemy, remember that. You must finish it with a blow. Otherwise, they play it endlessly like immortal. It's a life-threatening regeneration, but it's a headache.

Conversely, you shouldn't allow even a small injury. When they do their best, they usually put poison on their weapons. A deadly poison that you can't handle even with your own tolerance.

It reminded me of what I heard when Luna was training.

As he said, Kuzan, who had already recovered, was applying a light green poison to the sword. Thick light flowed from Kuzan's sword, a mixture of poison and ore.

"I give up the capture, Veris. Cover me."

"Okay, instead! Don't strain yourself. I don't want you to get hurt more because of that piece of shit.”

"If I could."


The speed of Kuzan's rush is so fast that his eyes are shining. Jean also reached out the sword with all her might.

Quang! Two swords struck, and unlike before, there was a shock wave and a roar. He only mixed the sword once, but it was not short of realizing the power of the "real eight-star knight."


And Veris, the magic support from the back.

Taken to the brink of absolute desperation, Chin was at a moment wondering where to bring out the remaining dagger.

Tess, Muleta's rune, sword opening.

Now they were all that could make a variable.
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