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Chapter 136

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Daichi finally let out a breath of relief as he sat down on the ground. The sun was shining in the sky and now that everything was calm he could hear the sounds of the birds chirping and flying back to the nearby trees.

He looked at the quest completion notification.

[Quest 'Kill your Enemies' Completed]


+1 Level

[New Jutsu.]

[Reputation increases with Kensei Yasaji, Tsunade Senju, Shizune, Hiruzen Sarutobi and others.]

[Reputation decreases with Danzo Shimura.]

'I wonder what the new Jutsu will be?'

[Fire Style - Fire Wave Dance Jutsu - Active(LV.1): The user kneads chakra and converts it to fire and expels it as a continuous stream of flames. The flames will move in a vortex shape and completely engulf the enemy leaving no room for the target to escape. The released flames, if strong enough, can vaporize the target to ash and scorch the surrounding area.]

[Rank: B]

[Type: Ninjutsu]

[Hand Seals: Dragon - Rabbit - Tiger]

[CP Cost: 440 Per shot.]

[Note: The range, power and duration of the attack can be altered by controlling the chakra kneaded into the attack. Must have high fire affinity to efficiently use the technique.]

'Hmm… Not bad. Not gonna say no to another powerful technique.'

"Oink oink!" At that moment the sound of Tsunade's pet pig Tonton was heard. He poked his head out of the bushes and after looking at the surroundings he ran to Shizune's arm.

The cute pig snuggled into Shizune's bosom.

Shizune smiled looking at her pet. "I'm happy to see you too, Tonton."

"Lady Tsunade, Who do you think those people were?" Shizune asked after comforting Tonton.

At that question Daichi looked at Tsunade and noticed that she had a thoughtful look on her face. "Not sure. I can think of a few but I can't confirm it since we don't even have a body to examine... But they came here with a purpose. They were after something but I don't think it was my bounty."

For Daichi at that moment a new quest appeared.

[Quest Created: Information Flow]

You have the option of revealing the information you've uncovered about your enemies to your teacher/family or keep them to yourself. Both choices have different outcomes.

[1st Choice:]

Reveal the critical information you've discovered about the Root to your teachers and grandfather.


40000 Exp.

Revealing the information will have great consequences.

Possible death of Third Hokage.

Possible death of Danzo Shimura.

Increased possibility of Root attack on you.

Possibility of Tsunade becoming the 5th Hokage within the next year increases.

Other unknown consequences.


[2nd Choice:]

Keep the information you've discovered about your enemies to yourself.


Restrictions on Danzo Shimura.

Root attacks on you will become near zero.


[Accept] (Y/N)

Daichi looked at the new quest and became serious. 'Damn. If I choose the first option then I get a good chunk of exp but more than that Danzo will be dead. But it's only a possibility and there's a possibility of the Hokage dying as well. That's not counting the future root attacks and other unknown consequences..'

Daichi carefully thought about what would happen if he revealed the information and tried to think of the consequences.

'If I tell Tsunade and the others they're Root, then they'll need proof. I saw the Root tattoo on that Toga woman so that will be enough. Tsunade will no doubt tell Kensei and Jiraiya and this incident will reach the Hokage and it will force him to take action on Danzo. The possible death of Hiruzen and Danzo means they will most definitely fight and the root will come after me if Danzo survives. If Tsunade becomes Hokage, it will change canon. Orochimaru might not attack since he mostly only had a grudge against his sensei. Although that's not certain. This will also no doubt bring Akatsuki's attention to me. Zetsu has been watching me midway through the battle. But I have a feeling that revealing the info will bring even more unwanted attention to me. On the other hand if I don't reveal it, the dangers to myself become almost non-existent and things stay relatively the same as canon.'

"You've been quiet for a while Daichi. What's on your mind?" Tsunade asked her student. She noticed Daichi's face and had a feeling he might know something.

At Tsunade's question Daichi looked up. He mentally accepted the quest and made a choice. He let out a breath and stood up.

"I don't know who they were but they weren't some weak amateurs. And I think… I think they might have been after me… I'm not sure though."

Daichi decided to go with the second option and keep the fact that they were Root ninjas to himself. But he also wanted to make sure the Hokage would be wary and keep an eye on Danzo.

The slug sannin narrowed her eyes. "What makes you say that?"

Daichi thought for a few seconds and then gave an answer. "That guy who came at me first, he was leading me to the other two and they ambushed me. They hit me with a sedative concoction. It didn't work though… I think they wanted to capture me. Not kill. Maybe they were after me and the rest of their team wanted to keep you two busy or they just wanted to take me hostage to have an advantage over you… I'm not sure."

"If they wanted to capture you, then there were much more subtle methods. They could have laid in wait and ambushed you when you were alone, or tried to capture you in your sleep… But this was an all out assault." Shizune gave her thoughts as she listened.

Tsunade closed her eyes and went through everything she learned about the enemies. "Hypothetically, if they were after you Daichi, then Shizune is right. There were simpler ways to capture you. And based on the strength of the enemies we faced, I doubt you could have resisted much... That is if we were in the Land of Hot water right now."

Daichi and Shizune's eyes widened as they heard that.

Tsunade continued. "We're near the border of the Land of Iron. At our pace we would have crossed the border in about an hour. If we crossed and a battle took place in their land then their leader Mifune wouldn't have shown mercy to any of us. And if information on those enemy ninjas were exposed it would have created a major problem for whoever they were working for… I think they wanted to avoid that."

"Wait, so you're saying they were after Daichi? But why?" Shizune was startled as she heard her teacher's conclusions.

"Don't know. And like I said, this is a hypothetical. We still don't know if this kid really was their target." Tsunade placed a hand on Daichi's head and ruffled his hair.

Daichi had an annoyed expression as his teacher teased him.

Tsunade chuckled looking at the boy. "Regardless of their intentions, we won and they lost. That's what matters… And you… You did well against them. Your strength has certainly grown much faster than I anticipated."

"Thanks sensei."

"Yes. And his healing skills are already starting to rival mine. I'm almost jealous." Shizune said with a pouty face

Even though she said that Daichi could sense not even the slightest malice from her. Looking into Shizune's eyes, he knew she was truly happy for him.

"You're being modest, Shizune senpai. I still have a long way to go before I reach your level." Daichi replied in a humble tone.

[You have chosen the second option.]

Keep the information you've discovered about your enemies to yourself.


Restrictions on Danzo Shimura.

Root attack on you will become near zero.

With a smile Daichi turned to his teacher. "So what now sensei? We still headed north or go back to the capital?"

After thinking for a few seconds Tsunade replied. "Let's head north. I know a place where we can stay and rest for a few days."

At that moment Daichi got the memories of his clone who used Atamagai's cloak.

The group continued on with their journey. They soon crossed the border and reached the Land of Iron. The three put on a thick coat that protected them from the snow and cold.

Daichi felt the snow beneath his feet and felt nostalgic. 'Wow. How long has it been? That dungeon with the small snow terrain was similar but nothing like this…'

The group walked slowly through the snowy terrain for a few hours. Tsunade led them to an empty cottage hidden in the nearby forest. She opened the door and found the place in a decent condition. The cottage was big enough for the three of them.

"This place belongs to an old friend. He just uses this as a vacation home from time to time. I'm sure he won't mind us crashing the place for a few days…" Tsunade lit some wood on fire and warmed the place.

"We've had a hell of a day. Let's get some rest."

Daichi and Shizune nodded to that sentiment and picked a room.

Tsunade sat near a table and began writing something on two scrolls. A while later she summoned Katsuyu. "Katsuyu. I need you to take these to Jiraiya and Sarutobi sensei. It's urgent and of utmost importance."

"At once my lady." Taking the scrolls the slug vanished in a puff of smoke.

Tsunade took out a bottle of sake from a scroll and took several gulps. 'If anyone can find out what happened then it's them… There are too many questions. Is this another village making a move or someone else? And were they really after Daichi? If so then why? Or is it something else? Too many questions and not enough answers. Whatever the case, they knew about my phobia. They had Intel that shouldn't be available to most people. So that narrows down the list of suspects.'

She then held her necklace and let out a tired breath. 'Daichi had his first kill. I wonder how he's dealing with that? He acted normal so I didn't address it till now but I need to speak with him.'

Tsunade took another mouthful of her alcohol. 'But first I should get some rest.'


Daichi was in his room going over the events of the day. He was thinking about what Tsunade had said.

'She is right. Those guys attacked us because they had no choice. If we went through the Land of Hot Water, then we would have stayed there for a couple days and I have no doubt the root had been following us before we left the capital. They would have gotten me alone and would have tried to subdue me or capture me in my sleep. And I would have had no choice but to reveal my cards.'

Daichi sighed and went through the memories of the invisible clone. 'After my clone killed Gino he immediately headed for Bu. But somehow he dodged. Was it intuition or did he sense the clone… Hmm... based on my memories it was just luck. And that clone sensed Zetsu's presence just when me and my clones engaged Doka and Bu. It was at the edge of my senses so me and the other clones couldn't sense him. He will no doubt inform Tobi about 'the kid' under Tsunade's care who can kill Jonin level ninjas already… This is already a headache…'

Daichi laid on the comfy bed and thought about his decision. 'I'm not strong enough to bitch slap the enemies that come my way and ignore the plans and machinations of anyone no matter their strength. I could majorly fuck canon up right now but then I would lose my advantage. Until I'm strong enough, I'll try to stick to what I know… I've already made major changes but in my calculations they don't take any effect anytime soon. I hope.'

Daichi got up and went to a nearby window. 'Tsunade sensei will definitely inform the Hokage and Jiraiya. I wonder what action they will take? I wonder what Kensei will do when he finds out?'

Daichi's mind then went through every second of the fight he had. 'I took out the first one so quickly due to sheer Luck. He let his guard down thinking I fell prey to his partner's genjutsu, the injuries I suffered from fighting Doka and the sleeping poison in my system. The other tried to stall but that didn't work. Her strength was speed but I still outclassed her… Based on their stats alone, I would have defeated them if I had battled head on but it would have taken a lot longer.'

Daichi's memories then shifted to the second round of battle with Doka and the fight he had with Bu.

'My chakra reserves combined with my fine control allowed me to spam genjutsu and ninjutsu on them. My team work when I battle with clones is good. All those battle experiences in the dungeon did wonders for me. But still, It took everything I had to survive. In my current state, I only won because I had the cheat of the invisibility cloak.'

Daichi also noticed something in the battle. Something he was thankful for. 'They were holding back. If they were fighting to kill me things would have gone a lot harder for me. And they didn't use any of the signature jutsu of the Leaf village like the shadow clone or any clan techniques…'

Letting out another deep breath, Daichi went back to his bed. He laid on the comfy mattress and crossed his arms behind his head.

'They underestimated me. Those guys thought I was just a 10 year old kid with medical training and some shinobi skills. That tells me the information they have on me isn't accurate. Makes sense. I was extremely cautious when training. Always checking my surroundings with mana scout and chakra sense. And since I mostly trained in the old man's compound and fought in dungeons, those root creeps wouldn't have gotten a read on my abilities… Still I need to be careful… I might never know when my luck would run out.'

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