The Ancient Mermaid Transmigrated to the Interstellar

The Ancient Mermaid Transmigrated to the Interstellar
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After his accidental death, Ji Mingjiang woke up again and found himself a deep-sea mermaid with amazing fighting power. Through a period of half-month worth of effort, the powerful Ji Mingjiang finally became the deep-sea overlord who tore the giant squid’s tentacle with his bare hands and slapped the great white shark with his tail.Unexpectedly, when he woke up again, he transmigrated for the second time from the ancient age to the interstellar era.Without having the chance to bid farewell to his subordinates, Ji-former-overlord-Mingjiang who has lost his territory again, really wanted to destroy the dog system : )After getting in touch with a few mermaids from this era, Ji Mingjiang discovered in despair: Mermaids, a race that was once hailed as the overlord of the deep sea, have now become pets that are weaker than cats and dogs and are warmly praised by the keepers for being able to swim two laps in the sea every day.Ji Mingjiang, who doesn’t want to face reality: Don’t look at me like that again! ! !Fortunately, before he was about to be driven crazy by the meticulous care around him, an eccentric man picked him up.After finally not having to face the keeper’s exaggerated praise all day long, Ji Mingjiang felt that this overly pampering attitude was definitely not suitable for the growth of a creature like a mermaid. To change this deeply rooted view that came from nowhere, Ji Mingjiang decided to start with himself after much thought. So he turned on the live broadcast, trying to prove that the mermaid race is really not that fragile, and then…Ji Mingjiang swam in the water at high speed for over an hour in an attempt to prove that mermaids have really good endurance.Barrage: “My God, the cub is suffering; how is his tail?”Ji Mingjiang turned on the live broadcast during lunch, trying to prove that the mermaid’s appetite is really not small by eating five bowls of rice in one sitting.Barrage: “It’s fine if Leiden doesn’t give you fish, but how can he force you to eat so much? Does he think everyone can eat like him!”After finding that the previous live broadcasts were ineffective, Ji Mingjiang decided to make a bold move. He turned on the live broadcast during his daily sparring with Leiden, trying to prove that the mermaid’s fighting power is really strong.Barrage: “Call the police; even if it’s His Majesty, it’s illegal to abuse mermaids!” 

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