The Author's POV - Chapter 207

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Chapter 207: Chapter 207 Banquet [5]

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"Haa...Haa...I guess this is the level I'm currently at"

Taking a deep breath, I sat down on the bench near the villa. Sirens rang everywhere and the colors red and blue flashed everywhere.

—Weeeeooo! —Weeeeooo!


Suddenly I felt a sharp pain by the side of my abdomen. My face scrunched up, and a bitter smile appeared on my face.

'I guess fighting without using 'Monarch's indifference' and 'The one' is still a bit tough for me', I thought.

Since Professor Thibaut's strength and mine were quite similar, I decided to fight him using my skills only.

Wasn't too keen on losing another arm. Plus, depending on the opponent, there was a chance that 'The one' wouldn't work. I needed to know the extent of my abilities without the use of my skills.

The result?

A deep gash on the side of the abdomen.

"Khh...still, I guess all of my efforts weren't for nothing"

Ignoring the pain, I took out two things from my pocket. A black smartwatch and a ring.


[Alfonse Thibaut]

Time : 21:39

Messages (69) Calls (2) Mail (987)


'Well, looks like someone doesn't check their mail'

Booting up the smartwatch, I quickly looked through Professor Thibaut's watch. Noticing the 987 unopened messages, I shook my head.

What an irresponsible man.

'If I'm not wrong, it should be this...yup'

Opening the setting function of the watch, I scrolled down, pressed software update, and rebooted the watch. Moments after the interface of the watch changed.

Instead of the usual colorful interface, one with a darker tone appeared.


Successfully entering the database, I clenched my fists. Four apps appeared on the screen.







At the moment I was in the Monolith main database system. It was something that every member of the Monolith had. With it, I could check the different bounties, announcements, and missions that they had up during a certain period of time.

This was key information for me as it would help me avoid a lot of trouble.

Playing with the watch in my hand, I smiled, 'Fortunately it has no tracking device installed'

For obvious reasons, all the watches were anonymous without any tracking devices installed in them.

No one in the Monolith trusted each other. If there was a tracking system installed in the watch, chances were that none of the villains would wear it.

This was especially so since most villains liked to operate alone. Who'd want someone to keep watch of their movement?

Even worse, what if the Union suddenly hacked their system? Wouldn't that expose the location of all their members?


[Ren we're done here, where are you?]

Suddenly my watch rang. It was Kevin. Putting the other watch by my side, I responded.

[Just resting]

[Where exactly?]

Taking my eyes off of my watch, I looked around. It appeared to me that I was on a bench in the backyard of the mansion.

[Looks like the backyard of the mansion. Ah, if you're thinking of looking for me, curb such thought from your mind]


[Because I want to be in peace]

Kevin was the main star of the show today.

Defeating a ranked villain, whilst simultaneously preventing the portal from being created, a lot of the attention right now was drawn towards him.

This was one of the reasons why I chose to interfere. To increase his shine.

Though not exactly a solution, it somewhat diluted the amount of attention I was getting.

[Alright, if you say the way, thanks for the information]

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[Don't mention it]

I should be the one thanking you.

[Alright, I'll contact you later]


"Haaa...this is tiring"

Typing goodbye, I turned off my watch and laid back on the bench. Frowning slightly, I took out a potion and quickly downed it.


Instantly the wounds on my body started recovering. Unfortunately, because the potion was a low leveled one, the rate at which my wounds were healing was slow.

Feeling the stinging sensation coming from my wounds slowly disappearing, a thought suddenly struck me, 'Actually, what is the bounty on Kevin at the moment?'

Turning on Professor Thibaut's watch again, I clicked on the bounty section and clicked on Kevin's profile.

"12,000 merit points? Tsss..."

Instantly I hissed. That was a lot more than I had expected. Out of curiosity, I clicked on my profile as well.

'5000? Hmm, that's alright'

Though a lot, it was less than half of Kevin's. Good enough.

'Alright, that seems to be all'

Aside from mine and Kevin's I checked the other's bounty as well. In general, mine was in the same range as Amanda's and the others.

"This watch sure is handy..."

I had to say, getting the watch was a good idea. With it, I could more or less avoid possible dangers.

I was also glad that I was the author.

Usually, the watches would self-destruct as soon as the owner died. This method was created with the purpose of not allowing the union or the central government to get access to the information.

Unfortunately for them, because I was the author, I naturally knew of a way to bypass this system.

At the back of the watch, there was a small crystal. The function of the crystal was simple. Act as a detonating switch that would destroy the watch once it no longer felt demonic energy being transmitted to it.

Knowing this, before I killed professor Thibaut, I took out the crystal and quickly put it in my dimensional space. With time and space frozen in my dimensional space, the watch didn't self-destruct.

The solution was so simple yet so difficult at the same time. With not much known about the crystal, it was only natural that the union had a hard time getting their hands on the watch.

In fact, even the Monolith had no idea about this flaw. It was only later in the story that Kevin found this trick.

'There's also this...'

Putting the watch away, I took out a ring. Playing with the ring in my hand, I caressed it with my thumb.

'The Monolith Ring...'

The ring in my hand was the primary reason why I decided to kill Professor Thibaut.

Its function was simple yet extremely important. It allowed me to create a portal to direct me to the headquarters of the Monolith.

With Professor Thibaut being an agent, he naturally had this. This item was so rare that only a select few had this. Professor Thibaut was one as he operated in the Lock.

Unfortunately for them, it fell into my hands...

"Well, I did promise Smallsnake..."

Part of the reason I did this was also for Smallsnake. With him being haunted by them, I naturally had to help him as I promised him.

Aside from that, I also had other plans. But that was well off into the future...

Leaning against the bench, I inwardly muttered, 'Future aside, right now I need my well-deserved rest'

Exhausted from my fight, I was indeed in need of some nice rest.

" sure isn't easy"


At the front of the mansion.

A black agent stood before a beautiful young girl wearing a black dress that perfectly complemented her obsidian eyes and hair.

"So you're saying that right after the calamit...khemm, I mean Miss Longbern appeared, the attack started?"

Coughing, the agent corrected himself midsentence. It was quite well known that Donna hated her nickname.

With her, in the vicinity, it was best not to mention it.

"Yes, that's what happened"

Amanda's reply was short and to the point.

For the past twenty minutes, Amanda had been asked many different questions. She naturally did her best to answer them.

Having played a major role in today's event, a lot of attention was on her. From both reporters and Agents.

Fortunately, the agents working for the central government were keeping the reporters in check or the situation would've turned out extremely troublesome.

"I this everything?"


"Okay, give me a second"

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Taking out a tablet, the agent tapped on the screen. After a couple of seconds, he nodded his head.

"Alright, that is enough for now. We will contact you later for further inquiries"

"Thank you"

Thanking the agent, Amanda was finally free.

Looking around, Amanda decided to move away from the scene.

She wanted a quiet space to rest.

Having used a lot of energy, it was only natural for her to want to rest. Plus, she disliked noisy places. She preferred quiet ones.



Turning off his watch, Kevin raised his right hand. Two hands covered with blue rubber gloves patted the arm.

At the moment Kevin was being examined by a doctor. This was standard procedure.

"Alright, we're done"

Thoroughly checking Kevin, the doctor in charge of Kevin took out a pen. Taking out a clipboard he proceeded to check a few boxes.

"Okay, everything seems to be in check..."

Completed with the check, the doctor dismissed Kevin.

"Apart from a few superficial wounds, there's nothing particularly worrying. Just take a potion and you'll be fine. You may go"

"Thank you"

Jumping off the stretcher, Kevin thanked the doctor.

Starin at Kevin's departing figure, the doctor muttered, "What a talented youth"

Despite having fought against a similarly leveled villain, Kevin came out on top with only minor injuries.

The doctor was impressed.

"Kevin? you're done?"

Exiting the tent, Kevin met Emma. It seems like her checkup was also done.

"Yeah, how are you doing?"

"I'm good, I didn't really have to fight so nothing on my side, you, however..."

Checking Kevin who only had minor injuries on his body, Emma shook her head. She had seen him fight against the villain first hand.

His opponent was nothing to scoff at, and yet he was unharmed.

Emma shook her head helplessly, 'When will I ever catch up to him?'

She naturally didn't say this out loud. Slapping Kevin in the back, she rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, just thinking about you makes me jealous"

"You'll get there eventually"

Kevin tried to comfort Emma, only to have his hand smacked away.

"Piss off!"

Recalling something, Emma suddenly asked, "Oh, by the way, you seen Ren?"

"Ren? Ah, he's apparently resting"

An odd look appeared on Kevin's face. That's what Ren told him in the message. Whether it was true, he didn't know.

"Resting? Like I'll believe that! I didn't see him at the scene at all, he must've run!"

"I don't think so"

Kevin quickly shook his head. Emma's brows knit in response.

"Why are you defending him?"

This was definitely suspicious. Her eyes narrowed.

"Are you and Ren perhaps..."

Before she could finish, Kevin quickly waved his hands.

"No, don't get me wrong, I also didn't see him do anything, but..."

"But what?"

With a complicated look, Kevin responded, "He's the one who told me to go to the second floor"


At the same time. In the backyard of the villa.


Sitting on the bench with my eyes closed, I suddenly heard someone call out my name. My brows knit together.

'Great, just when I wanted to be left alone...'

Opening my eyes, I was taken aback.

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What was she doing here?

From what I remembered, she should be warned by agents and reporters. Did she perhaps slip out?

Looking at the bench I was sitting on, Amanda softly asked, "May I sit down?"

"Hm? Oh, you want to sit? Sure"

Nodding my head, I scooched over the side. Since it was Amanda it was fine. Had it been anyone Kevin or the others I would've had a headache. They talked too much.


Sitting down, an awkward silence enveloped the area we were in. Not minding it, Amanda suddenly looked at me.

Pointing towards my right abdomen, her brows knit.

"You're hurt?"

"This? Just a scratch"

I casually waved it off. It wasn't that bad.

"To be honest, the fact that my suit is torn pains me more"

Looking at my suit, a pained expression appeared on my face.

That was 100,000 U. Even though it was not a lot compared to the money I spent on potions, 100,000 U was still a lot of money.

Fortunately, I had a warranty. Thank god for the warranty.

"Does it hurt?"

"Nah, I took a potion. I no longer feel any pain"

Ten minutes had passed since I took the potion. I pretty much no longer felt any pain.

"I see..."

Hearing this, Amanda nodded her head. Suddenly her eyes landed on my neck.

"Ehmm...may I?"

"May I what? huH? What the..."

Before I knew it, Amanda leaned closer to me and grabbed my tie. I reflexively flinched. Flashbacks of what happened with Melissa replayed in my mind.

Noticing my reaction, Amanda's brows slightly knit. In a soft voice, she said, "Don't move"


Nodding my head, I stood frozen like a statue. I had no idea how to react at the moment.

Amanda had a mild case of OCD.

She disliked unorganized things. At the moment, the reason why she was fixing my tie was probably due to this, but...

Our faces were only a couple of inches from each other. I could feel her warm breath next to my face.

Fortunately, this did not last for long. Within a couple of seconds, Amanda took her hands off of my tie.


Staring at my tie, I was at a loss for words. It was perfect.

I quickly thanked her, "Thank you"

"No problem"


After that, silence once again descended the area we were in. This time, it wasn't as uncomfortable as before.

Turning my head to the side, I looked at Amanda. With the moonlight directly shining on her figure, she looked breathtaking.

I did not stare for long. However, the short moment I looked at her felt like a long time. She looked really beautiful.

Blinking a couple of times, I quickly snapped out of my delusions.

'What's wrong with me?'

Had this been the usual me I would've never acted like this. The exhaustion must be catching up to me.

'Yeah...It's definitely cause I'm tired'

I once again reassured myself that this was all fruit of my exhaustion.

"I'm going to go, goodnight"

"See you"

It was only after five more minutes had passed that Amanda finally stood up. Turning around, she waved at me slightly. I waved back


Staring at Amanda's parting figure, I recollected myself. Taking a deep breath, I put my arms around the bench and relaxed.

Looking at my tie, I thought, 'What am I supposed to do now?'

Had this been right before the party, I would've been extremely happy, but the thing was...

The party was already over.

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