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Chapter 47

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Chapter 47-: Walk







"Oh, Mr. Shroud. Hello."



 When I went to the guild, Natalie smiled.


 It's a bright smile that shines brightly.



"What happened? Do you have a new request today?"



"No. I'm thinking of going on vacation for a week, so I didn't come to ask for a request. The other day, I was curious about what happened to the people I handed over ..."



"It's a request from Mr. Gantz? They were disqualified as adventurers. They were also deprived of their citizenship and dropped into slavery. I think they have been transferred to the royal capital by this time. I'll do it. "



"Slave ... it's been a pretty harsh punishment."


"Because I was not only degrading the status of an adventurer, but also grave robbery. Also, I used force against Mr. Shroud. Illegal monster breeding, illegal occupation of mines ... and many other sins. It ’s better. ”



 Don't be merciful.



 Well, if there's more sin than I know, that might be unavoidable.



 Either way, I'm glad I got to know what they were after.



 I was worried that I would have a grudge against Gantz and attack Gantz ...




 It's going to end in melancholy.



"by the way……"




"What about those two?"



 Natalie's gaze turns behind me.


 There is ...



"Hello. Sora is Sora."


"I'm Luna! Nice to meet you, Fuhaha!"



 The twins of Sora and Luna.


 When I said I was going to the guild, I followed him when I was interested.


 By the way, Kanade and Tania are still sleeping in the inn.



"Hmm ... I'm Natalie, who is in charge of reception at this adventurer's guild."



 Perhaps it was being pushed by the momentum of the two, Natalie looked like she was taken aback.


 However, such a face is only for a short time.


 Immediately it looks like a suspicious, exploring face.



"... Maybe they're Shroud's party?"


"Yes, that's right"


"Um! Luna and Rain are soul-bound companions!"


"Again, such a cute child ..."



 For some reason, I can turn my eyes.



"What happened?"


"Well, it's nothing. There isn't any."


"Yes Yes?"



 Natalie was in a bad mood ... I felt like.


 But I'm not doing anything.


 I'm not sure ... The girl's heart is complicated.


"Hmm ... the warm sunlight is comfortable."


"Um. It's a perfect day for a walk."



 Leaving the guild ...


 I didn't feel like returning to the inn right away, so I decided to take a walk with Sora and Luna.


 Three people walk side by side in the city.



"This is a city of humans ... Hmm. It's really interesting."


"Is that so? I don't think it's that interesting ..."


"Did you forget? Sora and his friends haven't interacted with humans for over 200 years. Since their knowledge of humans is 200 years old, it's very interesting to be exposed to the current culture. you know"


"I see. Is that so?"



 Sora and Luna see this and that as sloppy.


 It's like just coming out of the country.


 For the moment, I'm two guardians.



"The standard of living hasn't improved that much ... Of course, we're seeing progress compared to 200 years ago ... Hmm?"


"Because there have been several wars."


"Is it a war?"


"It's a war between humans and demons. The demons follow the demons, the demons follow the demons ... They have repeatedly invaded. Sometimes, it can develop into a great war involving the world. There was. It may be difficult for civilization to develop because such things have happened several times. "



 Some people have a radical idea that civilization will develop if a war is fought ...


 History proves that it is a mistake.



 There is one aspect that various technologies improve when a war is fought.



 For example, military power.


 The military power that is indispensable for war expands as the war repeats.



 For example, mobility.


 The transfer of soldiers is an important point in the war.


 Rugged and faster carriages have been developed.



 For example, expansion of supply lines.


 Supporting supply lines is the most conceivable part of military action.


 To that end, various efforts and ingenuity have been made.





 During the war, various developments and thoughts are created.



 And those achievements can change our daily lives.



 There is even talk of developing tools for digging waterways more conveniently and comfortably by applying the weapons developed for the war.



 Focusing on that point, war may develop civilization.



 But from a holistic perspective, that's not the case.



 War exhausts everything.



 People die, supplies run out, and the earth rots.



 Everything is lost.



 It is difficult to recover from such a situation.



 You can't stand up on your own, and many people have to put their shoulders together.



 Those who cannot do so have no choice but to fall.



 You may be given new knowledge and skills.


 But more than that, it keeps losing a lot.


 ...... That is war.



"So that's it……"


"Um ... it's an interesting story."



 Speaking of his theory, the two nodded many times.


 I felt like I was a school teacher.



"It's a bit off the beaten track ... Humans and the Demon King have been in war for a long time. Of course, it doesn't last all year. Once the war starts, it lasts for years ... and then numbers. The Demon King has been quiet every ten years. In the last 200 years, uh ... I wonder if the war has started about five times? "


"Five times ... Hmm. Should I see more, or should I be happy if less?"


"Because such things are repeated, civilization may not develop."


"Why is the Demon King so hostile to humans?"


"Well, if you know that, you won't have a hard time."

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 In the past wars, heroes have defeated the Demon King.


 However, the Demon King will not perish.


 I don't know what kind of karakuri it is, but a new Demon King will be born.


 And the Demon King wages a war as if he hates humans ... again, a conflict arises.



 After that, the same thing is repeated.


 The Demon King revives, and the hero also awakens.


 The hero defeated the Demon King, but the Demon King revived after a while ...


 I've been playing cat and mouse for decades and hundreds of years.



"Sora lived in the hinterland all the time, so I didn't know about that."


"Um ... I didn't even know. I didn't try to learn about humans. I was ignoring unnecessary knowledge."


"What you don't know is what you need to know, because we can learn."


"is that so"


"Rain says something good for humans!"



 The two laugh.


 The spirits, who were said to be absolutely incomprehensible, are smiling in this way.


 Maybe ...


 Will we be able to get to know the Demon King someday?



 Suddenly, I thought about that.






 Luna turns around on the spot and stares at a certain point.


 There was a hot dog stall.



"Hey, Rain. What's that?"


"It's a hot dog. It's a rather popular food ... sausage sandwiched between breads."


"So Seiji?"


Do I have to explain from there?



"Ah ... it's like minced meat sticks and boiled."


"Huh, huh ... isn't it good? Jururi"



 For a moment, Luna and Kanade seemed to overlap.


 Both of them are gluttons.



"Do you want to eat?"


"Is it okay !?"


"I'm just hungry and I don't mind. You eat Sora, right?"


"Is it okay? If it's not a burden, please."


"There's nothing like a hot dog."



 Talk to the owner of the stall and buy for three people.


 Stand-up eating is bad manners, so I moved to the bench and sat down.



"""I'll enjoy having this"""



 At the same time, I got stuck in a hot dog.



 The stuff and sausage are torn, and the gravy overflows from inside.


 The meat is juicy and it feels good to be hot.


 The spicy and sweet sauces are exquisite, and the soft, fragrant bread wraps everything around.



"Yeah, this is a hit."



 Because it's a food stall, it's a place where good and bad are divided ...


 That store seems to be a hit.


 I feel like I ate a delicious hot dog for the first time in a while.



"How is it? This is a hot dog ..."


"Hamuhamuhamuhamuhamu !!!"


"Amu! Haguhagu! Pakuri, Aguagugu, Ngu! Gokun !!!!"



 Both of them were eating with tremendous momentum.


 While dirtying his mouth with sauce, he eats with all his might.


 Needless to hear your impressions.



"I'm glad you liked it."


"Huh ... how delicious it is. It's so delicious that I ate it all at once. It's a waste ... oh, when I open my mouth, it has a lingering finish ..."


"Rain. Can I give you another one?"


"Isn't it about noon? It's no good because I can't eat any more."


"Seriously ..."



 I was terribly disappointed.


 Somehow, I feel like I'm doing something wrong.



"This time again"


"Did you say it again !? Did you say it again !? It's a promise."


"I also expect Sora."


"This time, let's eat together with Kanade and Tania."



 Imagine everyone eating a hot dog together under the blue sky.


 It seemed like a very happy sight.


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