The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Full moon


Ma Fei took Gong Ping out of the community. They walked a few streets and found a public bathroom. Gong Ping had not taken a bath for ten years. Even though during his coma, Ma Fei did help him to scrub his body, scrubbing was not a real bath. Although the bathroom only had a shower, Gong Ping still comfortably washed his body.

When he finished bathing, Ma Fei had already waited outside. And she still pulled Gong Ping's hand. At this time, Gong Ping felt a little embarrassed, but Ma Fei's pulled his hands tightly, as if she was afraid that he would disappear again. Gong Ping had to considerate her mood.

When they came to the main street and passed an electrical appliance company, Gong Ping was drawn by the TV in the window. It was not that Gong Ping had ever seen a TV set.
TV set in his memory was not so big, and it was not so slight. It seemed that science and technology made progress day by day. And Gong Ping was attracted not because of the new model of TV but the programs on the TV. On the TV, a blonde woman's palms came out of fire and employed to light the gas stove. There was a line of subtitles "Hero"in the lower right corner of the view. Ma Fei saw Gong Ping stop there, and she accompanied him with obedience. Gong Ping saw a variety of super powers on TV, some could predict the future, some could magically recover, and some could move instantly.

In the past, Gong Ping saw these TV dramas as entertainment only. But Gong Ping felt very different when he saw these today, because today he found that he also had a lot of super power. Gong Ping watched the TV, but he began to list his super power. First, my body was stronger and stronger, and second, I could advance to a very fast speed. Third, My vision could be unaffected or less affected by light, or even could see through objects. Fourth, my mind could move small objects... Oh my god! Is this the compensation I got after being thundered?

He was thinking while he was watching TV. Gong Ping stood in the square and looked at the two-hour free TV. Then his horn was sweating. Ma Fei saw it, and bought a bottle of frozen mineral water for Gong Ping in the nearby shop. Gong Ping took it over and took a sip of two. He found that Ma Fei did not buy one for herself. He felt embarrassed. He handed the water to Ma Fei. Ma Fei shook her head and refused with a smile on her face. Gong Ping gave it to her a few more times. Ma Fei got the water bottle and took a small sip at the far side and returned to the water bottle to Gong Ping.

Had watched the TV, the two returned to the sultry and humid basement. At this time, Gong Ping felt hungry. Fortunately, Ma Fei had already been prepared meals. She used the cold water to freeze the food before taking a bath (Ma Fei has no refrigerators). Although it was an old method, it was still useful.

Gong Ping ate up the meal. Ma Fei did not allow him to wash the bowls, and she washed the bowls. And then she gave him the location of the public toilet in the community. Public toilets were mainly built to facilitate community employees and morning exercise owners. Gong Ping felt embarrassed. If he knew this earlier, he did not need to rush to the hospital during the day.

After dinner, Ma Fei asked Gong Ping to have a rest early. Because Gong Ping’s body was just back to normal.

But Gong Ping couldn't fall sleep. He had slept for a long time in the past ten years. When he came back this afternoon, he still had a long nap. But Ma Fei insisted on it, Gong Ping had to obey her words.

After Gong Ping fell asleep, Ma Fei sat at his bed and fanned him, so that there was a cool wind in the damp and hot basement. Gong Ping suddenly remembered the story of the servant fanning the old man. He couldn't help but laugh. Ma Fei was surprised and asked with her eyes. Gong Ping said, "I just think of a joke. One summer, when a rich man came out with a sweat, he asked his servant to fan him and to cool the rich man. The rich man thought that he was terrific, when he felt hot, he didn't need to fan himself. He made fun of the servant and said, "Oh, it’s strange. Where did the sweat on my body go? The servant replied, The sweat from you came to me." Ma Fei couldn't help laughing. She knocked Gong Ping's head with a fan and then continued to fan.

In fact, Gong Ping was still very tired. After all, he experienced so much during the day. Now there was someone serving for him, so it didn't take long before he fell asleep comfortably.

In the middle of the night, Gong Ping woke up due to the hot weather. He felt horrible when he opened his eyes. He felt that the situation was not satisfactory. So he was brave enough to use the night vision ability he just knew, sneaked his head and looked at Ma Fei’s bed. It was found that Ma Fei’s bed was originally empty.

When Ma Fei was absent, Gong Ping felt that his heart was hollow. Maybe Ma Fei felt that he had already recovered consciousness, and it was not convenient to get up in the house, so it was convenient to pee in the house, so she went to the toilet outside. Gong Ping turned over several more, and the result was that his body was burning again, and he felt annoyed. It was difficult for him to fall asleep again. 

After about half an hour, Ma Fei hadn't returned yet, which made Gong Ping could not help but worry about her. After all, Ma Fei was a girl. In the middle of the night, she wore a little, and something may happen to her.

The more he thought, the more he worried about her. Then he turned over and got dressed, and went out. Because he didn't find the key, he slammed the door. After all ,there was nothing to be stolen in the house. In contrast, human safety was more important.

The bright moon was in the sky, and the chill night wind made people feel very comfortable. Gong Ping came to the middle of the small square in the community, looking up at the bright moon, took a deep breath of air, and stretched a long stretch, looking at the public free toilet on the side of the community. He thought if Ma Fei wanted to pee it should be there she went .Although it was midnight, he couldn't go straight to the woman's toilet just because it was the middle of the night. And he didn’t dare to shout loudly, afraid of disturbing people.

When he lay in the dilemma, suddenly he felt a wave of energy in his heart. This feeling had ever be felt before, and the source of that energy was the roof.

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Fortunately, this was an elevator apartment, it was not too tough to get on the roof. Gong Ping took the elevator, and the more he went up, the stronger the energy fluctuations. When he came to the stairwell of the building, Gong Ping took a deep breath carefully and slowly led the way.

Ma Fei was on the top of the building. She was facing the door of the stairwell. Her arms extended to the sky, and a round of moonlight in the air. The brilliance of the mercury and diarrhea was of Ma Fei, which showed a light blue halo.

"What the hell is she practising..." Gong Ping thought of it, and thought of his marvelous powers. He did not feel weird about Ma Fei’s "practice" behavior, but he was afraid of disturbing her and letting her get mad. So Gong Ping left quietly.

Ma Fei was absorbing the light of the moon, and she found that some people were peeping nearby. When she slammed back, she saw nobody (Gong Ping just left). Ma Fei felt that the practice was no longer safe, so she left in a hurry.

Gong Ping returned to the basement, but he could not enter, because a night wind made the door closed. Gong Ping had no key. And he couldn't get in. He was afraid to disturb Ma Fei if he went to the top of the building, he had to go to the community yard. Anyway, the yard was cool, but he didn't know that he had been stared at by the security guard. Although Gong Ping has lived here for several years, he has been an unconscious person in the basement. Therefore, the security guard did not know much about him. He saw him in and out two or three times. It was really suspicious, so he arrested him.

Uh... he was caught twice a day, from the police to the security guard. The grade was getting lower and lower.

However, it was fortunate that Guan Taizhong told the police station to monitor Gong Ping during the day. Despite the fact that it was late at night, there were also a group of people waiting nearby. Seeing the security guard arrested Gong Ping and notified the superiors to come back and rescue. Gong Ping did not know how to account for it this time, especially when Ma Fei practiced on the top of the building. When Gong Ping could not find a suitable excuse, Ma Fei went downstairs slowly.

"It's too stuffy. We went to the top of the building to have some fresh air." Ma Fei did such explanation. Her voice was as magnetic as a mezzo-soprano, very nice and very convincing.

In this way, all problems were resolved. Gong Ping gave thanks and apology to the police and the security guard. They also said something like " No big deal. It's our duty", and then they left.

"Sorry for making so many troubles to you all the time." The first sentence that Gong Ping said after returning to the house was this. He thought that he had caused so many things in one day, which was very embarrassing.

Originally thought that Ma Fei, who didn't like to talk, would only smile slightly as a response. He didn't expect Ma Fei to look at Gong Ping softly with his big eyes. "You have been so kind for so many years."

Gong Ping was stunned, from Ma Fei’s words, he can tell that they should know each other before, but Gong Ping couldn't remember the time and the place he saw this beautiful and kind woman. Was there really acquainted under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree in a dream?

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