The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

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Xiong Jianguo fled. Anime was one thing, but being found was equally guilty even he was a man. In particular, he was a bit afraid of Wu Min. Now that he knew Wu Min’s secret, God knew if she would retaliate him privately. Therefore, he and Wu Min were both slaps and wolves, and they were afraid of each other.


Xiong Jianguo hurriedly went through the corridor, and saw Gong Ping stretched out from the room. When he saw Xiong Jianguo, he was speechless. Xiong Jianguo had psychological preparations, and he smirked at Gong Ping first. Then he lowered his head and ran away.

It took a while for Gong Ping to realize what had happened. He smiled and said to himself, "This guy... has come to my house."
Xiong Jianguo’s adventures were still going on. He was most afraid of seeing Sher Qianqian. He hadn’t met her when he reached the doorway, and he felt released. At this moment, he saw the door, as if he saw the light in the darkness, and he was about to reach out to open the door. The door suddenly opened itself with Mao Dou standing outside.

Mao Dou saw Xiong Jianguo and seemed to be shocked. It seemed that she also wanted to sneak into the house quietly, and the excitement of the flush on her face had not subsided.

Xiong Jianguo’s heart was strong, and he still made a smirk trick when he face changes and finally he ran out of the door.  

When Xiong Jianguo went out of the door, he bowed his head and walked. At this time, a car suddenly stopped next to him, almost sticking to his trouser. Xiong Jianguo looked up and was about to scold, but he saw the old Wu of the police dog team sitting in the car. .

Old Wu was clean and neat, and he was different from the past. It was said that Old Wu loved to laugh when he was young, but his temper had become strange since he lost his wife in his middle age. It seemed that he had restored his former glory.

"Where are you going in a hurry? Get on the car!" Old Wu said with a smile.  
Xiong Jianguo got on the car and didn't know what to say. But old Wu was surprisingly talkative today and he even made jokes. It could be seen that old Wu not only got along well with Mao Dou last night, but also happy.

Now that Xiong Jianguo knew something about these women, so he tried to ask Old Wu, "Captain Wu, what do your plan?"

Lao Wu smiled and said, "What is the plan?"

Xiong Jianguo said, "I mean, do you want to live together forever, or have you ever owned?"  
Old Wu said, "Maomao is good. We have common sense. She is too young and I have to tell my daughter about her and see if she has opinions."

Old Wu loved her daughter. This was notorious in the police station. Only when he mentioned his daughter on weekdays could they see his smiling face. However, Xiong Jianguo thought that old Wu still had plans for the future from his expression and tone .The only problem was her daughter's opinion.

"It is best for this to be smooth." Xiong Jianguo thought in his heart, "It is horrible to abandon a monster."

"Oh... stop talking about me, why do you live here?" Old Wu's smile was a little evil.  
"This..." Xiong Jianguo had some guilty conscience. "I drank too much last night, and I was back with brother Ping." When he spoke, the tone addressed the words brother Ping. Fortunately, old Wu did not talk about it anymore. He felt released.

Wu Min changed her clothes and wanted to leave. She was persuaded to have breakfast together by Ma Fei, and she entered the dining room. She sat there with her head down, and she was not willing to eat. She secretly looked around with her eyes.

Gong Ping's spirit was good, and his mood was very normal, as if nothing happened last night. Long Jiaojiao sat next to him and also sent food to Gong Ping's mouth! It was really annoying.  
In fact, Wu Min also knew that nothing happened between Gong Ping and her last night. Although she was a virgin, after all, she had been educated in modern times, and she could tell if something happened. After all, they slept together, watching the man holding her own last night and now flirting with other women, she felt uncomfortable. But what could she do? Shouting out loud, Long Jiao Jiao, you went away; I slept with this man last night! Wu Min couldn’t do this kind of thing.

Ma Fei was still the best, like a beautiful and diligent housewife. It seemed that this family could leave her, Wu Min still found that although Ma Fei did not say anything, but when she watching her, there was still a complicated expression in her eyes. It was mixed with sorrow, sadness and envy. Was she jealous?  
Sher Qianqian was the last one to come to the table. Like yesterday, she wore a huge men's T-shirt as a pajama, staggered and sat down, and yawned again. Wu Min’s original impression of Sher Qianqian was not very good, but after she sat down, she said something that made Wu Min happy, "Jiaojiao, did you hook up with Xiong Jianguo last night? Why are you still sticking to brother Gong Ping?"

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"Cut!" Long Jiaojia said disdainfully, "Can I love him? I tried to save your ass."

Sher Qianqian said, "Can you save me? You just want to compete with me, let alone Xiong Jiang Jianguo, Guan Taizhong was fond of me first."

Wu Min heard it and thought it was a bit interesting, although the head was still low, but the ears were listening.  
Long Jiaojiao said with a smile, "Even if you were with Guan Taizhong, what can you do? Your heart is sincere, and you can’t get anything even you are taken advantage, you can see me now..."

Sher Qianqian said, "Do you have to thank you?"

Long Jiaojiao said, "There is no need to say thanks, but I am really a little stronger than you in this respect."

Sher Qianqian said, "What use is that? Aren’t you taken advantage by Xiong Jianguo?”
"Ha ha ha...” Long Jiao Jiao smiled and said, “Can I let him take advantage? I just used the eggs to mix some disinfectant water to lie to him. "

Sher Qianqian’s chin fell to the table and scared Wu Min. (Sher Qianqian was a snake. This was very common for her.) After she pressed her chin back, she said, "Eggs add disinfectant water... is this working?"

Long Jiaojiao said proudly, "You don't understand it. Let me tell you, when the two things are mixed together, the taste is the same as that of the man!"

At this time, Gong Ping thought it was interesting. He interjected and asked, "Jiaojiao, even if we all know that nothing happened between you and Jianguo. However, Jianguo thinks something happened between you."  
Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "I just want him to know it. If I want him to do something in the future, he will have to do it, and he is willing to do it."

Gong Ping asked again, "What if he sticks to you in the future?"

Long Jiaojiao said,"Then I will cut his sex organ!" She tugged so hard that the steamed bread roll changed shape.

Hearing what said, Gong Ping’s heart was tight, and his legs were subconsciously clipped. He didn’t expect that Long Jiaojia’s hand stretched out and was caught by Gong Ping. Long Jiaojiao smiled and hit Gong Ping with the other hand and said, "You are really bad."

Gong Ping quickly released his legs and said, "Who dares to be bad to you?"

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