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Chapter 921: 921

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Chapter 921 Battle at the Selnes Country: One after another

The device lay in ruins, and Souta received a system notification confirming the completion of the quest.

'There have been numerous casualties, but in war, everyone must steel their hearts,' Souta reflected inwardly, his gaze fixed on the battlefield where the device once stood.

Red Mist also observed the same direction, her face graced by a smile. "It appears you were correct... They did indeed destroy the device."

Souta turned to her and remarked, "Judging by your expression, it seems the device wasn't your sole objective."

"Oh, is it that obvious?" Red Mist raised an eyebrow and ran her fingers across her face.

"Yeah, if that were the case, I would have fought you relentlessly just to destroy the device," Souta stated.

"Hmm... It seems you believe you could defeat me. Well, based on your strength, I'd say you stand a chance," Red Mist replied.

"I can defeat you, but it would likely exhaust me. So I've chosen to reserve my strength for now, as I'm uncertain about what may lie ahead," Souta replied.

"Then what about Boulder Jack?" Red Mist inquired.

"It's his fault. He pushed me into a corner, so I had no choice but to eliminate him," Souta explained.


A deafening sound reverberated through the area, causing both Souta and Red Mist to turn their heads. They witnessed a bluish-white flame erupting from the ground and soaring up to the ceiling of the barrier.

However, rather than raising the temperature, the area experienced a sudden drop in temperature. People in Zone 7 found themselves immobilized by the chilling cold that seeped into their bones and flesh.

Souta narrowed his eyes and muttered, "The frost flame... It seems that Adel is gradually revealing his abilities."

First, Shen Yao had shown her strength, and now Adel was unveiling his. Their true power was slowly emerging, as were the capabilities of their opponents.

Adel's opponent was Anti-Mage, a formidable individual capable of dismantling all spells. Meanwhile, Shen Yao found herself facing two opponents, Spatial Whisperer and Poisonous Vine. Poisonous Vine, while injured by Li Guan, still posed a significant threat, and the real challenge came from Spatial Whisperer, who possessed advanced space attribute techniques.

"So, what's your next move?" Souta inquired as he redirected his attention to Red Mist.

"Me? Nothing... I just need to keep you here. If you don't plan to attack me, then I'll simply observe. It's beneficial for me as it allows me to conserve my energy," Red Mist replied with a smile. She added, "As for the plan of our group's representatives, it's about to unfold in a matter of seconds."

"What do you mean?" Souta furrowed his brows.

"Just wait and observe," Red Mist said, gesturing toward the barrier.

Souta gazed upward. "Luckily, I've completed my preparations. I can go all out once the Tears of Divine Might appear," he thought.

He waited for thirty seconds before he noticed something.

"It's here... Have you noticed that no one has managed to exit the country ever since the device was broken?" Red Mist whispered.

Purple dots began to emerge on the barrier, rapidly spreading and turning the entire barrier into a shade of purple within moments. This transformation was accompanied by an eerie, glass-cracking sound.

Souta's eyes widened. He saw it.


A deafening noise resonated throughout the country, as if everything was on the brink of collapse.


The entire space fragment, taking on the appearance of a collage of various spaces on different levels.

Souta could see there were people in those spaces. While not overwhelming, there were likely hundreds of thousands of people scattered among the different spaces. These individuals were the survivors of the disintegrated space.

"It's descending. All those realities are collapsing into this country, turning it into a convergence of condensed dimensions. And do you know what happens next once the barrier has been broken?" Red Mist asked as she glanced at Souta.

"The Imperium's pressure will flood in, crushing these fragmented dimensions or whatever you call them," Souta replied.

"Perhaps it will create a new, higher-level reality that can support advanced lifeforms. It will be expelled here and concealed through the spatial gaps, just like the other dimensions there," Red Mist explained. "Or it may condense into a shell capable of withstanding the spatial forces of the Imperium. It will be a small object, but it will contain an infinite space within."

"Hahaha, you guys are truly insane, aren't you?! I love it! Those realities you mentioned don't even compare to the Imperium. It's troublesome, but that's all. I won't die from it; only the citizens of this country will suffer," Souta laughed. "While I had hoped to save innocent souls, if I can't do anything about it, then it's unfortunate for them."

"I almost forgot that you're a monster..." Red Mist remarked.

The sky underwent a profound transformation as countless fragmented realities descended upon the country, enveloping everything and leaving no escape route. The citizens were baffled, unable to comprehend terms like sub-worlds, dimensions, universes, or realities. They only knew that they were in imminent danger once more.

In the sky, Shen Yao turned her gaze upward. She raised her hand and unleashed a massive palm strike to shatter the falling fragmented spaces above her. However, she was promptly attacked by Spatial Whisperer and Poisonous Vine.

Not only them, but other top experts wore somber expressions. It appeared that, at this rate, none of the citizens would survive. Only those with considerable combat strength had a chance to endure this situation.

In the Botano Clan's residence, Paente Botano stood above the barrier surrounding his home, locked in a fierce battle with a formidable opponent, the Man-Eating Tamer.

Paente glanced at the descending spaces and mumbled, "They're truly full of tricks..."

"Hehe, your beloved country is falling today... None of them will escape this land," Man-Eating Tamer laughed. He waved his hand and commanded, "Attack!"


Small black dots flew out from the Man-Eating Tamer's sleeves, rapidly advancing toward Paente. These minuscule black dots, each only a few millimeters in size, were living beings, known as Miniature Devouring Bees, a fourth-stage monster.

"Consume him, my minions!" Man-Eating Tamer cackled.

"Hmph! Just a few pests!" Paente snorted as he leaped into the air. His aura extended, causing the branches of nearby trees to sway and strike at the tiny monsters.

The two experts clashed. While Paente was inherently more powerful than fourth-stage monsters, their sheer numbers presented a challenge. Man-Eating Tamer kept distracting Paente with his tamed monsters, all the while seeking an opportunity to deliver a devastating blow.

The trees moved as if they were alive, attacking both Man-Eating Tamer and the Miniature Devouring Bees. These bees congregated and simultaneously released their [Bestrou], despite their small size, they were formidable monsters similar to those larger fourth-stage monsters.

Faced with hundreds of simultaneous [Bestrou] attacks, Paente could only gather his energy and employ the trees in the vicinity to partially shield him. Utilizing his [Element Drive], he amplified the resilience and power of the trees under his control, significantly altering the environment.

This area had initially been lush and green, but with Paente's application of [Element Drive], it became even more verdant. The trees grew taller, their branches and leaves extending like a net that blanketed the entire field. It was a landscape teeming with lifelike vegetation and trees that could readily subdue even seasoned experts.

Despite being outnumbered, Paente managed to maintain his position against the Man-Eating Tamer and his minions.

"This is problematic... I'll just wear myself out if this continues, killing all his minions," Paente muttered to himself.

The tiny bees continued their assault from every direction. Fortunately, not all of the monsters were at the peak of the fourth stage. Many of them remained at the initial, intermediate, and high stages.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Paente's eyes narrowed as he heard a series of loud impacts upon the canopy of trees that covered the area like an umbrella.

Man-Eating Tamer grinned and remarked, "It appears those fragmented spaces are colliding with your self-created trees."


Another sound resonated, but this time it was distinct.

Both Paente and Man-Eating Tamer turned their heads to look. The barrier encompassing the Botano Clan's residence had been shattered.

"What's that?!" Man-Eating Tamer's eyes widened as he sensed an unusual energy. The monsters he controlled appeared to grow restless.


In a matter of moments, the peculiar energy radiated throughout the entire country, and even the top experts felt its effects. Just as the fragmented spaces had materialized in the sky not a minute earlier, another change occurred.

In Zone 6...

Souta turned his gaze, his eyes adjusting to the energy's flow.

"I can see it... This is it."

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