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Chapter 922: 922

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Chapter 922 Battle at the Selnes Country: Tears of Divine Might

The strange energy began to spread throughout the entire country, affecting not only the land but also the top experts who could sense it. Even the monsters that had emerged from the river outside the city walls were growing restless.

'Souta!! This is!!' Saya's voice resonated in Souta's mind.

'Yeah...' Souta nodded while keeping his gaze fixed on the direction from which the unusual energy was emanating. He couldn't shake the feeling of discomfort that had settled in his heart.

This aura and sensation... It surpassed even the legendary-grade mana fruit.

There was no doubt about it.

The long-anticipated moment had arrived. The mythical-grade mana fruit, the Tears of Divine Might, had finally ripened.

So, it had been concealed within the Botano Clan's household all along. The reason Souta couldn't perceive it earlier was that it had not yet reached its peak ripeness. The presence of the barrier also played a role, managing to obscure his other senses, even if it couldn't fully block his vision.

Souta gazed up at the sky, his eyes scanning the various battles taking place. He mentally calculated the number of experts who would vie for the mythical-grade fruit, all while keeping an eye on the ongoing confrontations.

'Souta, a mythical-grade fruit will appear...' Saya's voice resonated in his mind.

'What do you mean?' Souta inquired, feeling a touch of confusion.

'You're a monster, so I'm certain you can sense the fluctuations, but it's not fully ripened yet. It will require more time, approximately five to ten minutes to reach its peak ripeness,' Saya explained.

'I see... So that's why monsters spend so much time staring at their mana fruit before they pluck it,' Souta responded, understanding the significance of the fruit's ripening process.

"What is that?!" Red Mist muttered as her eyes remained fixed on the direction of the Botano Clan household. "This energy surge... It can't be..."

With determination, she abruptly took flight in the direction of the Botano Clan household, her desire to claim the mythical-grade fruit driving her. Souta didn't hesitate and swiftly followed in pursuit of her.

Amid the chaotic battles and the approaching spatial distortions, numerous top experts from all corners of the country began flying toward the Botano Clan household. They were driven by the unprecedented event of the mythical-grade fruit ripening, its potent energy radiating far and wide, attracting the attention of even the most powerful beings.

In the Botano Clan's mansion, Paente's eyes widened as he observed the extraordinary scene unfolding before him.

"It's ripened!" he exclaimed in disbelief, realizing that the fruit he had sealed was now fully mature. The unexpected release of energy from the fruit had completely shattered the barrier. Paente understood that it was impossible to conceal the presence of a fully ripened mythical-grade fruit, as its energy was immensely potent and irresistible.

Man-Eating Tamer, who had regained his composure, couldn't help but laugh at the turn of events. "This is beyond my wildest expectations! I never imagined that something of this magnitude was concealed within your territory!"

Paente narrowed his eyes and waved his hand, releasing a barrage of energy spheres.


Man-Eating Tamer chuckled with a sinister grin, manipulating his swarm of fourth-stage bees. Together, they formed a defensive barrier that absorbed the impact of Paente's attacks.

Bang! Bang!

The coordinated efforts of the bees left a gap in their formation, allowing an unscathed Man-Eating Tamer to advance. He taunted Paente, "If you're aiming to kill me, you'll need to dispose of all my minions first. Without eliminating them, you won't get close to me."

Paente took a deep breath and faced his formidable opponent, pondering the challenge of overcoming the swarm of monsters that Man-Eating Tamer controlled. Despite having already defeated more than twenty fourth-stage creatures, it seemed this guy had an abundance of minions at his disposal.

Paente turned his head, and the forest canopy erupted in a shower of splintered branches as several figures emerged in the sky. Each of them exuded a formidable aura.

They had arrived.

On the side of the Deadly Sins, Red Mist, Anti Mage, Thousand Earth, Nine Yin, Poisonous Vine, and Black Blader stood prepared.

Facing them from the alliance army were Omari Adel, Asfrith Beiner, Naruse Ichimon, Bezvin Darkna, Genzu, and Souta.

Notably absent were certain experts who sensed the energy but were preoccupied with their own battles. Shen Yao grappled fiercely with her opponent, unwilling to let them escape. Kasci and the Deadly Sins' representative, Ice Death, were embroiled in their own intense struggles.

Hoei Methal remained entangled in combat with Edmar within the Windi Clan household, having been drawn into battle following the death of Clan Leader Schine.

Paente squinted his eyes, understanding that even the large faction experts could not be entirely trusted when confronted with the temptation of a mythical-grade fruit within their grasp.

'This is bad for me... The mythical-grade fruit could also strain the trust among the large factions. The Deadly Sins will surely exploit this opportunity. My country is in danger... I need to find a way to save it,' Paente thought to himself.

Bezvin, Clan Leader of the Darkna Clan, contemplated the same concern. He observed the top experts from the large factions. Even those from the mightiest groups couldn't resist the allure of a mythical-grade fruit.

In truth, Souta had always harbored intentions of seizing the Tears of Divine Might. It had been his goal all along.

Asfrith gazed at Paente and then cast his attention towards the source of the energy emanating from the mythical-grade fruit.

"It's indeed a mythical-grade fruit. Its energy alone surpasses that of a legendary-grade," he remarked in a hushed tone.

The others remained silent, watching each other with bated breath as they anticipated someone to take the first step. Meanwhile, the remaining fragmented spaces had finally arrived just above their location.

This instantly shattered the tense silence in the air.

The first to make a move was Genzu. He stepped forward, unleashing his energy in an instant. With a mighty swing of his axe, a colossal slash cleaved the air.

[Titanic Cleave]!

The slash hurtled towards the Deadly Sins experts. They scattered in an attempt to evade the attack before launching their own offensive. Simultaneously, they charged forward.

The large faction experts had no other choice but to respond in kind. They readied themselves and engaged their foes in battle, all while the spaces rained down around them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Amid the falling fragmented spaces, they clashed, these low-level realities akin to pieces of glass that concealed vast spaces within. Yet, the formidable experts could endure the damage it inflicted on their bodies.


Paente gritted his teeth, his fingers moving in an intricate pattern.

"Form! Last Rite!"

A greenish light erupted from the tallest tree in the entire zone. This light transformed into a protective barrier, enveloping the entirety of the Botano Clan's household.

This was a precaution Paente had prepared in case the barrier was breached, and to safeguard the mythical-grade fruit from being damaged during the chaotic battle. The surge of energy from the fruit had ceased, a safeguard put in place to ensure it would remain dormant for another five to ten minutes.

Boom! Boom!

A minute passed, and the conflict in Zone 4 spilled into the surrounding zones. Multiple top-tier experts were embroiled in combat here, rendering the once-thriving green forest of the Botano Clan's territory into a desolate landscape, exposed to the intense elemental powers of these powerful individuals.

If people wanted to escape the falling realities, Zone 4 seemed to be the safest place. Almost every reality that descended upon this zone met its demise, disintegrating into nothingness. However, choosing to escape to this zone would expose individuals to the fierce battle between the top experts.

Souta moved nimbly from side to side, his focus shifting to the barrier. "Saya, let me know if it's the right moment to pluck the fruit. I'll use my full strength and make a move for it," he communicated with Saya.

"Okay," Saya acknowledged.

With this information, Souta turned his attention back to his opponent. This time, he was confronted by a tall man with purple-colored skin. A black tattoo adorned his forehead, and his eyes glowed an eerie white.

This man, known as Nine Yin, was an equally formidable opponent.

Souta kept an eye on the falling realities, aware of their potential threat. They weren't a direct concern for him, but he worried about their impact on his subordinates. He couldn't predict the outcome; it was conceivable that most of the Sixth Grain War members would be annihilated. The worst-case scenario involved only the top experts surviving.

Creating some distance between himself and Nine Yin, Souta closed his eyes.

Souta inwardly instructed, 'Take them with you. Protect them for a while.'

Nine Yin rapidly closed the distance between himself and Souta, conjuring a swirling pale flame in his clenched fist.

[One Joule Yin]!

Unperturbed, Souta swung his sword, sending forth a crimson crescent.

[Crimson Moon]!


In the midst of this clash, three figures reached the outskirts of Zone 4. Among them was a man, accompanied by two women.

"A mythical-grade fruit... This is beyond our expectations. Should we join the fray for it?" one of the women inquired.

"No, let's hold off for now. I believe there's more to this conflict. Our objective aligns with that of the Deadly Sins—securing the Isolated Formation God's knowledge," the man responded.

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