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Chapter 806: 806

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Chapter 806 The Smiths Are Here Again

After a deep kiss, the two of them hugged each other and quietly enjoyed the warm moment that belonged only to them. But at this moment, a menacing murderous aura suddenly came from outside the car! Lucas’s expression instantly changed as he pushed Cheyenne away and looked at a certain spot outside the window.

A powerful expert had just deliberately exuded a murderous aura.

Instead of charging forward directly, he exuded a killing intent. He clearly wanted Lucas to take the initiative to look for him.

“What’s wrong, Honey?” Cheyenne looked at Lucas in confusion. She was just an ordinary woman, so she couldn’t sense the mystical killing intent. Instead, she was bewildered by Lucas suddenly pushing her.

“Cheyenne, drive home on your own. I still have some matters to handle,” Lucas said to Cheyenne softly.

They were already very close to their Pearl Lake villa, and Stanley and Jordan were guarding nearby too. Even if Cheyenne drove home alone, she wouldn’t be in any danger.

Besides, he was the target of the mysterious man, so the mysterious man shouldn’t do anything to Cheyenne.

Cheyenne pursed her lips and looked at Lucas. She nodded and said sensibly, “Okay, be careful then.”

She had always known that she couldn’t help Lucas with some things, so the only thing she could do was listen to Lucas’s arrangements and not drag him down.

Lucas got out of the car and turned to look at a certain spot after Cheyenne drove away.

“Come out!”

As soon as he said this, two figures walked out of the shadows.

The person walking in front was a middle-aged man in his late forties. He wasn’t tall and had a medium build. He had a wide forehead, a squarish face, and slick hair combed back neatly. With a faint and composed smile on his lips, he exuded the noble aura of an upper-class individual.

But Lucas merely glanced at him before turning to look at the old man behind him.

The old man looked to be in his sixties or seventies, with a gaunt red face covered in wrinkles, resembling a dried date.

But despite the wrinkles piled up to his eyelids, his eyes had a glistening light. He was clearly not an ordinary person.

More importantly, Lucas could sense the aura of a top expert from his gait.

The murderous aura just now came from this old man.

It was no exaggeration to say that this was the strongest aura Lucas had ever seen since he left the Falcon Regiment in Calico.

Even Julian York, the top expert from the Peerless Martial Association’s headquarters, was no match for this old man.

While Lucas was guessing the identity of this old man, the latter was sizing Lucas up as well.

“As expected of Michael Hutton’s son, you’re indeed something,” the old man suddenly said.

Lucas wasn’t surprised that the old man knew his identity.

Ever since the martial arts competition, many people had learned about Lucas’s identity, and the reason these people in front of him came looking for him was clearly that they had already investigated his background.

“What’s the matter?” Lucas asked indifferently.

The middle-aged man in front of him seemed rather interested as he praised with a smile, “You really have character!

“Let me introduce myself first. My name is Oscar Smith, the Smiths who are one of the top eight families of DC. I’m also one of the heirs to the future head of the Smiths.

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“Vince Smith, who came to California and confronted you last time, is my cousin.

“Speaking of which, I really have to thank you. If you hadn’t forced Vince to kneel in front of everyone and embarrassed the Smiths, the helmsman wouldn’t have stripped him of his position as successor. I probably wouldn’t have gotten this great opportunity either!”

Oscar spoke with a smile on the corners of his mouth. Those who didn’t know him would probably think that he was nice and amiable.

But in Lucas’s eyes, Oscar was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Lucas glanced at Oscar calmly before saying coldly, “Cut the crap. What’s your motive?”

He didn’t intend to listen to Oscar’s nonsense about the Smiths.

Oscar’s face immediately stiffened.

He thought that since he was the successor of the Smiths and now willing to look for Lucas personally, he was already showing him enough respect. But he didn’t expect Lucas to be so harsh and cold as to not take him seriously at all.

He frowned slightly and then said with a smile, “It seems that you’re really anxious, so I won’t beat around the bush. Vince may have disgraced my family, but he’s still one of us and a direct descendant after all.

“You forcing him to kneel and admit his mistake in public is too disgraceful to my family. So naturally, the Smiths can’t just pretend that nothing happened and let you off.

“So if you’re now willing to hand me the control you have over all the forces in California and Oregon, I can represent the Smiths to forgive you for your previous transgression and give you a chance to serve the Smiths.

“What do you think of this proposal?”

With a smile on his face, Oscar spoke as if this was a magnanimous offer to Lucas.

“I don’t think it’s appealing.” Lucas smirked with contempt.

If he had been afraid of the power of the Smiths previously, he wouldn’t have confronted Vince and even forced him to kneel and apologize.

This heir of the Smiths seemed to have also inherited the arrogance of the family. As soon as he arrived, he wanted to take control of California and Oregon. He even acted high and might as he said that he would give Lucas a chance to pledge allegiance. It was ridiculous.

Lucas thought that after the Smiths abandoned Vince, they would select a competent successor. But it turned out to be a mediocre person. He couldn’t even compare to Vince.

Did the Smiths not have anyone better than this man to nurture?

After hearing Lucas’s refusal, Oscar narrowed his eyes and threatened, “Kid, do you think you’re in a position to negotiate with me? You only have two options!

“One, surrender control of the two states and bow down to the Smiths from now on. If you do so, I can guarantee you a lifetime of wealth and glory. Two, die here and use your life to wash away the shame you made the Smiths suffer!”

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