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Chapter 937: 937

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After all, Ezra was a person with profound thoughts. Although he was greatly surprised that Lucas was still alive and had even killed Dwayne, he soon thought of another way to kill Lucas.

He believed that as long as the Peerless Martial Association learned of Dyawne’s death, they would definitely not let Lucas off!

With a sinister smile, Ezra took out his phone and planned to contact the other experts of the Peerless Martial Association.


Someone suddenly kicked open the door of Ezra’s villa!

A tall and burly man came in.

“Who are you?!” Ezra hollered. His pupils suddenly constricted the moment he saw the door of the villa that had been kicked to the middle of the living room!

This… this is definitely not an ordinary person!

“Who exactly…”

Just as Ezra was about to ask about the identity of this man who suddenly barged in, he was surprised to find that there were several Howards following behind this man, including Felix, Samuel, and Florence.

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“Grandpa? What… what’s going on? Who is this?” Ezra asked with a look of bewilderment.

But before Felix and the others could answer him, the tall and burly man suddenly moved closer and grabbed Ezra’s neck.

“Tell me how Dwayne died?” The tall and burly man looked straight into Ezra’s eyes, exuding a cold and sinister aura.

Ezra’s eyes suddenly constricted, and a massive wave of fear surged in his heart.

Who exactly is this person?

Why would he find me about Dwayne’s death?

Does he already know that Dwayne’s death is related to me?

Of course, what scared Ezra even more was that this man was still strangling his neck tightly, making him feel horrified. He didn’t doubt that his neck would break if this man tightened his grip.

“Lucas… Lucas Gray killed him!” Ezra didn’t dare to hesitate at all as he frantically answered.

The tall and burly man immediately tightened his grip on Ezra’s neck and questioned with murderous intent, “Lucas Gray? Who is that? Speak up!”

“Arghh!” Ezra merely felt an immense force on his neck, making him feel so suffocated that his eyes rolled backward. He felt as if the bones of his throat were about to break!

The Howards’ hearts skipped a beat when they saw this scene. Felix subconsciously wanted to plead for mercy and beg him to let his grandson off, but he instantly lost his nerve when the tall and burly man glared at him.

“I… I say it! P-Please let me go. I’ll tell you everything!” Ezra was being strangled to the point of his eyes rolling back as he spoke with great difficulty.

“Hmph!” The tall and burly man flung him hard onto the floor like he was tossing a bag of garbage.

“Speak up! If I find out that you’re lying to me, I’ll make sure your life is a living hell!” the burly man said coldly.

Ezra was overwhelmed with pain, but he couldn’t worry about it now. He took two deep breaths to relieve his feeling of suffocation.

His face was deathly pale and streaming cold sweat. His body was trembling violently, and he was too weak to even support himself.

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Ezra was extremely distressed.

At the side, Felix felt heartbroken when he saw this, but he knew that the burly man was an existence that even the Howards didn’t dare to offend. So he didn’t dare to say a word.

Actually, Felix was still confused, as he had no idea why this terrifying big shot suddenly barged into their home and even looked for his grandson Ezra to ask him about the whereabouts of another expert.

“I-I’ll speak… Lucas is the one who killed Julian York!

“So after Master Dwayne found out about this, he immediately wanted to kill Lucas, but he ended up getting killed by Lucas instead!

“I’ve just found out about this news. Lucas Gray has a powerful subordinate, and they worked together to kill Master Dwayne with a gun!”

Ezra revealed everything with horror all over his face. Of course, he was extremely smart and didn’t mention that he was the one who tipped Dwayne off and asked him to kill Lucas.

Now that Dwayne was already dead, the Peerless Martial Association would definitely not let him off if they found out that his tipoff caused Dwayne’s death!

After hearing what Ezra said, Florence immediately panicked. “Ezra, what nonsense are you saying? Lucas just left us now long ago. How could he have killed Master Dwayne?

“And you’ve been staying at the Howard residence. How could you have found out about this?

“You… Don’t spout nonsense here just because of some personal feuds and deceive this expert from the Peerless Martial Association!”

Florence was extremely anxious now.

Felix had just publicly announced that as long as she could ease the relationship between the Howards and Lucas within ten days, he would hand over the position of helmsman to her. It could be said that Lucas was extremely important to her now, so how could she possibly watch Ezra accuse Lucas of killing Dwayne?

Seeing how the Peerless Martial Association’s expert was behaving, she knew that he had come with hostile intentions. If Ezra was allowed to continue talking, he would probably harm Lucas!

In that case, all of Florence’s future plans would be foiled!

Afraid that the burly man would really think that he was saying nonsense, Ezra hurriedly shouted at Florence, “What do you know? I’m telling the truth! Master Dwayne was killed by Lucas Gray!”

Florence was furious. “I’m your aunt. How dare you speak to me like that?”

Then she turned to face Felix and complained, “Father, look what he’s become. I’m his aunt. How dare he yell at me? Does he even care about his elders? If he becomes the helmsman, I’m afraid he wouldn’t even take you seriously, let alone me.”

Felix’s forehead throbbed, and he barked, “All of you, shut up!”

Now that a top expert of the Peerless Martial Association had suddenly visited and asked about an important thing from his grandson, the slightest carelessness could bring about a calamity to the Howards. Yet these two were still arguing with each other for the sake of power and authority at this critical juncture. How insensible!

Felix was the head of the family after all. After he gave the order, even Florence and Ezra had to keep their mouths shut regardless of how unwilling they were.

Felix looked at the burly man in front of him and said very politely. “Hades, there must be some misunderstanding here. Lucas Gray left our residence just an hour ago. He couldn’t have killed Master Dwayne. My grandson probably heard wrongly. I’m really sorry!”

Even Felix didn’t know the real name of this burly man. All he knew was that his code name was Hades and that he was not to be provoked.

Thus, even though he was the helmsman of the Howards, he was extremely polite toward Hades.

Hearing what Felix said, Hades darkened immediately. “In that case, your grandson didn’t tell me the truth?

“I just told you that if you dared to lie to me, I’d make sure your life is a living hell!”

Hades raised his foot, stomped down on Ezra’s chest, and pressed down hard!

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