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Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 Satisfaction Part 3

Wei Wuxian replied as follows. “Well, is it bad to eat people there?” Is that a blowjob offer?

When he listened to at least a thousand such a legend, he thought it was a little tedious, killing at least a hundred people with his own hands. Charlotten, his voice grows and decreases, continues the castle monster, who feeds people that “on the street, this might be the coat of arms in the woods,” living in it, “eat.” The monster is destroyed by everyone who enters it. It did not leave straw, no corpse was found. It was not one exception! It’s terrible. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Not surprisingly, Jinlin also arrived here. Dafan – unable to suppress the spiritual devotions on the mountain, he certainly returned to the Xinglu-Ridu’s monsters. “Do not worry if nothing is supported and held, they know that they eat, and no corpse is located! But we – Cry Wuxian

After a break, Charlatan replied. “Of course, someone saw it.

Wei WuXian commended: “But before it all, that you have entered the inside, it would be, and the description is not buried without the lack of bread crumbs, with no exception, the Earth Who has previously started this legend? When you see this scene, do I must tell the story and live?

“…” charlatan: “This is the legendary way you know?

Wei WuXian is: “So, you people know the name of what was, how much? Age? What’s their genre? They lived in the diet? Xinglu · The ridge when they ate Is it

Charlatan, “I do not know”

Wei Wuxian, “Qinghe knows everything?

Messenger took a basket of anger. “This information was not available in the legend!

We, Wuxian, if you really are a traveling monster, but no, no. Let me ask you something. Do you pass Xinglu Bay was part of the Qing River region? What? This is not the Qinghe NIE sect area, “Xinglu Ridge laughed, why do they ignore it?”

After his astonishment, this time Charlie did not respond to Latin again as “I do not know.” Instead, there were forecasts “The Nie Sekt?” Since then, Nie Sekt will definitely be ignored. Two days before the advent of the legend, Nisect, which was soon transferred to the monster, was encouraged. But is it not a Nisect leader, is it a “headache”? “

QingheNie Sect leader was ChiFeng-Zun, formerly Nie MingJue. He is also a direct and dynamic way to do everything before reaching 20, after his father, the last of the sect leaders, Wen RuoHan, is angry at the death of the head industry QishanWen, he took over the NIE sect. He was also a brother who swore ZeWu-Jun, Lan XiChen, Lian Fang-Zun, Jin Guang Yao. After the Sunshot campaign, Nie Sect was prominent with her, and its influence was mainly in the LanlingJin industry. However, after deformation, he died before the eyes of the public, and people next door are in such a sect, his brother, must be HuaiSang of NIE. Wei Wuxian asked: “Why was he called” head man “?

Charlotte, “know what you have?” This is the story behind you, if he does not know, he heard it knows the one sparkling director NIE, what other people he is, I was very scared to say nothing but to say it’s not a problem if You ask him it’s too bad and he will say his head again when he says “I do not know, I do not know, I do not know, I do not know!” He forced him to shake, then ask him to leave him. The reason, Why is he called, is not clear the “head worker”?

Earlier, when Wei WuXian and Nie Huai Sang learned together, there were several things that he could comment on. Nie Huai Sang was not incredulous. Leaking classes and catching fish, searching for birds, never said that he was not clever, but his heart was fixed in another place and in other fields, such as the fan color, I use my inteligentojn above. His talent was very bad, so he built seven or nine years in comparison to other disciples of this generation. When he lived, NIE MingJue was a strict discipline, because he was abused by the fact that his brothers in many cases did not meet their expectations.However, he has not yet improved much. Now, without the defense and supervision of his brother, QingheNie denies his leadership every day under his leadership. He became a transnational leader, especially after his education, he often cares about all kinds of unknown things, brothers, especially 2 bracelets, to help and help him. It was. One day he went to the Jinling Tower, complained to Jin GuangYao, and next day I plan to go to the Cloud Recesses to launch Lan XiChen. As both Jin and Lan Sect leaders supported him, he was almost unable to stand on the shore. At the moment, those mentioned in Nie Huai Sang, at least they did not touch anything on the surface, but the same sentences were written on their faces.

Recalling what happened earlier, he could not help it.

After Wei WuXian completed the issue of XINGLI Ridge, he still helped buy two sockets contracts with Charllatan work. He threw them in his clothes and returned to Ranch. It seems that the latter has not yet returned to its pocket. In silence, they continued in the direction indicated together.

There is a cedar forest in the Xinglu hag, and there is a wide path between the tree shadows. After some time walking, they did not see anything from ordinary things. Despite all the things, they initially did not have much hope and came here only. If there’s a terrible legend, it’s definitely going to be details. Even the nicknames of a new girlfriend – easily revealed to the victims – and what their souls ponderously called the angry Daphne Mountains. However, if the courier were not sure about the victim’s name and information, in most cases it was an exaggerated courage.

After one hour they finally failed. From there, there were 7 or 8 rooms. Their eyes are white, they wear rope cloths, and they seem to have blown even a slight wind. With her very slow speed I found that they are corpses who go to the lowest level.

These types of corps not only worry about their colleagues, but can also call the line if they are facing somewhat stronger people. If they are facing somewhat fast children, they quickly become some of the blocks. Even if the victim is extremely unhappy, even if some of the positive energy runs out, they will not die at all. Not only how difficult are the corpses, they are not at all threatened. And when they appeared in the hunting of the night, most elderly people simply ignored them and kept them to a minimum. It followed the same logic as hunting tigers and leopards, not the rats. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Looking at the crossing, Wei WuXian knew that something had happened and returned to Lan Wang Ji again. As they saw Wei Wu Xian, because these body bodies walked about 20 meters in front of them, they immediately waited for him as soon as they crossed their rate, I was scared that I retired 2-3 times. We spent our temple, then Wuxian spoke in a terrible voice: “You’re so nice Wow, HanGuang Jun they said they are Since I was running away, my mother was afraid”

Lan WangJi was a press secretary.

We, Wuxian, will take that grid. Come on, let’s go. I think there is no other monster. People here are silent, that some useless walking creeps have killed the monsters in the mouth, “laughing and pushing him. Thing, you just do not think that the waste of such efforts?

Lan Wang just started walking after he started something from him. Before the Wei WuXian catch, the wild barrier series of cedar forest suddenly appeared.

Wei WuXian’s face changed soon. He moved at the thunderstorm behind the King of Thunder, held on the ball, hugging other items.

Lan Wang Ji, “… is it still far away what do you hide?

Wei Wu Xian, “Mi – Mi – Mi – Mi – Mi – Mi – Mi – First I’ll hide where you are?

Orchid house listened and replied: “Black dog is jinling.”

When we heard Jinling’s name, Wei Wuyi stood fast, but got confidential while listening to some of the barriers. Lan Wang Ji continued: “I’m sorry for a spiritual dog, something will happen.

We, WuXian, stood shivering, then the crowd sang several times “thirteenth – then we see you go!”

Lan Wang She did not stop there. Wei Wuxian shouted: “Hangang Jun, why not move?”, Moved! What if I do not move what I did?

After a moment of silence, Lan Wang Ji answered, “First, let me go.

They pushed and knocked. They followed the dog’s obstacles, but twice visited the cedar forest. The trajectory of the spiritual dog sometimes appears near, sometimes far away. After listening to long bark times, Wei WuXian walked a little toward it. At least “Do you have a playground here?”

This leader undoubtedly was made up of people. Some time ago, he said that the symbol of the legend is quite clear, but now things were interested.

About 15 minutes after a chewable black man, the dog is not tired yet. After finding the exit from the field, both people followed the sound. Then a silhouette of the cruel stone castle appeared in between the cedar forests.

The castle is made of white white stone, its surface is covered with green vine and fallen leaves. All of them were done to strangers. It seems that half the bowls turned to the ground. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Who knew that Xinglu Ridge is such a stone castle? After all, it seems that the legend did not look strange. But it would be hard to say whether it was a “food castle” or what happened.

A black dog with a ginlin black dog left the stone castle mass. He draws attention around them, sometimes rushes in low tones, sometimes overwhelms hard. I saw Lan WangJi coming up, it was disturbed by a bit of fear, rather than letting go, struck more strongly. It became a stone castle, whose forefathers were constantly treading on the ground. Wei Takehito hiding behind Ranjuya spoke painfully in the voice. “Why is it not yet gone … where is the owner?

They do not even ask for help when they hear the obstacles they have not heard about anything else about Jinlin. This black man’s dog has to be transported here and it must be a human dog that has broken the pond. However, it seemed that the living person had disappeared.

Lan Wang Ji said, “Go, let’s see it.”

Wei Wu Xian said: “How? It’s not a door.

Actually there was no door. Gray white stone was firmly united without a place for a door and a window. The dog jumped up. It seems to have been because if I want to bite the corner of the orchid royal robe, but since it was not dare, he was not dragging in a particular direction, the bite of Wei WuXian clothes was that of him.

Wei Wuxian’s soul flew almost from him. He spread his hands with Lan WangJi “Lan Zhan … Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan … Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan!”

Sui pulls Wei WuXian, Wei WuXian pulls Ran Wang Ji. The dog leads them in the middle of the road, behind the stone castle. His surprise was the entrance to the height of man on the wall. The form was strange, with fragments of rock fragments. It was just discovered violently using magic tools. The entrance was so dark that it was invisibly dark, especially light from the red light. The dog relieves his teeth. The interior created another bottle series and strangely overcome both tails.

It was evident that Gehnlin had to open a stone castle, but after the reception, something happened.

Bichen does not pay a professional plan for each neck. The sword blade gave the cold light and shone the dark road ahead. The royal family lowered the circle and first came in. Wei Wu Xian became seduced by the dog and rushed in hurry. Lan Wang will join hands to support him, even shaking his head and resigning, but unsatisfactory, even reluctant.

A black man dog dog seems to have really wanted to catch him. I wanted to go inside, but it seems to be blocked by his power. I could not break the bar, but as I tried it, it might just sit at the entrance and tail faster and faster. WuXian was very happy, he was almost polished with it. He walked a few steps when he gave up his hand. When the darkness is surrounded, the white light of the blue light looks almost white.

The Xinglu cluster was covered deep and deep in the forest, so it was very cool. And in the stone castle it was cooler than it was outside. Just looking at light garments, the wind blown back through the Wei WuXian sleeve – a cold sweat, because the dog is already dry. The entrance light faded like an outer candle. They went deep and spread more darkly.

The stone castle circle was spherical. We reach some cliffs on the earth with Wuxi. He heard a little echo.

He eventually will not endure it, and press his temple with his right hand, marks his fingers, you can stop his songs.

Ran royal family said: “What happened?

Wei Wuxian replied: “… it’s so loud.”

The silence in the stone palace was silent. It was as silent as the graveyard. In fact, it seemed like a graveyard.

However, the ear of Wei WuXian, they are already surrounded by noise. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Translator Note

Đefektoro: For this reason, the original phrase used by Nie HuaiSang is directed against him, means “do not know” to answer all the questions was traditional Chinese speeches. Since a suitable translation is still found, it will change to slightly reduce the English language flow.

Airborne deviation: Qia deviation or Qigong deviation refers to psychological disturbances caused when cultured with a physiological method or some “essential” or weak Technology ( I will

Energy Yang: here is “positive”, it refers to “yang” and “yen yang”. (In addition, some of the translation as “dark energy” or “bad energy” at the scene), energy Yang energy from the shadow represents death and evil, is good and life. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Mazeja table: To give them some high bumps of sequences, most likely, can be used to deceive the sense of direction of the human being, is an array.

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