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Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 —Poisons—Part Five

Translated by K of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Ning called over a few dozens of disciples and protected them in person until they arrived at a large, beautiful residence. He snuck inside from the back door and led Wei WuXian to a smaller building.

However, just after Wen Ning turned around and closed the door, before he could even stop and take a break, Wei WuXian grabbed his neck again and questioned in a hushed voice, “Where is this place?!”

Even though he had been saved by Wen Ning, he couldn’t let down all of the guard he held against the Wen Sect’s people just like that. He had always be alert. Back then, following Wen Ning through the large residence, they had passed by many rooms. Most of the people inside spoke with Qishan accents. He caught all of the fragments of conversations that had passed through the window slits and heard the words ‘supervision office’!

Wen Ning quickly waved his hands, “No… I…”

Wei WuXian, “What do you mean no? This isn’t the supervision office set in Yiling? Which unfortunate sect’s region did you take this time? Just what do you want to do by bringing us here?”

Wen Ning tried hard to protest, “Young Master Wei, l-listen to me. This is a supervision office. But… But I really don’t have any intention of harming you. If I wanted to, last night after I entered Lotus Pier, I could’ve gone back on my word right away. I-I wouldn’t have had to lead you here.”

Wei WuXian had always been maintaining high alert. He hadn’t relaxed at all and was ready to explode any moment. His head was dizzy. Hearing this, he still didn’t believe him fully. Wen Ning continued, “This really is a supervision office. If there’s anywhere that the Wen Sect’s people won’t search, it’d be here. You two can stay here. But, you mustn’t let anyone find you…”

After a pause, Wei WuXian finally forced himself to let go. In a low voice, he said to him ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ before laying Jiang Cheng’s body flat onto the wooden bed inside the room.

However, suddenly, the doors of the house suddenly opened. The voice of a woman called, “I was just searching for you! Explain to me properly…”

Just as he said not to let anyone find them, they were discovered at once!

Wei WuXian immediately broke into a cold sweat. He quickly blocked himself in front of the bed. Wen Ning was so scared that he couldn’t even say anything.

Frozen, the two stared at the woman standing before the entrance. Or, one could call her a maiden. Her skin was on the dark side. Although her features were sweet, her expression was with utmost arrogance. The sun robe that she wore glowed red, its flames almost dancing around her sleeves and her collar.

The rank was extremely high, the same level as Wen Chao!

The three stood still for a few seconds. A series of hurried footsteps came from outside. Wei WuXian mustered up courage. Just as he was about to attack, the maiden moved before he could and, with a boom, she slammed the door shut.

A voice asked from outside the door, “Office Leader Wen, what’s wrong?”

The maiden spoke with indifference, “Nothing’s wrong. My brother is back. He’s feeling down again. Don’t wake him up. Let’s go. We can talk on our way.”

The people outside answered and followed her away. Wen Ning let out a breath of relief, explaining to Wei WuXian, “My… My elder sister.”

Wei WuXian, “Wen Qing is your elder sister?”

Wen Ning nodded, somewhat embarrassed, “My sister. She’s really powerful.”

She was indeed powerful.

Wen Qing could be considered a famous cultivator of the QishanWen Sect. She wasn’t a daughter of the QishanWen Sect’s leader, Wen RuoHan, but instead the daughter of one of Wen RuoHan’s cousins. Although they were far cousins, Wen RuoHan had always had a close relationship to this cousin of his. On top of that, Wen Qing was exceptional in the liberal arts and studied medicine as well. She was a talent, and thus she was rather favored by Wen RuoHan. She often followed Wen RuoHan to the banquets of the QishanWen Sect, which was why Wei WuXian found her face familiar. She was a beauty, after all. He had also heard from somewhere that she had an elder or younger brother. But, perhaps because he wasn’t as talented as Wen Qing, not many people talked about him.

Wei WuXian exclaimed, “You really are the younger brother of Wen Qing?”

Wen Ning thought that what he was surprised at about was how such an excellent, well-known sister could have such an average brother. He admitted, “Yeah. My sister is really good. I… I’m not.”

Wei WuXian, “No, no. You’re really good as well. What I find surprising is that your sister is Wen Qing, the Office Leader, and you dared take us…”

Suddenly, Jiang Cheng shifted on the bed. He scrunched his eyebrows lightly. Wei WuXian immediately turned around to check on him, “Jiang Cheng?!”

Wen Ning hurried, “He’s awake. He needs medicine. I’ll go get some.”

After he walked out, he closed the door behind him. Having been passed out for so long, Jiang Cheng finally woke up. Wei WuXian had originally been ecstatic. But, soon afterward, he knew that something was wrong.

Jiang Cheng’s expression was rather strange. It was calm, almost too calm.

He stared at the ceiling, as though he wasn’t at all interested in the situation that he was in, as though he didn’t care about where he was either.

Wei WuXian didn’t expect him to react in such a way. Sadness, happiness, anger, shock—he had none of these. His heart skipped a beat, “Jiang Cheng, can you see me? Can you hear me? Do you know who I am?”

Jiang Cheng glanced at him. He didn’t say anything. Wei WuXian asked him a few more questions. Arm supporting himself, he finally sat upright. He looked down at the mark of the discipline whip on his chest before laughing bitterly.

If the discipline whip struck, it’d be impossible to wipe away the mark of shame. Wei WuXian comforted him despite this, “Stop looking at it. There has to be a way to get it off.”

Jiang Cheng slapped him. His strike was so weak, so powerless that Wei WuXian didn’t even flinch, “Hit me. As long as you’ll feel better.”

Jiang Cheng, “Did you feel it?”

Wei WuXian paused, “What? Feel what?”

Jiang Cheng, “Did you feel my spiritual power?”

Wei WuXian, “What spiritual power? You didn’t use any spiritual power at all.”

Jiang Cheng, “I did.”

Wei WuXian, “Just what… are you talking about?”

Jiang Cheng repeated, biting down on each word, “I said, I did. When I hit you, I used all of my spiritual power. I’m asking you. Did you feel it?”

Wei WuXian looked at him. After a while of silence, he spoke, “Hit me once more?”

Jiang Cheng, “There’s no need. No matter how many more times I hit you, it’ll be the same. Wei WuXian, do you know why the Core-Melting Hand is called the Core-Melting Hand?”

The heart had completely sunk.

Jiang Cheng continued on his own, “Because his pair of hands can melt away the golden core, so that you can’t ever form a new core again, you’re spiritual power will disperse, and you’ll become an average person.

“And an average person who descended from a cultivating sect is no different from a good-for-nothing. Your whole life will be spent doing worldly business. You aren’t allowed to dream about being at the top ever again.

“Mom and Father had their golden cores melted away by Wen ZhuLiu first and lost the ability to resist before they were killed by him.”

Wei WuXian’s head was in a complete mess. He didn’t know what to do, murmuring, “… The Core-Melting Hand… The Core-Melting Hand…”

Jiang Cheng laughed, “Wen ZhuLiu, Wen ZhuLiu. I want revenge, I want revenge, but how could I? I don’t even have my core anymore. I won’t ever be able to form a core again. How can I seek revenge? Hahahahahaha, hahahahahahahahahaha…”

Wei WuXian collapsed onto the ground. Watching how crazed Jiang Cheng seemed to be, he couldn’t say anything.

Nobody knew more than him how much of an ambitious person Jiang Cheng was, what high regard he held his cultivation and spiritual power in. But now, with the strike of the Core-Melting Hand, his cultivation, his self-esteem, his hope of revenge had all been smashed to dust!

Like a lunatic, Jiang Cheng laughed for a while. He lay down onto the bed again and opened his arms, speaking as though he had given up on everything, “Wei WuXian, why did you save me? What’s the use of saving me? Let me live in this world, watch the Wen-dogs go rampant, see how I can’t do anything?”

At this point in time, Wen Ning entered through the door. On his face was a smile that almost looked fawning. He walked with bowl of medicine in his hand toward the bed. Before he could say anything, those sun robes reflected against Jiang Cheng’s eyes. His pupils suddenly shrunk.

Jiang Cheng kicked Wen Ning, toppling over the bowl of medicine. The black liquid all spilled onto Wen Ning. Wei WuXian wanted to take the bowl of medicine. He pulled up Wen Ning as well, who had been shocked speechless. Jiang Cheng roared at him, “What’s wrong with you?!”

Wen Ning was so scared that he stepped back a couple of times. Jiang Cheng grabbed Wei WuXian by the collar and shouted, “You see a Wen-dog and you don’t kill him?! And you wanted to pull him up? Do you want to die?!”

Although he used as much strength as he could, his arms were still weak. Wei WuXian struggled out of them quickly. Jiang Cheng finally noticed where he was. He glanced around and asked in alarm, “Where is this?”

Wen Ning answered from far away, “The supervision office at Yiling. But it’s very safe…”

Jiang Cheng spun toward Wei WuXian, “Supervision office?! You walked yourself into their trap?”

Wei WuXian, “No!”

Jiang Cheng spoke in a harsh voice, “No? Then what are you doing in a supervision office? How did you get here? Don’t tell me that you went to the Wen-dogs for help?!”

Wei WuXian grabbed him, “Jiang Cheng, calm down first. It’s very safe here! Wake up. It’s not for certain that the Core-Melting Hand can’t…”

Jiang Cheng couldn’t listen to anyone’s words anymore. He was already half-mad. Hands around Wei WuXian’s neck, he laughed, “Wei WuXian, hahahahahahahaha Wei WuXian! You! You…”

Suddenly, a red shadow kicked the door open and darted inside. With a strike of her palm, a silver light flashed by. A needle went into Jiang Cheng’s head, and he lay back down at once. Wen Qing turned around to shut the door before scolding in a low voice, “Wen Ning, how stupid are you? You let him shout and laugh and be so loud?! Do you want him to be discovered?”

As though he saw his savior, he shouted, “Sister!”

Wen Qing, “Calling me your sister now? I haven’t asked you yet. Since when have you been so bold? How dare you hide people! I’ve already snuck a few questions earlier on. So that was why you suddenly wanted to go to Yunmeng! How full of yourself are you? Who gave you so much courage? If Wen Chao knows about this wouldn’t he tear you to apart? If he really is set on killing someone, do you think that I can stop him?”

She spoke quickly and clearly. Her forceful tone allowed for no objections. Wei WuXian couldn’t find anywhere at all to interrupt her. Wen Ning’s face was as pale as snow, “Sister, but Young Master Wei…”

Wen Qing continued, voice stern, “I won’t say anything too much seeing that you did it out of gratitude and that’s an understandable reason. However, these two must not stay here for long! You came suddenly and left suddenly, meanwhile Wen Chao lost the two of them. Do you think Wen Chao is that much of an idiot? Their search will reach here sooner or later. This is the supervision office under my command, and this is your house. What accusation do you think it’ll be if they discover that you’re hiding them? Think carefully!”

She explained so clearly what was at stake for them, so clearly that it was as though she pointed at Wei WuXian’s nose and told him to get lost quickly and not to stay here and burden them. If Wei WuXian were the one injured or if somebody else had saved them, he’d immediately say farewell and leave at once, full of determination. However, right now, Jiang Cheng was the one who had been injured. Not only was he injured, he had lost his core as well. He wasn’t in his right mind. No matter what, Wei WuXian couldn’t find any determination. And the Wen Sect was what caused them to be in such a situation to begin with. It was only natural for him to feel unwilling to give up. He could only clench his teeth and stay quiet.

Wen Ning, “B-But the Wen Sect people…”

Wen Qing cut him off, “What the Wen Sect does doesn’t represent what we do. We don’t need to be responsible for the Wen Sect’s wrongdoing. Wei Ying, there’s no need to look at me like that. There’s a beginning to all debts. I’m the office leader of Yiling, but I was ordered to take the position. I’m a medic, an apothecary, I’ve never killed anyone, much less touched the blood of the Jiang Sect.”

It was true. Nobody had heard of any lives lost by Wen Qing’s hands. There were always many cases that people wanted her to take over. It was because Wen Qing was one of the Wen Sect’s people whose way of doing things was actually normal. At times she could even put in a few good words for people in front of Wen RuoHan. Her reputation had always been good.

All were silent within the room.

A few moments later, Wen Qing spoke again, “Don’t pull out the needle. The brat would start throwing a fit if he wakes up. His shouting voice could be heard from even outside. Pull it out after his injuries have healed. I really don’t want to deal with Wen Chao, especially that woman around him. It disgusts me!”

She went out the door as soon as she finished. Wei WuXian spoke, “She… means that we can’t stay for long, but we can still stay for a few days… right?”

Wen Ning nodded, “Thank you, Sister!”

A pack of medicinal herbs was tossed in from outside the door. Wen Qing spoke from afar, “If you really are grateful then put in some effort! What a hell kind of medicine did you just make? Brew it again!”

Although the pack of herbs smacked right onto Wen Ning, he spoke happily, “The medicine that my sister prepared will definitely turn out good. Hundreds of times better than mine. It’ll be good for sure.”

Wei WuXian finally felt relief, “Thank you.”

He understood the fact that one of these siblings deciding to turn a blind eye to them and the other deciding to outright help them meant that they were placing themselves in extreme danger. Just as Wen Qing said, if Wen Chao truly wanted to kill anyone, it was unlikely for Wen Qing to be able to stop him. Perhaps she’d be affected as well. After all, children of others could never compare to children of one’s own.

With the needle in Jiang Cheng’s head, he slept for three days. Both his bones and the exterior injuries had healed already. All that was left and couldn’t be healed were the eternal marks from the discipline whip and the golden core that he’d never be able to take back.

Wei WuXian had also been thinking for three days.

Three days later, Wei WuXian said goodbye to Wen Ning. Carrying Jiang Cheng on his back, he walked for a while and borrowed a small house from a forest guard.

He closed the door and pulled out the needle in Jiang Cheng’s head. He opened his eyes only after a long time had passed.

He did wake up, but he didn’t move at all. He was so uninterested that he didn’t even turn around or ask ‘where is this’. He didn’t drink any water, he didn’t eat any food. It seemed that all he sought for was death.

Wei WuXian, “Do you really want to die?”

Jiang Cheng, “I can’t seek revenge even when I’m alive. Why shouldn’t I die? Maybe I’ll be able to turn into a ferocious ghost.”

Wei WuXian, “You’ve been undergoing soul-calming ceremonies ever since you were young. You won’t be able to turn into a ferocious ghost even after you die.”

Jiang Cheng, “If I can’t seek revenge no matter if I’m dead or alive, then what’s the difference between the two?”

After he said this, he wouldn’t speak again no matter what.

Wei WuXian sat by the bed. He looked at him for a while. Slapping his knees, he stood up and began to busy himself.

When evening came, he had finally finished making a meal. He placed everything onto the table, “Get up. It’s time for dinner.”

Of course, Jiang Cheng ignored him. Wei WuXian sat in front of the table. He picked up his own chopsticks, “If you don’t replenish your strength, how can we go take back your golden core?”

Hearing the words ‘golden core’, Jiang Cheng finally blinked. Wei WuXian continued, “That’s right. Don’t doubt it. You didn’t hear wrong. What I said is to ‘take back your golden core’.”

Jiang Cheng moved his lips. His throat was dry, “… You know how?”

Wei WuXian spoke in a calm voice, “I do.”

He turned around, “You’ve known since a long time ago that my mother, ZangSe SanRen, was a pupil of BaoShan SanRen, haven’t you?”

The sentence was only a few words long. However, it immediately lit up the lifeless eyes of Jiang Cheng.

BaoShan SanRen, a legendary celestial who had lived for hundreds of years, a secluded master who was said to be able to revive the dead, give flesh to bones!

His voice trembled, “You mean… You mean…”

Wei WuXian spoke clearly, “I mean that I know in the name ‘BaoShan’ which mountain is being embraced. This means that I can take you to BaoShan SanRen.”

Jiang Cheng, “… But, but isn’t it that you can’t remember the things from when you were young?!”

Wei WuXian, “It isn’t that I can’t remember anything. There are a few fragmented pieces having been repeated many times that I haven’t forgotten yet. I’ve always remembered the voice of a woman repeating something to me, telling me a location and many other things. The voice said that if I find myself in an absolutely desperate situation, I can go up the mountain and ask the immortals on the mountain for help.”

Jiang Cheng rolled off the bed.

He threw himself over to the table. Wei WuXian pushed the bowl and the chopsticks in front of him, “Eat.”

Clinging onto the table, Jiang Cheng was thrilled, “I…”

Wei WuXian, “Eat. We can talk while eating. Or else I won’t say anything.”

Jiang Cheng could only bring himself onto the stool. Chopsticks in hand, he swept food into his mouth. He had been feeling utterly hopeless, yet he suddenly found that it could still turn around and the world was beautiful behind him. He was so excited that he felt as though flames lit up around him. Unsettled, he didn’t even know that he held his chopsticks from the wrong end. Seeing that he finally began to eat, however distracted, Wei WuXian continued, “I’ll take you there in a few days.”

Jiang Cheng, “Today!”

Wei WuXian, “What are you scared of? Over a hundred year old Immortals, could they disappear in just these few days? It’s a few days later because there are many taboos in this. I’ll have to tell them about you carefully. Or else, if you do something that’s forbidden, it’ll be all over if you anger the master. Both of us would be over.”

Jiang Cheng stared at him, eyes wide open, hoping that he’d tell him some more. Wei WuXian continued, “When you go up the mountain, you can’t open your eyes and look around, you can’t remember the scenery on the mountain, you can’t see the people there. Remember, no matter what they tell you to do, you have to do it.”

Jiang Cheng, “Okay!”

Wei WuXian, “And, here’s the most important point. If you’re asked who you are, you have to say that you’re the son of ZangSe SanRen. You can’t reveal your true identity!”

Jiang Cheng, “Okay!”

It was likely that no matter what things Wei WuXian told him to do, Jiang Cheng would say yes with watering eyes. Wei WuXian concluded, “Alright, let’s eat. Replenish our strength and boost our energy. I’ll have to prepare during the next few days.”

Jiang Cheng had finally realized that he held his chopsticks wrong. He turned them over and ate a few more mouthfuls. It was so spicy that his eyes grew red. He still couldn’t help but curse, “… Tastes terrible!”

After days of continuously being asked about the details of BaoShan SanRen, Wei WuXian set off with Jiang Cheng. After a long journey, they arrived at the bottom of one of the remote mountains in Yiling.

The mountain was lively with green plants. Its top was surrounded by cloud and mist. There was indeed some sense of heavenliness to it. Yet, it was still somewhat far away from the celestial mountain that everyone thought it was. During the past few days, Jiang Cheng had always been suspicious. He sometimes suspected that Wei WuXian was lying to him, and at other times suspected that Wei WuXian had heard wrong or remembered wrong from when he was young, he was constantly worrying whether or not they’d be able to find it. When he saw the mountain, he began to suspect again, “Is this really where BaoShan SanRen lives?”

Wei WuXian sounded certain, “It’s definitely here. Is there any use of me lying to you? So that you can be happy for a few days and then receive an even bigger disappointment?”

Similar conversations had already happened countless times between the two. Wei WuXian walked up half of the mountain with him, “Alright. Now, I won’t be able to go any further up with you.”

He took out a piece of cloth and covered Jiang Cheng’s eyes with it. He told him over and over again, “You must never, never open your eyes. There aren’t any beasts on the mountain. I’d rather you walk slower. Even if you fall, you can’t pull the cloth away. You must not be curious. Remember, just say that you’re Wei WuXian. You know how to answer the questions?”

The matter was crucial as to whether or not he could form a core again and seek revenge. Of course Jiang Cheng didn’t dare be careless. He nodded nervously.

He turned around and slowly began to walk up the mountain. Wei WuXian, “I’ll be waiting for you in the town back there!”

After he watched Jiang Cheng’s slowly moving silhouette for a while, he turned around as well and walked onto another of the mountain paths.

Jiang Cheng had been in the mountain for seven days.

The town that they had agreed to meet in was built amid the mountains. It was rather remote. There weren’t many people inside. The roads were both thin and bumpy. There weren’t even any street vendors on the side.

Wei WuXian was squatting on the side of the road. He glanced at the direction of the mountain. There was still no sight of Jiang Cheng. Hands on his knees, he stood up before feeling his head spin. Wobbling for a few moments, he walked toward the only teahouse in the town.

The teahouse was likely the only building in the town that wasn’t crude. Just as he entered, a waiter went up to him with a smile, “What would you like?”

Wei WuXian was immediately alarmed.

Within the past few days, he’d been on the run and never had the time to clean himself up. He could almost be described as grimy. When most teahouse waiters saw such a look, he’d be lucky if they didn’t kick him out right away. Coming over with such enthusiasm seemed a bit too fake.

He quickly scanned around the shop. The accountant stood behind the counter, appearing as though he wanted to bury his face into the account booklet. Around half a dozen people sat scattered around ten tables. Many of them were wearing capes, drinking tea with their heads low as if they were hiding something.

Immediately, Wei WuXian spun around to leave. However, just one step outside of the teahouse, a tall, dark shadow had hovered over him and struck him hard in the chest.

Wei WuXian smashed into two tables. The waiter and the accountant ran outside, panicking. All of the people inside took off their capes, revealing the sun robes that they wore inside. Wen ZhuLiu stepped over the threshold and stood in front of Wei WuXian. Looking at how he struggled to get up and then at his palm, he seemed to be thinking. Somebody kicked at the bent of Wei WuXian’s knees, forcing him to hit the ground.

Wen Chao’s face appeared in his sight, full of cruel excitement, “You’re down already?! You brat, didn’t you jump around quite a bit back in the cave of the Xuanwu of Slaughter? You’re finished with just a strike? Hahahaha, keep on jumping, look at how arrogant you were!”

Wang LingJiao’s impatient voice appeared as well, “Quick! Young Master Wen, chop off his hand! He still owes us an arm!”

Wen Chao, “No, no, no, let’s not hurry. We’ve finally found the brat. Chopping off his hand causes too much bleeding. If he dies soon afterwards then it wouldn’t be fun anymore. First melt his core. I want to hear him scream like how that little bastard Jiang Cheng did!”

Wang LingJiao, “Then melt his core first, then chop off his hand!”

As they were discussing on the side, Wei WuXian spat out some blood, “Sure! Whatever torture techniques you’ve got, bring them out!”

Wang LingJiao grinned, “Mark your words.”

Wen Chao scorned, “You’re so close to your death and you’re still playing the hero!”

Wei WuXian laughed coldly, “It’s precisely because I’m close to my death that I’m so happy! What I’m scared of is that I won’t die. If you have the guts then torture me! The more cruel the better. After I die, I’ll definitely become a ferocious ghost and haunt the QishanWen Sect day and night, cursing all of you!”

Hearing this, Wen Chao actually hesitated. After all, disciples of famous clans, like Jiang FengMian and Yu ZiYuan, had been affected by their clan and their clan’s treasures since they were young. When they grew up, they’d receive countless soul-calming ceremonies so that there was only a miniscule chance of them becoming ferocious ghosts. But Wei WuXian was different. He was the son of a servant. He didn’t grow up in the Jiang Sect since birth, either. He didn’t have the chance to go through so many ceremonies. If after he really died with too much resentful energy and became a ferocious ghost to haunt them, it’d be quite a pain. And, of the torture that he had received when he was alive, the greater in number, the more scattered, the more cruel they were, the fiercer, the more difficult that the ghost he formed after he had died would be.

Seeing this, Wang LingJiao hurried, “Young Master Wen, don’t listen to his nonsense. Not everyone can become ferocious ghosts after they die. Time, place, situation—all of these need to be just right. Besides, even if he really did become one, couldn’t the QishanWen Sect handle this single ghost? We’ve been trying to catch him for so long. Wasn’t it all to punish him? Don’t tell me that just because of him boasting for a while that you’ll let him go?”

Wen Chao, “Of course not!”

Knowing that he’d definitely die, Wei WuXian somehow grew calmer. The bone-deep hatred within him settled into iron-cold determination. Looking at his expression, although Wen Chao was annoyed, he somehow felt fear. He kicked his stomach, “You’re still putting on the act! Who do you want to scare?! Whose hero are you pretending to be?!”

The group of disciples beat up Wei WuXian with him. After he felt that it was enough, Wen Chao finally ordered, “Enough!”

Wei WuXian spat out another mouthful of blood. His heart was set, It’s time to kill me? It won’t be much different even if I die. It won’t be any worse than living, and there’s a one-in-three chance for me to become a ferocious ghost and seek revenge!

Thinking of this, he felt an unparalleled thrill.

Yet, Wen Chao spoke, “Wei Ying, you’re always thinking that you’re not scared of anything, that you’re brave and you’re mighty, aren’t you?”

Wei WuXian answered in surprise, “Huh, so even Wen-dogs can speak the human tongue?”

Wen Chao slammed his fist down. His smile was hideous, “Just keep on showing off, showing off how good with words you are. I’d like to see just how much longer you can keep up the hero act for!”

He ordered for his subordinates to hold Wei WuXian down. Wen ZhuLiu walked over and pulled him up from the ground. Wei WuXian managed to raise his head. He looked at the person who killed Jiang FengMian and Madam Yu, and destroyed Jiang Cheng’s golden core. He seared his face and his cold expression into his heart.

Along with him, the Wen Sect’s people flew with their swords. The town and the mountains grew farther and farther away. Wei WuXian thought, Even if Jiang Cheng went down, he wouldn’t be able to find me anymore… Why are they taking me so high into the air? Let me fall to my death when they’re high enough?

After a while of flying, a black mountain suddenly broke through the layers of snowy clouds.

The mountain emitted a foreboding air of death. As though it was a large corpse thousands of years old, just looking at it made one’s blood run cold.

Wen Chao stopped over the mountain. He spoke, “Wei Ying, do you know where this is?” He sneered, “This place is called Burial Mound.”

Hearing the name, a burst of cold air climbed up Wei WuXian’s spine and to the back of his head.

Wen Chao continued, “Burial Mound is right in Yiling. You Yunmeng people have probably heard of its name as well. It’s a mountain of corpses, an old battleground. If you find a spot wherever on the mountain and dig your shovel into it, you’ll be able to dig out a corpse. Any nameless corpses would be tossed here as well, wrapped in a mat only.”

The sword array descended slowly, approaching the black peak. Wen Chao, “Look at the dark air. Tsk tsk tsk, the hostile energy is strong, isn’t it? And the resentful energy is thick, isn’t it? Even us at the Wen Sect weren’t able to do anything about it. We could only surround it and prevent people from going in. This is still daytime. At night, really any—-thing can be found in there. When a living person goes in here, both the body and the soul, they cannot return, unable to get out for all of eternity.”

He grabbed Wei WuXian’s hair. A grotesque grin on his face, he spoke one word at a time, “And you won’t be able to get out for all of eternity either!”

As he finished, he threw Wei WuXian down.


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