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Chapter 1350: 1350

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Chapter 1350: Counterattack in Desperate Situation (2)

The previous one hundred arrows had made Shui Miao accustomed to the monotonous fight, so Shen Yanxiao’s sudden change had disrupted his rhythm.

A simultaneous attack.

One side did not predict the opponent’s pattern while the other side had locked onto the opponent that could not react in time.

The 101st arrow had become the final turning point of the match.

When the lightning-fast arrow pierced through Shui Miao’s shoulder blade, it carried with it a violent force that no one could contend against as it sent him flying out of the stage. However, Shen Yanxiao remained standing on the spot unscathed, staring straight ahead at Shui Miao’s figure that flew out. That arrow that was one step away from her continued to fly past her.

The arrow pierced through the sky, but it brought about a dead silence around the stage.

Habit was a terrifying thing. It grew in the subconscious and was not controlled by reason or sensibility. In a battle of life and death where every second counts, it would completely react to any biological instinct.

A hundred arrows had fixed Shui Miao’s shooting pattern. No one expected that the last arrow would completely change the status quo.

Shen Yanxiao stood on the stage with a calm expression. As she looked at Shui Miao who was dragged out of the stage by the arrow before falling on the ground heavily, there was only coldness in her green eyes.

The moment Shui Miao’s feet left the stage, he had lost the match.

He had not only lost a match, but also all his pride and confidence, dignity and future.

The elves from the Qingyuan Tribe were the first to recover their senses. They broke away from the onlookers and ran to Shui Miao’s side. The two elves helped Shui Miao up nervously.

On Shui Miao’s shoulder, the arrow that had pierced through his bones was so blinding that a brilliant blood-colored flower blossomed on his shoulder.

Even until this moment, Shui Miao did not realize how he had lost.

His pale face was filled with shock and doubt as he stared at Shen Yanxiao who was looking down at him from high above.

That seemingly calm face had a pair of eyes that sent chills down one’s spine.

All of Shui Miao’s confidence collapsed in an instant. His lips were pale as it slightly trembled.

“You schemed against me…” Shui Miao finally understood what had happened.

Shen Yanxiao’s previous hundred volleys were merely to plant a seed of error in his mind so that he would think that he had the entire situation under control and could end the battle at any time.

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However, the one who was in control of the entire situation was not him, but Shen Yanxiao!

Her previous display of weakness and embarrassment were merely an act.

She deceived all the spectators and Shui Miao into her trap.

After all the traps were set, she was like an experienced hunter that hunted down Shui Miao in an instant.

Shen Yanxiao used herself as bait and became the winner in the end.

“The winner takes all. Shui Miao, don’t disgrace the reputation of your Qingyuan Tribe.” Shen Yanxiao curled her lips, and a brilliant yet cruel smile blossomed on her lips.

In the face of an enemy, victory was the final result she wanted. It did not matter if she was despicable or shameless, but the one who would have the last laugh would always be her!

Shui Miao dug a hole and buried his future and dignity.

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