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Chapter 1354: 1354

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Chapter 1354: Counterattack in Desperate Situation (6)

“Third Uncle.” Shen Yanxiao touched her nose. She was not used to Shen Jing’s sudden and unrestrained praise.

“Alright, now that the matter has been resolved, you should go back as soon as possible. I think Leader An Yan is very worried right now.” Shen Jing gently raised his hand and rubbed Shen Yanxiao’s head. He was the only one who knew about the relationship between Shen Yanxiao and An Yan. He was also the only one who knew that after Shen Yanxiao and Shui Miao left, the leader who seemed to be devising strategies and looking at the big picture had already stirred up waves in his heart.

Shen Yanxiao was slightly surprised. The doubts that were hovering in her mind had immediately escaped her mouth.

“Third Uncle, are you the one who betrayed me?” She believed that she had disguised herself well so she did not pay much attention to An Yan. Why did An Yan reveal that she knew Shen Yanxiao was her granddaughter that night?

Shen Jing curled his lips and pinched Shen Yanxiao’s delicate face. He snorted and said, “Do you think I, your third uncle, am someone who doesn’t care about the big picture? I am not surprised that An Yan recognized you. After all, she is your maternal grandmother and you have her blood flowing in you. Elves have a certain degree of perception towards blood relations. Although it would be weaker after a generation, your appearance can be said to have combined all the advantages your parents have. How could An Yan not know the appearance of her daughter and son-in-law?”

Shen Yanxiao rubbed her face. This was the first time someone had pinched her face like a child. However, she did not feel repulsed by Shen Jing’s intimate and loving touch.

“I see. I thought I had accidentally revealed something.” Shen Yanxiao finally relaxed. The fewer people who knew about her mixed-race identity, the better.

“Rest assured. Other than An Yan, no other elves in the Moonshine Tribe would discover your identity. At most, An Feng and An Ran would feel an inexplicable sense of closeness to you.” Shen Jing, who seemed to be sloppy, had a lot of hidden cards in his stomach.

Shen Yanxiao nodded with a smile. Due to the fact that both of them spoke very softly and with Vermilion Bird by their side, few elves dared to approach them. Therefore, she was not worried that other elves would overhear something they should not.

An Ran told Duan Yuan about the matter and he agreed without another word. Duan Yuan, who had been sweating profusely for Shen Yanxiao, was rather surprised when he learned that the little girl had won.

In the shortest time possible, Duan Yuan called for a few elves skilled in healing and brought them to the stage to treat those few blanched chickens from the Qingyuan Tribe.

However, when Duan Yuan saw Vermilion Bird by Shen Yanxiao’s side, his expression was as horrified as it could be!

Fortunately, Vermilion Bird did not even give Duan Yuan a sideway glance.

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“City Lord Duan Yuan, I’ll have to trouble you. Please send them back to the Qingyuan Tribe after their injuries have stabilized. The treatment fees are all here.” Shen Yanxiao was also a pretty girl. She took out a heavy bag of crystal coins from her space ring and stuffed it into Duan Yuan’s hands without any explanation.

Duan Yuan also liked Shen Yanxiao’s gentle treatment method. In his opinion, the injuries of those elves in the Qingyuan Tribe were all caused by Vermilion Bird and had nothing to do with Shen Yanxiao.

Unfortunately, he did not see how Shen Yanxiao dealt with Shui Miao. Otherwise, he would not think that Shen Yanxiao was a pure little sheep.

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