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Chapter 135

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Chapter 135th Guinea Pigs (5)

Cao Xu went back into the cave as if everything is normal.

But he did not return to his own position to sleep directly, instead, he carefully approached Li Xiang who is lying at the most edge of the cave. He quietly squat down and reach out for the badge on Li Xiang’s chest.

Shen Yanxiao who is standing in the dark outside the cave, upon seeing Cao Xu’s action, immediately covered her face.

This is simply too horrible to look at!

In the eyes of a godly thief like her, Cao Xu’s movements are unbearably clumsy. Even if she used her toes to think, she could see that in a few seconds, Li Xiang will be awaken due to someone’s poor stealing skills.

It will not be long before Cao Xu’s behavior is discovered by the rest of the team!!

Damn it! How come she forget that while the illusion technique can control people’s mind, it cannot change someone’s strength! Cao Xu is a swordsman, good at drastic attacks, letting him do some high level stealing skills is basically like asking a butcher to make some embroideries!

Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath.

Oh well, even if Cao Xu can not get the five badges due to his utterly horrible skill, atleast she has proven that the illusion technique which she learned is effective and useful. It’s no big deal, she will just wait for these group of youths to fell asleep again then she will steal their badges, in any case its nothing difficult.

Li Xiang was almost in a deep sleep, he suddenly felt a force on his chest pulling his clothes, and he immediately opened his eyes.

The next second, Cao Xu’s big face filled his entire vision.

“Cao Xu! What the hell are you doing!?” Li Xiang immediately shouted, grabbing the hand that is reaching out to his chest.

Li Xiang’s sudden outcry instantly awakened the other three individuals sleeping in the cave. Meng Yijun and Shangguan Xiao quickly stand up, Qian Shanni is rubbing her sleepy, hazy eyes and look at the two holding.

“What’s the matter?” Meng Yijun is having a headache just looking at these two guys. They were finally able to rest, what are they being noisy for!

Li Xiang hastily covered the badge on his chest, pointing to Cao Xu he cried:“Cao Xu wants to take my badge!”

“What?” Li Xiang’s words made Meng Yijun and Shangguan Xiao revealed a surprised expression. They immediately looked at the frowning Cao Xu.

What’s going on? If it was another team who came to steal Li Xiang’s badge, they can still understand, but Cao Xu is a member of their own team. This exam includes a rule which states that a stolen badge from a teammate will not have any corresponding points. Cao Xu has absolutely no reason to take Li Xiang’s badge ah.

Is it because of the previous argument between the two, that Cao Xu wanted to retaliate against Li Xiang, thus he seized the chance to take away his badge?

A group of people is baffled.

Shen Yanxiao just stood in the dark and sighed. She knew this will be the result.

However, what happened next, is something Shen Yanxiao will never think in her dreams.

Cao Xu frowned, looking at the several people who have their gazes on him, he coldly snorted. With a hint of disdain, he said:“Making an uproar, you’re a man yet so timid as a woman. Who wants your badge? I just don’t trust the trap, and want to keep away our badges as the one in charge of the vigil.”

“What? You’re in charge of the vigil?” Li Xiang can not believe his ears, the arrogant Cao Xu actually wants to be the lookout?

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