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Chapter 377

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"You are a higher demon." Shen Yanxiao completely didn’t care about the danger in which she was likely to be swallowed up into the demon’s belly in the next second. She instead studied the demon’s level before her in a lukewarm manner.


The bewitching juvenile laughed and said, "Since you know that I’m a demon, why are you not screaming? Why are you not afraid? You must know that there’s a great difference between you human beings and me, a demon. Even if the strongest men among the humans were to arrive in front of me, they can just obediently become my food." This child from the human race who wasn’t afraid of demons at all was really very interesting.


"What if I scream? What if I’m afraid? Will you let me go then?" Although Shen Yanxiao’s understanding of the demons wasn’t much, she was familiar about the demons’ stubbornness towards their things.


The bewitching juvenile lowered his head and smiled. For thousands of years, she was the first person from the human race who hadn’t showed the slightest fear before himself. And more to his surprise, not only was this human unafraid of him; he couldn’t even find in her eyes the disgust towards the demons that the human race usually concealed in their eyes.


"If you’re really scared, I might simply eat you quickly."


"Before you begin to eat, shouldn’t you satisfy my desire before I die? Are you really a higher demon? Is this your human form?" Shen Yanxiao had not the slightest sense of crisis. Although she didn’t know what to do, she could be sure that if she was really in any danger, Xiu couldn’t ignore it.


On the other hand, Xiu being this calm was an indication that there wasn’t any danger at all.


Was it not dangerous to face a higher demon who was about to swallow you up into his belly?


The bewitching juvenile blinked his eyes. He had never encountered such a human before who would bring up so many questions in the face of a demon. There was no begging for mercy or resistance. With a look of obediently waiting for her death, she just threw a series of inquiries at him about his identity, as if all the dangers were less important than his own identity.


"My name is Futu, a demon in Mount Ku Luo. But compared to those who are eager to eat, us higher demons have high demands on food." Seeing that she was so delicious, fulfilling her little wish before she died was not impossible. Futu had always considered himself a demon with a very good taste.


"Food? You mean us human beings? But there are no human beings when you demons of the Demon Race live in the underworld. How did you survive at those times?" She didn’t know why but she felt she wasn’t really in a danger. It was also rare to encounter such a reasonable demon, so Shen Yanxiao suddenly had a great interest in the demons' habits.


Futu thought for a moment before he replied, "The original food of us demons is not humanity, but the dark elements of the Demon Race in the underworld which can give us growth, and they do not exist in your human world. Since we cannot find our real food here, we can only feed on human beings to fill our bellies. But you, at best, can only satisfy the appetite of demons. You are not enough to compare with our real food.”


Demons were not creatures of the human world. They had come to the human world because of the war between Gods and Demons. It was a pity that the passage to the Demon Race’s land had now been closed, and that those who remained on the human’s continent had no place to go. They could only wander on this alien continent and devour the human race which allowed them to continue to live. However, they could no longer have the ability to raise their levels.

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