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Chapter 399

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Shen Yanxiao astonishingly watched the little Phoenix as it clung onto Vermillion Bird’s body, and her mood was very complex.


"Xiu, what is going on?" Shen Yanxiao could only ask Xiu about the little Phoenix’s unusual intimacy towards Vermillion Bird.


Xiu slowly replied, 'When the Phoenix is born, it will treat the first beings that it sees as its own parents. So whenever the little Phoenix is about to break out of the shell, the pair of Phoenix will always be at the Phoenix egg's side to guard it, waiting for their child's birth. In the present situation, the little Phoenix first saw the Vermillion bird after it had been born, so it should be treating the Vermillion Bird as its parent.'


"Vermillion Bird as it parent!?" Shen Yanxiao was completely speechless.


Before, Shen Yanxiao knew that when birds were just born, they would recognize the first creature that they saw as their parents. This was the young bird’s feelings.


But she didn't think that Vermillion Bird's momentary curiosity would coincide with the time when the little Phoenix broke out of its shell, leading the little Phoenix to first see Vermillion Bird and subconsciously treat him as its parent.


The bird chick's feeling was one thing; Vermillion Bird's identity was another thing. If the one standing in front of the little Phoenix was a magical beast with another attribute, she was afraid that the Phoenix still wouldn’t be so sure that the other party was its own parent.


But the problem was, Vermillion Bird himself was a fire magical beast, and also a powerful one no less than the Phoenix itself.


After feeling the constant fire elements from Vermillion Bird's body, the little Phoenix directly treated Vermillion Bird as its own parent the first time it saw him, without any hint of hesitation.


"Don't be ridiculous!" Shen Yanxiao's doubts aroused Vermillion Bird's attention. As soon as he heard that the little furry ball in front of him was treating him as its parent, he immediately exploded!


Though he was a Mythological Beast who had lived for thousands of years, he had always been a loner. Even if he had signed a contract with a human being, he would only meet other magical beasts in battlefield. Also, he didn't have any chance to have intimate contact with other magical beasts.


But now, a young beast unexpectedly thought of himself as its parent. This seriously distorted Vermillion Bird's view of the world!


"Hurry up and let go, or I'll be unkind to you!" as if he had come across a big headache, Vermillion Bird growled at the little furry ball. If not because he was too shocked, Vermillion Bird would have probably already thrown the little furry ball away.


Unfortunately, it was just a young beast who had been born not too long ago who still doesn’t understand Vermillion Bird's words. It only followed its instinct, well-behavedly sticking and rubbing on Vermillion Bird's body. It was completely immersed in happiness as it begged for nourishment of warmth and fire elements.


[Annoying Sky: What a greedy bastard. Just wanting mommy’s warmth and fire XD *I wonder if my statement is still fine? Or is this too R18?*]


The roar it heard for it didn't have any meaning and at best was just a noise.


And what made people even more speechless was that the little Phoenix seemed unsatisfied with Vermillion Bird's arms as it twisted its plump little body and bit by bit climbed up Vermillion Bird's body with the help of his arms.


The little Phoenix's weight wasn't much, but its whole body was soft and fluffy. Its soft thin feathers rubbed Vermillion Bird's arms which gradually extended upward. Vermillion Bird had gotten completely crazy. Unable to deal with the other party anymore, he swung his arms and flung the little fellow who had been clinging on his arm without any trace of politeness out of the nest.

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