The Great Demon System - Chapter 389

Published at 8th of September 2021 02:39:08 AM

Chapter 389: 389

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Even despite her high and mighty demeanour, Avilia's face was visibly stunned at the revelation unveiled to her just now. It was almost more than she could handle… The fact that the angels had been controlling the mortal realm for so long and that her homeland was in all likely hood wiped out was much to bear, and she was once again furious with herself that she no longer had the ability to sense the truth with her own powers… 

Yet, it was all things that were major possibilities, and things that she had already come to terms with long ago. What Rupert just did was confirm her suspicions and make her feel a deeper yearning and dependency for her homeland. 

The problem was how she would be going to combat such an angel force… However, that was for another time, currently, there was something else, a realization bugging her mind. 

"Rupert. Do you think Gluttony is somewhere still out there in the mortal realm?"

"I know not of that my lord… But I would dearly hope so,"

"That Angel that you captured, the one with us… Did you question him at all?"

"No my lord… I simply knocked him out to do a painting… I planned to interrogate who I thought you were and him together…"

"I see…" She nodded.

"My lord… Is—- Is he with you?"

"Of course not! I need to interrogate him myself… But for now, we will have to leave this space… But before we do, I need you not pledge your loyalty to me, but instead your new lord beside me… Moby Kane. For the current me is in no shape to rule over the three realms. In but one year he had reached to this level of strength, so think not bad of him despite him being extremely weak for a demon lord candidate." She ordered, and her voice seeped into Rupert's very soul. 

"I understand! I have no qualms! If you recognize this man and deem him worthy of the throne then so will I! From today onward! I, Rupert Elvrain pledge my loyalty to thee… Moby Kane! For you, and only you, chosen by her majesty lord Avilia herself shall take upon the name of demon lord!" He peered up toward's Moby's solid, unflinching eyes with a deep voice and a heavy heartbeat. It was to the point that Moby could simply feel the sincerity leaking from his voice.

"Rupert Elvrain I take thee as my loyal subordinate. May your loyalty be proven not only in word, but by action too…" He held his hands and touched his shoulders, and he felt a slight tingle on his skin. 

"It is my honour to serve!" He lowered his head gracefully.

"Avilia, I'm sorry to interrupt your reunion, but can we go back to the real world? I have something I want to see…" He asked, and Avilia looked back at him with a matching gaze. 

"Me too…" And with a single snap of her fingers, all faded to black, and soon after did light return and the cold air of the throne room once again covered all. 

Yet, he had no time to take in his surroundings as he immediately reached into his inventory and pulled out a certain book… 

Its black coat was faded in old paper, the cover was hard as steel, yet all that laid within it was endless emptiness. 

However, when he injected it with his demon energy, a different story was revealed… Power, seemingly of unlimited quantities began to trickle in his very soul, and a wonder engulfed all his senses.

The book began to shine within his hands, and a purple, flame-like glow engulfed the pages in thin lines, burning through the very cover like a fuse set on fire. At first, its direction seemed aimless, but that was when he recognized that it was a language he knew yet did not recognize… It was the demon tongue, and it read… 

"The Book Of Resurrection..." Before he even uttered a word, he heard a voice from his side, and he immediately turned around to see a wide-eyed Rupert, crying and shaking like an elderly woman. "Were… How… How did you get it?!"

"My parents, they were probably the two figures who stole the book and the necklace. They weren't angels, they were dragons. I think they stole it knowing that the angels would be after them, so they fled to the mortal realm with it and kept it safe until now."

"I-I— I see…" Rupert's tears increased more as they fled down his face and he crumbled on his knees. "I felt great shame at the time for my transgressions and regretted it for thousands of years… But now that regret has turned into happiness to see it didn't fall in the wrong hands… Where are these parents of yours? I would like to personally apologize…"

"I don't know where they are or if they're alive..." He deeply sighed. "But where ever they are, I'll be certain to continue their legacy… And it all starts with this book…" 

He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and shaking his head before looking down towards the burning book in his hands emanating power as he steeled himself to flip through to the first page… A page that possessed glowing letters, beating like a living heart in what seemed like poetry… And that was when the light exploded off the pages, and energy once again made its way within him.

[ System Alert! ]

[ Oh great demon lord! Your glorious blood has been recognized and approved! ]

[ New skill unlocked! ]

[ Lords Possession ]

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[ New skill unlocked! ]

[ Fragment of Sin | Gluttony | (Lvl 1) ]


A fragment of the energy of Gluttony infused into the book of resurrection from Corvion, the sin of Gluttony and several greater demons in effort to resurrect great demon lord Avilia Graymore.


+150 to all stats

Once per day, rather than blocking an energy-based attack, you can consume it and make it into your own power. 


This is by no means an invincible defence! Not only is the possibility of you being damaged there, but if that attack is too powerful, it can not be absorbed and will lead to death! USE THIS WISELY! IF YOU THINK THAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SURVIVE AN ATTACK THE NORMAL WAY OF TANKING IT! DODGE!


Upon witnessing the notification in front of him. He could almost not believe his eyes once more, for he met even greater shock. 

'A-Avilia… Are you seeing this?'

'Well… Of course I am, I was the one who sent the skill notification. I just finished analyzing this book. I can't believe it… It's the real deal! But, with your current strength, you're only able to learn a single spell from it… That seal your parents put on this book was very potent. It was most likely to hide its presence from the angels, but then they reinforced it for you to reach level 100. It was all planned so the power of the book wouldn't overwhelm you and kill you on the spot… The only problem is that this book is missing a whole lot of pages from the back and it's far from complete, which explains why that shalker had a page too…'

'I— I see… So I've yet to unlock all the powers of the book because of my current strength?'

'Yes,' Avilia nodded from within. 'I think you should be able to unlock a fragment from every sin.'

'Wait, what's this lord's possession thing though?' Moby wondered. 

'Oh,' He heard a chuckle from within. 

'Give me something small and fluffy and I'll be sure to show you! I'm so excited! It'll be a surprise! But in the meantime, we should go check up on that Artorias fellow. What I got from Rupert is outdated, but I think he'll be able to provide more clearance...'

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