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Chapter 50: 50

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Daejeon Battle (5)

Benson didn't normally trust the word karma.

Even after doing all sorts of crazy things, thanks to my father, who was a knight, I was able to walk on a solid road and became a knight of Barco, a powerful person in the northeast area.

That's why I was so proud to be a knight.

The common people enjoy a power that cannot be surpassed, and he did his best for Barco, the subject of power.

What you did to Kevin.

It was an expression of excessive loyalty.

Unable to suppress the rising self-esteem and ridicule the opponent, I did not know that it would return to such a result.

'Is this karma?'

It was dark before my eyes.

He has a lot of experience meeting Roman Dmitry while serving Anthony Barco.

Although the image was reversed due to the events of Blood Fang, Benson did not believe the rumors.

In fact, it was a reasonable decision.

Roman Dmitry, who saw and experienced with his own eyes, was like a nerd, so he thought it was okay to cross the line.

But the reality was different.

Roman Dmitry.

He cut down Homer.

Watching the blood spurt, Benson's body grew goosebumps even though he wasn't fighting it himself.

'I made a really big mistake.'


If only I had known the true face of Roman.

Benson would never have touched Kevin, and he would have somehow tried to stick with Dmitry and not Barco.

But the water spilled.

His life as a knight of Barco caught his ankle, and what he acted as an unarmed man came back as a boomerang.

Viscount Barco's order to step forward as the last great warrior.

Knowing that he could not refuse, he walked out with a face pale as a death row prisoner.


people's gaze.

didn't look up

Rather than cheering Barco's knight, he seemed to think of Benson as a corpse.

"I am Barco's Benson."

He struggled to hold back his trembling voice.

What kind of master will come out?

I heard that Lawrence has a two-star swordsman, and the moment he comes out, he will not be able to avoid death.

'Oh God. Please, save me just once.'

That was then.

A figure walked out of Lawrence's camp.

familiar face.

dwarf physique.

Benson couldn't hold back the burst of laughter for a moment.

'Maybe that guy was my opponent?'

It was clear.

A boy soldier who was beaten in the face by himself.

Seeing that guy as a great warrior and stepping forward, Benson looked up at the sky and clenched his fists.

'God, thank you very much.'

he thought

that he lived

In his eyes, Kevin looked like an indulgence.

* * *


The final battle has begun.

Benson was completely relaxed.

Although the flag signaled the start of the confrontation, he showed a relaxed attitude rather than rushing right away.

"At first, I doubted my eyes. No matter how much the battle was decided, I didn't know that I would send a guy like you out as the last great warrior.



One corner of his mouth went up, and he could hardly hide his joy.

"Well, you must have wanted revenge. But whether voluntarily or unintentionally. You have now been abandoned by your master. think about it If you are the one who has the authority to command, would you let me go as the last fighter? Of course not! This means that you are of little use, and from the moment you accept the order, your future is decided."


picked up a sword

Even then, Kevin watched Benson silently.

She spread her legs a reasonable distance, and pointed the tip of her sword at Benson with sharp eyes.

"You cheeky bastard."

Is it because of the relief of being alive?

Belatedly, my self-esteem was hurt.

Benson slammed the ground with a ferocious face when he saw that bastard blinking his eyes to try and beat him.



Benson's movements were slow.

Because the previous two confrontations were so different, it didn't seem that fast to people's eyes.

Still, no one doubted Benson's victory.

Benson's opponent, Kevin, was dwarfed enough to know that he was a child soldier at first glance, while Benson's physique completely overwhelms his opponent.

Obvious power difference.

As Benson swung his sword with a heavy movement, Kevin turned his head slightly and dug into the opponent's arms.


blood splashed

A blood line appeared on Kevin's cheek, but Kevin didn't mind it, and aimed at Benson's chin, thrusting his sword from the bottom up.

The area under the chin cannot be protected by armor. It was a threatening attack.

Benson raised his arm to block the sword, and at the same time smacked Kevin's stomach with his other arm.



Kevin's attack was blocked.

He could not penetrate the black steel without using an aura, and his expression was slightly distorted by the attack that hit his abdomen.


didn't step back.

Without a single moan, Kevin swung his sword toward the opponent's gap once more, as if he had nothing to do with the pain in his stomach.

The speed of the sword was faster than expected.

The muscles that had been trained by farming and chores exerted their strength, and the link between the armour's forearm and torso was cut precisely.



Benson swallowed a groan.

unexpected counterattack.

Benson just slammed into the opponent's body.

Kevin bounced back, and as he was rolling on the floor, he jumped right in and slashed his sword from top to bottom.



It was a brief difference.

Kevin quickly evaded, smashing into the black ground, and Kevin jumped up and closed the distance with Benson.

It looked like he did not allow the distance to the point of being tenacious.

Kevin and Benson. As there is a physical difference between a boy and an adult, the attack distance between the two is significantly different.

Kevin instinctively knew that he had to stick with his opponent, and he never lost his focus, even though his face was cut and he was thrown to the ground.



The sword and the sword collided mindlessly.

Obviously, Benson overwhelms his opponents with a physical advantage, but there is no decisive scene.

"This bastard!"

Benson's face flushed red.

My self-esteem was hurt.

The opponent is a boy soldier.

In the case where he got the title of knight by taking the elite course, Kevin is a guy whose origins are unknown.

But still can't finish it.

My stomach was boiling.

I usually try to finish it after playing in moderation, but I changed my mind when I saw Kevin's eyes full of poison.

'Unconditionally kill.'

I changed my mind.

even if it hurts a little.

I wanted to punish a guy who didn't even know the subject.



Kevin tilted his head as Benson swung his sword with all his might.

The moment when the chatter cools down.

Benson rushed forward.

In a position that gave up the defense to some extent, he launched a series of attacks like a storm, and Kevin retreated back and forth to block the opponent's attack.

Each time the attack exploded, Kevin's body staggered.

Even if he blocked the shock from the sword, it didn't stop him, and Benson's attack pushed Kevin out to the place where there were people.

It was a match with clear results.

Benson's victory.

Other results could not be expected.

The physical difference was overwhelming, and he couldn't grow enough to defeat a knight in just one or two months.


" !"

Kevin's arm bounced off.

Couldn't stand the opponent's strength.

Benson seized the opportunity and did his best to launch a follow-up attack.


A sword that cuts the wind.

It was a desperate crisis.

Seeing Kevin try to attack together, Benson decided to give up his heart and finish this way.

'Anyway, a sword like that can't pierce my armor.'

a battle of innocence.

The presence of armor cannot be ignored.

Just before Benson's sword cuts through Kevin.

In an instant, Benson's eyes widened.



A sword that rises red.

Kevin's sword cut through Benson's armor, and dozens of drops of blood splashed in front of Benson's eyes.

Roman had said

A ghost magician is a way to grow faster than any other method at the cost of pain and sacrifice.

That was right.

From the day he cut off his own arm.

A ghost magician took a seat in Kevin's mind.

-Kill, kill, kill!

- That bastard is hurting you right now!

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- Get revenge now!

The ghost magician's selves were chattering.

It was a hallucination.

The master of a ghost magician who doesn't exist and confuses the mind.

Kevin looked at Benson with his eyes burning red.

The physical pain was nothing.

Even if Benson's gigantic fist hit his stomach, it was nothing compared to the pain of cutting off his arm.


He suppressed the pain and narrowed the distance with the opponent.


-be careful!

instinct said.

The opponent will swing the sword from top to bottom.

Kevin believed the ghost magician's words, and avoided the opponent's attack with only a short delay.

Benson's sword passed fiercely in front of his eyes.

In a situation where he could die in the slightest of distraction, Kevin felt alive.

'I want to be a useful sword for my master.'

Chris was chosen as a fighter.

He felt envious of Kevin when he saw the confident remark that he could beat a 3-star knight.

he was first

I made up my mind to follow Roman before Chris, but I was angry at the fact that I couldn't get the middle ground due to the difference in talent.

His family received favor from Roman.

But what on earth is he doing for Roman?

As Chris had shown, he wanted to earn Roman's trust and carry out his orders, but all he had to do was see Benson insulting Roman and be beaten quietly.

You could call it a feeling of inferiority.

It could be too much loyalty.

Kevin wanted revenge.

He wanted to rip off Benson's mouth for insulting Roman and prove that he was also a useful sword.

That was then.


Benson's attack.

The opponent was certain of victory.

He believed that he could win in return for his heart, and that was a mistake he made because he didn't get to know Kevin properly.

'Ghost Magician.'


-Kill it!

a bit of mana.

A red energy arose from the sword.

It was still a power that could only be used for a fleeting time, but it certainly had the power to tear steel apart.


cut the armor

The skin on the other side was also cut, and red drops of blood splattered into his eyes.

" !"

Benson's bewildered face appeared.

He contorted his expression in excruciating pain, but he hurriedly swung his sword towards Kevin in order to live.

did not avoid

The flesh of the shoulder blade was torn off.

Benson's sword raged his feeble body at once, but in return his chest was completely opened.

Kevin runs away.

Although the flesh on the shoulder blades were torn more horribly with each movement, Kevin could only see Benson's wounds.

There was a time when I was terrified of even a slight cut on my finger.

The child who lived with the love of his parents grew up completely differently due to the storms of life.

Kevin's expression turned into a ferocious one.

For a moment, Benson's eyes met.

The moment he ignored Kevin and his face turned to fear, he poked the wound without hesitation.



Benson screamed.

Now there was no power to use mana.

He had to fight only with physical strength, and Kevin got on top of Benson's collapsed posture and crushed his upper body.

Then he grabbed the blade directly and slashed the opponent's wounds without stopping.

His hand was cut and he was in pain, but he was only concerned with killing his opponent.

Whoops! Whoops!



Every time the knife was pulled out, blood spattered.

Benson, who was complaining of pain while biting blood bubbles, struggled to live by pushing Kevin with his blood-stained hands.

But that was it.

His pathetic hand couldn't stop it.

Even if his opponent stabbed him in the eye and ripped off his head, Kevin continued to attack by cutting through his wounds to the end.

Benson's body shook.

There was no further resistance.

And then, after stabbing the wound several times, Kevin gasped and lifted his head.

"Hey, heck."

Benson's condition.

It was so miserable that it could not be seen as a human body.

last fight.

The winner was Kevin.

Everyone held their breath.

Kevin's appearance.

It was like a demon.

Even though it was a fight that had to kill the opponent, some of them shut their mouths in their cruel hands.

Kevin staggered and stood up.

His face was stained with blood.

Blood was dripping from his torn shoulder, but he moved on as if nothing was wrong with the wound.

Everyone's attention was focused.

One hard step at a time.

People's eyes followed.

how far did you walk

Kevin arrived in front of Roman.

As Roman looked down at him, Kevin looked up at him like a child wishing for praise.

I'm home.

at that word.

Roman rewarded Kevin.

"You worked hard, Kevin."

That alone was enough.

Kevin smiled brightly as if he had won the whole world.

The fight is over.

The battle between Lawrence and Barco.

People all said that Barco would win, but the result was enough to shock the Cairo kingdom.

3 out of 3 wins.

Lawrence's victory.

And at the center of it was Roman Dmitry.
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