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Chapter 385: 385

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Chapter 385: Lonely Lonely Lonely

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—— [He kissed her hand! That’s as good as kissing!!]


—— [Hey, to that person who posted that comment, isn’t that a little overboard?]

—— [Hahaha, Xiao Naofu’s expression is hilarious shockedcat.jpg]


Even Xiang Yi was dumbfounded.

The most calm one was undoubtedly Shi Sui.


His long and narrow eyes curved up gleefully, but he said righteously, “Xiang Yi, you’re taking advantage of Xiao Naofu so openly, you’re going to prevent him from getting a girlfriend.”

Xiang Yi was speechless.

Xiao Naofu: ….!

The netizens were dumbfounded!

The corners of Li Jianyu’s mouth twitched. ‘Shi Sui, Xiao Naofu and Little Xiji may not be human, but you’re really such a dog!’

Ruan Qing smiled, seemingly having seen through something.

Xiang Yi took several seconds to react. She then retreated slightly and pulled away from the back of his hand.

She asked softly, “What about you?”

Shi Sui chuckled and asked, “Are you despising me now?”

“No, I’m not. Don’t spout nonsense…”

Shi Sui started to sigh. “Actually, I think that man makes sense. No one wants a dirty boy…”

Xiang Yi panicked, and she exclaimed anxiously, “No! Don’t listen to his nonsense! You don’t have to take to heart the words of a detestable person! You’re the little kid that nobody wants!”

She frowned, and Shi Sui teased, “I’m a few years older than you, and you still dare to call me little kid?”

Xiang Yi said, “…Big kid.”


Their interaction made countless netizens guffaw.

—— [I’m a singleton and I’m crying tears of envy, I’m so lonely, I’m so lonely, so lonely…]

—— [It always seems like Shi Sui is trying to say, ‘If I lose my chastity, you have to be responsible for me.]

—— [Xiang Yi is such a silly girl. This dog of a man is tricking you! Why are you so sweet and silly in front of him?!]

Xiao Naofu was so furious that it started meowing while trying to scratch Shi Sui. However, it was afraid of being taken to the neuter and thus, barked at him incompetently again.

Little Xiji’s eyes were full of tears as it curled its tail and pulled Xiao Naofu toward him.


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Fortunately, the kennel was large enough and Xiao Naofu was tiny. Hence, it wasn’t too cramped for the both of them.

Xiao Naofu was angry and aggrieved as it tried to scratch at the soft and tender kennel.

Little Xiji licked its fur patiently, but Xiao Naofu stomped its head with its feet twice.

Xiang Yi began to realize that there was some ambiguity in their conversation, and the ambiance was getting strange too.

She looked at the clock on the wall and coughed gently. “It’s 8 pm, why don’t we watch some TV?”

Shi Sui always listened to her, and this time it was no exception either. “Sure.”

The netizens watching the livestream: Is there such a way to do things too?

‘I was watching a livestream in a livestream previously, but now I’m watching a variety show in a variety show???’


Xiang Yi proceeded to switch on the TV, while her grandparents, Zhong Yi, and Jiangjiang came over one after another.

The opening credits were a cartoon version of Xiang Yi planting flowers and vegetables, fishing, and catching pigs. Jiangjiang kept her eyes fixed onto the screen. “Wow!”

The crew froze in shock for a moment, and he finally realized that Xiang Yi’s thoughtless act was actually good publicity!

They have such a high traffic on the livestream, there’s no point in using it!

Hence, Li Jianyu frantically began to advertise, “Friends and viewers, please stay tuned to Two Under One Roof of Nancheng TV. Those who have a TV, please show your support, those who don’t have a TV, you can download the Nancheng TV app!”


As they were speaking, the show began.

Although countless netizens were teasing Li Jianyu, they nevertheless switched on the television or downloaded the app.

The program team of “Eating Well for All Three Meals” made them almost pass out!

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