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Chapter 386: 386

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Chapter 386: Breakthrough In Ratings

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‘Why didn’t we think of such a simple and effective marketing method?!’


The director of Muyao TV sent a voice message and flew into a rage. “Are all of you pigs? You can’t even think of that!!”


The others were yelling in agony.

Before Ruan Qing left, she had actually done the job of several people and made great progress.


Once she left, it would be no exaggeration to say that the planning department and the publicity department all seemed to be half paralyzed without a leader. Their work efficiency also became extremely low.


They only started to regret now.

‘How great would it be if Ruan Qing didn’t leave?’

‘We can let her take over these jobs.’


‘We can push the blame to her too.’


On the other hand…

Xiang Yi began to get uneasy after watching the opening.

She hadn’t seen much of “Two Under One Roof”, but in hindsight, she realized that she didn’t quite have a good sense of the camera in the first episode…

When she was sulking, she looked a little daft.

“How about we switch to another channel?” Xiang Yi said with a serious look. “Let’s watch some news and find out what’s going on in the country.”


Old Mrs. Xiang said, “This is so nice to watch! Bunny is on TV, wonderful! I want to share it with my friends!”

Xiang Yin said, “Obey your Grandma.”

Xiang Yi coughed and said, “Okay.”

The netizens were appalled.

—— [Hahaha large public execution site]

—— [Xiang Yi, did you grow up eating cuteness?!]

—— [So her grandmother is the person with the highest status in the family!]

The first episode, which was edited by Li Jianyu himself, was titled ‘The Value of Life Is in Knowing Oneself’.

There were two main character relationships, one of which was between Shi Sui and Director Yan. Director Yan was both the person he nurtured and his close friend. When the pair of close friends reunited, there was a heartwarming scene where they chatted and reminisced about the past. Several old songs were also selected to be the soundtracks in the background, which put the audience in a comfortable ambiance and reminded them of their close friends.

The other was between Xiang Yi and Yan Nai, who was hostile to Xiang Yi at first, but Yan Nai soon vividly showed what true joy was! This storyline was a lot more interesting and the scene of Xiang Yi helping the father and son reconcile was very influential.


Although they revolved around daily life, the pace of the clip was fast so even after an hour and a half, the show left the audience longing for more.


‘This variety show is too enjoyable!’

‘What? The second episode can only be broadcast next week?

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Many people pounded their chests, only to learn that this is actually a livestream show, and for a while, there was a bunch of new viewers!

In the small director’s room with various equipment and instruments…

Li Jianyu and others refreshed the number of views of the online version.

160 million!


The program team was shocked speechless!

‘We’ve shot to fame! That’s the number that only a famous show will reach!’

Soon, Ruan Qing went out to take a call and when she returned, she answered composedly, “The ratings are out.”

“What’s the number?” Li Jianyu was the first to ask, but he grabbed his hair again.” Ahhhhh, don’t say it! I dare not listen!”

Although the numbers of the online version were ideal, he would still feel dejected in case the ratings were too low.

Ruan Qing smiled and said, “It’s indeed an incredible number.”

“I don’t want to listen to it, I don’t want to listen!”

Ruan Qing didn’t bother to pay attention to him and exclaimed to the crowd, “The average rating is 2.18, the highest rating is 2.46!”

All of a sudden, the small room was full of cheers.


Muyao TV also received the information.

Yesterday’s premiere of “Eating Well for All Three Meals” had the highest rating of 1.8 when the livestream started, but the average rating dropped to about 1.6 later on.

On the other hand, the ratings of “Two Under One Roof” exceeded 2!

That was akin to rubbing them on the ground!


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