The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 869

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Chapter 869: Chapter 869 - Federation of Light, Do You Think I“m Invisible?

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Chapter 869 Federation of Light, Do You Think I“m Invisible?

Their spaceships left the Star Pupil Holy Race territory and met up together with the dynasty’s fleet before disappearing into space.

The dynasty emissary turned around to look at the two beside him and smiled.

“Psyker has been extremely cooperative, and the mission has been a success.”

Heber waved his hands with an expressionless face to indicate that this was a small matter.

He was also able to increase his prestige by flaunting his might before another Beyond Grade A. Furthermore, since the Star Pupil Holy Race had agreed to apologize and pay compensation, this matter would definitely be recorded in history, and his name would be included. This was a pretty good reward for him.

“Psyker lost big this time. He will probably remain stagnant for a long time.” Han Xiao smiled.

With the hidden trouble of the Evolution Cube gone, he was in a good mood.

“That’s right. Psyker will have to deal with the aftermath of this event and the other competing Star Cluster Civilizations. He will have to remain low profile for the next few decades for sure,” the dynasty emissary added. “I have to report my success to Zoel. Your Excellencies, let’s say goodbye here.”

Heber and Han Xiao nodded. After recording the number of this emissary, they both returned to their spaceships and left.

“I will also be leaving.” Heber sent Han Xiao a message before leaving with his Bloodshed Land troops. He was prepared to return to the Flickering World and overlook the exploration mission.

The wedge between them had not been resolved, and it would be difficult for them to have a good relationship. But after experiencing this incident together, the relationship between the allies of the dynasty had improved.

Han Xiao put his communicator away and ordered Phillip, “Return to the Black Star Army headquarters.”

“Roger, hum…”

The Black Star Army battleship then sped up and entered warp-speed hyperdrive.

It was time to handle the Evolution Cube slots that he had promised the civilizations in the Shattered Star Ring. The dynasty would also send a batch of new elites for the Evolution Cube. Han Xiao was planning to take care of these matters before continuing the exploration of the Flickering World.

The influence of this event was truly large, and he had a battle record of capturing another Beyond Grade A. His personal prestige was increased to the next level, and for a long period of time, there should not be anyone making trouble for him. This should continue until the end of Version 3.0.

The only hidden trouble that worried him was EsGod.

The space coordinates of the World Tree Civilization were like a time bomb. An advanced civilization who grasped the coordinates would know how to test waters and protect themselves. However, it was impossible to predict what someone like EsGod would do.

It was a pity that EsGod managed to receive the evolution energy this round and become stronger. Without finding some companions, it would be truly difficult to deal with EsGod.

To the Crimson Dynasty, the Arcane Church was their true competitor that they needed to pay close attention to. They would only deal with EsGod after reaching an agreement with each other.

It was not easy to deal with EsGod. If they sent too few experts, they would not be able to win. If they sent too many experts, the other party would just escape. The dynasty had tried to deal with EsGod many times before but were not able to kill him. This time, they probably only intended to get rid of EsGod’s comrades.

Furthermore, the intelligence of the dynasty showed that EsGod had left the Star Field through a wormhole, and his whereabouts were currently unknown. Thus, it was pointless to think about dealing with EsGod at this moment.

Han Xiao decided to wait for the experience penalty period to be over before increasing his level. He would only have a greater chance of success if he could increase his strength.

“There is less than half a year until the penalty is over…”

Han Xiao greatly anticipated that moment.

A few days later, Psyker finally appeared publicly within his race and called for a press conference.

With the recent rumors, the citizens of the Star Pupil Holy Race were extremely anxious, and they all stayed in front of the television to watch the news.

Time seemed to pass extremely slowly.

It was finally the time for the life broadcast, and everyone felt their heart tighten up.

Psyker’s figure appeared on the screen, and he said with a solemn voice, “Citizens of the Star Pupil Holy Race, my colleagues of the government, I am Psyker. I shall give an official explanation regarding the recent storm…

“In the past few months, news about me has been spreading throughout the universe.

“First, I have to express my deepest apology to everyone. It was because of a mistake that resulted in me being trapped in a dilemma and dragging the race down. I am guilty and embarrassed by this, but a mistake is a mistake, and I shall not defend myself.

“A few days ago, the Crimson Dynasty paid a visit and sought an explanation from me. I did not escape like the rumors on the net but rushed back immediately to negotiate with the Crimson Dynasty’s emissary. Both parties have already arrived at an initial agreement.

“On behalf of the Star Pupil Holy Race and myself, I will apologize to the Crimson Dynasty for the recent event and adhere to the compensation terms as follows…”

Psyker then read out a list of compensation terms before continuing.

“I also apologize sincerely to the victim Black Star and am willing to give compensation because of this event.

“There is a fact that cannot be avoided. The Evolution Cube is the item of another civilization and not one that belongs solely to the Star Pupil Holy Race. Because of some unexpected reasons, we lost the Evolution Cube, and the one who should be blamed is EsGod, not Black Star. We have already enjoyed the benefits of the Evolution Cube. I will let go of all rights to the Evolution Cube here and transfer it to Black Star as compensation.

“My citizens, our Star Pupil Holy Race has experienced phenomenal economic, cultural, and other forms of achievements. We have fallen into a valley, but there will always be new opportunities to greet us after every calamity. I hope that everyone will continue working together and maintain your optimism to go through this tough period together.

“I hope that everyone can understand our choice and not forget our humiliation today.

“Finally, I wish everyone a happy life.”

As his speech was finished, the screen darkened.

An intense eruption exploded from every corner of the Star Pupil Holy Race.

Many individuals were thoroughly shocked by the press conference!

A civilization had to give in publicly and even pay compensation. They could not help but feel a sense of humiliation.

Furthermore, this disaster was a result of Psyker’s mistake, and the entire race had been dragged down by him.

Furthermore, Psyker had even openly abandoned their national treasure and given it to the demon Black Star?

The way they saw it, this was akin to them giving away the Evolution Cube because they were not able to snatch it back!

Such humiliation!

The press conference immediately created a huge sensation, and every corner of the Star Pupil Holy Race was filled with curses toward Psyker. The prestige that he had built up over the many years had gone down the drain, with some even calling him a disgrace to their race.

All the close aides of Psyker stood before him with ugly expressions.

“Your Excellency Psyker, should we really not control the negative public opinion on the web?”

Psyker shook his head and said, “That isn’t necessary. The citizens need an avenue to vent the humiliation and anger in their hearts. When they are done venting it, they will remember the contributions that I have made, and we can guide the public opinion back in the right direction subtly when the time comes.”

“This isn’t beneficial to your prestige,” someone said with concern.

“There will definitely be a rebound effect when it reaches the peak.” Psyker sighed. “Regardless of worship or hatred, it will definitely slide in the other direction when it reaches the peak. When public opinion reaches the peak, there will be more and more people speaking up for me. That will be far more effective than trying to manage the situation now.”

“Is this really good?”

“There isn’t anything bad about it.” Psyker let out a long sigh. “My previous contributions cannot be an excuse for my mistake. The greater my radiance, the greater the shadow. My mistakes have naturally been highlighted. I do not want everyone to praise my good deeds. This humiliation will be motivation for our citizens.”

“We are only afraid that you will be disappointed in us,” one of his aides said.

Psyker was the leader of the Star Pupil Holy Race, but after becoming a Beyond Grade A, Psyker himself was no longer part of the Star Pupil Holy Race. This was a shadow in the hearts of many.

“Don’t worry. I will never forget my mother clan.”

Psyker shook his head. As a Beyond Grade A, his ideals would not be so easily shaken.

“The world is complicated, and I will never judge the world by looking at a small corner of it. The words of a small group cannot represent the entire race. At the very end, all these people will realize that regardless of how they curse, I will still be their leader, and this is something that they are unable to change.

“As for the current storm now…”

As Psyker spoke with a smile, a trace of fatigue could be seen in his eyes.

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“Fire will burn out, and the storm will end eventually. We just need to do our job and wait for it to cease naturally.”

“The Star Pupil Holy Race has given in.”

On the mother planet of the Arcane Church, Psyker’s press conference was displayed in the conference room. The Bishops then fell into a moment of silence.

After a long while, one of the bishops said with a hoarse tone, “This way, the dynasty’s attitude should ease up slightly, right?”

Psyker had cut off his connection to the Evolution Cube and lost the ability to locate it. The Arcane Church had also decided to give up on the Evolution Cube for good.

“How is the discussion with the dynasty coming along?”

“The dynasty only agreed to allow us to ransom Mercer and Dylan. Their price is extremely high.”

“Hmm, pay the ransom for both of them first. This will satisfy the allies who are watching. As for Taylor and Sagman, the dynasty will not allow us to ransom them back too quickly, but our allies will understand.”

“Where is Ninjia?”

“He has already escaped through a secret stargate set up by our spies. He will be back soon.”

“Thankfully, the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter is with him.”

The Bishops then heaved a sigh of relief.

Of the six Beyond Grade As that they had sent out, four had been caught, one did not have anywhere to run, and only one managed to return to the Central Galaxy. Thankfully, the only one who returned was the one with the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter.

The Ten Thousand Deity Scepter was even more important than a Beyond Grade A in the eyes of the upper echelons. New Beyond Grade As would be born over time, but every Universal Treasure was unique.

Not losing the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter was their biggest consolation.

Because the Crimson Dynasty was searching the entire Shattered Star Ring, the spy could only construct the secret stargate in a desolate universe belt near the Shattered Star Ring.

A spaceship was currently rushing toward the stargate with Ninjia inside.

The stargate appeared within his sights, and Ninjia heaved a sigh of relief.

After entering this stargate, he would be able to skip past a few Star Fields and return to the Central Galaxy. After running for his life for such a long time, he could no longer endure such a life.


Right at this moment, the spaceship trembled, and the engine of his spaceship was suddenly turned off.

“What’s going on?”

Ninjia was startled, and he tried to control the spaceship. However, all his orders were completely useless, and the spaceship did not react at all.

The body of the spaceship suddenly shook.


A gigantic pressure crushed down from all directions, and the spaceship was reduced to a pile of scrap metal.


A spherical protective shield then appeared from within the wreckage of the spaceship. Ninjia covered himself with a magical shield and held onto the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter while observing his surroundings carefully.

Could it be that the dynasty had discovered the stargate and set up an ambush‽

Right at this moment, a voice rang in his head.

“It truly wasn’t easy to find you, ‘Divine Spell’ Ninjia. Hand over the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter, and I can let you go.”

As the voice sounded, the universe around him lit up with the light of hyperdrive, and many silhouettes appeared before him, filling the entire region.

Many pairs of expressionless eyes were fixed on Ninjia.

At the very front was a tall figure with his entire body shining with electrical bolts. The engravings on his body showed that this was a mechanical host.

Ninjia’s expression changed abruptly upon seeing the person before him.


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