The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 357

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Chapter 357

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Han Xiao received Herlous' message while in the machinery repair room and was shocked. He quickly turned off the humming equipment around him, and the room instantly quieted down. The smell of red-hot metal drifted through the room.

He knew that the Silvers were an advanced civilization that hailed from a prosperous region of space in the Silver Spirits Sea. They were a member of the Federation of Light along with many other advanced civilizations. They minded their own business, and their region of space was very safe, completely unlike the precarious living environment of the Shattered Star Ring.

The Silvers had a very long history. This kind of space royalty rarely visited a place like the Shattered Star Ring. Yet, they were… travelling there? Han Xiao honestly did not know what tourist attraction in the Shattered Star Ring could have attracted such high-end folks. What would these people, born in the magnificence of their planet-sprawling cities, want to see in the broken streets of the Shattered Star Ring? The danger level there was ten out of ten. Did this group of Silvers travel there for the thrill?

Having their companions kidnapped to become slaves was indeed thrilling.

The Silvers' reproductive capability left much to be desired, so they did not have a very large population. However, they were a species that had evolved to a very high level. To many forces, highly evolved species' DNA was like a treasure cove, filled with the secrets of the species' powerful and ancient bloodline. One of the common things of these space royalties was that they were very rare. The Silvers could be used to net an astronomically high price on the slave market, and this was probably why the scavengers had been willing to take the risk.

"Black Star, the Silvers are willing to pay a hefty sum. They are currently holding a massive recruitment for mercenaries. This is a good opportunity to make money," said Herlous in a deep voice. Herlous had not been doing anything for the few days prior, and he was in a hurry to make money. Thus, he had notified Han Xiao of the news the moment that he heard.

However, Han Xiao shook his head. "The Silvers are indeed quite generous with their reward, but this isn't an assignment we can take on. Large mercenary groups such as the Sky Ring Army will fight tooth and nail to take on the job. We won't even get a chance to compete for it."

"But we should at least try. There has to be a chance."

The mercenary game was full of competition. The large, higher-end mercenary groups could easily get the big jobs. The clients trusted in their reputation and credibility rating. This time was no exception. Only those big-name mercenary groups had gone to answer the Silvers' recruitment posts. Herlous actually knew that what Han Xiao said was very logical, but he would not give up.

Han Xiao remained silent. An event like this was not in his memories. Based on the timelines, this event probably happened during Version 1.0, and all of the players back then had still been rolling around in the dirt on their own beginner planets with no chance to interact with an event in space such as this. There was no news on an event like this even after the players finally went to space. This meant that it was not anything major and was most likely resolved successfully, without the chance to affect the future much.

To a sudden event like this, Han Xiao tended to be more careful. He already had the knowledge of many other Storylines, so should he still take the risk of participating in an unknown Storyline? It was not him being afraid of getting in harm's way or changing the development of the Storyline; he was someone full of the adventurer's spirit and also a stout believer of the man's romance. However, the most pressing task right now was to get stronger, and taking on the Storylines that he knew about was the safest way to achieve that. He did not want to cause any trouble that could be avoided.

"Let me think about it," said Han Xiao.

"Okay. I will be on standby." Herlous nodded. Han Xiao was, after all, the leader of their Mercenary Group. Although he was currently the strongest member among them, he would never let pride cloud his judgement.

After switching off his communicator, Han Xiao turned to inspect the fruits of his labor from the past few days. All the firearms had been replaced with electromagnetic versions. This included pistols, sniper rifles, and assault rifles. The conventional firearms that he was able to produce now were all at least purple gear, with an attack power of around 80 – 140. However, although the electromagnetic weapons that he had created were only of green or blue rarity at best, the damage was at least above 230. The effective range had also been increased by three to five times.

The electromagnetic weapons were much different from the conventional firearms in structure. The inside of the gun barrels consisted of intricate layers of magnetic coils, while the outside was covered by an insulating material that was connected to a bolt. It looked like a long, rectangular box. Every time that the gun fired, the bolt would contract backward before springing back into its original position. As the ammunition for electromagnetic weapons consisted only of singular pieces of metal, there was no need to discard the ammo shells like for conventional firearms, greatly increasing the firing rate. Also, electromagnetic guns had great penetrative power.

A sickle-shaped sword was resting on the workbench to the right. This weapon was nearly two meters in length and looked like the scythe used by the reaper himself. Han Xiao held the scythe, and a burst of energy snaked out from his palm into the handle. The next moment, a blinding ray of electrical light shot out from the handle, and lightning-like patterns could be seen all over the blade of the weapon.

The scythe's blade gave off a faint bluish glow while giving humming noises. Han Xiao casually swung his hand and left a crescent shaped afterimage, with sparks of electricity remaining in the air, as if the air itself had been burned apart. After doing a few more test swings, he pressed hard on the end of the handle, and the blade that was well over a meter long broke off into pieces and reformed into a thick electrical snake. This greatly increased the range of the weapon, and the individual pieces of the blade could reform into all manners of shapes, suitable for all types of melee attacks. Han Xiao nodded in satisfaction and reined in his energy. The black blade instantly shrunk until it was only a forty-centimeter-long baton. It could even be further folded for ease of travel.

[Battle Scythe – Razor's Edge] was a Super equipment and extremely powerful. He had been able to produce this original weapon by combining the blueprint of some sort of mechanical scythe with the Incisor Gloves using the electromagnetic blades theory. This was his own creation and suited his own combat style. It had a more-than-formidable attack power and was going to be his new main melee weapon due to his recent increase in strength.

Other than that, he also gave Amphiptere a major upgrade. The exoskeleton was outfitted with a thick armor, making it look like the armor of a heavily armored knight. The double layer of armor made the suit taller than 3.5 meters. Both the defensive and damage output had been improved. This was his trump card for assaulting heavily fortified positions head on and would not be used all the time.

Han Xiao did not give the new savage-looking exoskeleton a name. However, Amphiptere had basically gained two new modes since its creation. When equipped with the wings, it would be [Amphiptere – Flight Mode], and with the thick layer of armor, it would be [Amphiptere – Siege Mode].

The transport, due to the internal structure being too complicated, was still in production. However, he did manage to synthesize a blueprint for it. It was a transport method that would be able to move in the air, on the ground, and underwater. It was just that the appearance was far different from Han Xiao's ideal.

Basically, it was a big ball…

Han Xiao was able to make a lot of new equipment and tools just by utilizing the basics of the two newly acquired advanced knowledges. However, most of them were add-ons at best, and he still had not made any revolutionary breakthroughs. Based on his current level, the features of the mechanic class that was available to him were early to mid-game.

He was currently already LV 95, a level that had only been attainable for players after Version 3.0 back then. This just went to show how disgustingly difficult the class change requirements were. The abilities that Han Xiao wanted to obtain were the abilities that signified the rise of the mechanics in Version 3.0 as a player class—Instant Assembly and Advanced Compression Technology.

Only by getting those abilities could a Mechanic truly start treading upon the path to become a one-man army.

The release of those abilities would mean that the mechanic players had finally made it out of the early-game. Many kinds of mechanical combat styles were based on the different kinds of Compression Technology.

Due to the increasing weight of the equipment, mobility and ease of carrying became extremely important for items. Like the Godoran equipment, Compression Technology could help mechanics significantly reduce the size of inactive machinery and other equipment. This meant that the number of tools and items that a mechanic player could bring along in battle would increase drastically, and they no longer had to carry along a burdensome bag everywhere. They could instantly raise an iron fortress out of nowhere.

For example, Amphiptere's newest exoskeleton add-on would be able to be folded over and over until it got an easily carriable size. However, it could also go into siege mode whenever needed. Or, the mobile rover turrets that were originally impossible to bring around would be compressed into small cubes that could be chucked into battle to gang on an opponent.

There was a total of three core knowledges for this kind of ability: [Instant Dismantle and Repair], [High-density Material Compression Technology], and [Beginner Spatial Technology]. They were all advanced knowledges.

Unfortunately, these three important knowledges would most definitely not be allowed to circulate around the market in the Shattered Star Ring, and their possession was highly monitored by the large space civilizations.

Frowning, Han Xiao fell into deep thought. These abilities are crucial for a mechanic's growth. Since the markets in the Shattered Star Ring doesn't offer them, the most direct way would be to join a large intergalactic organization and grind their contribution points to exchange them for them. This is the method most players decided to go with in the past.

However, there was another way—leave the Shattered Star Ring and try my luck in another region in space. The even more advanced civilizations don't treat this kind of knowledge with that much importance, and it could be leaked. However, finding them on the market will be completely based on luck, and the chance isn't very high…

After touching his chin, the Great Mechanic Han muttered in a grave voice, "The Silvers are a considerably advanced race. They definitely had access to those three knowledges. If we can get employed by them, then maybe I could try asking for that knowledge in exchange for the job reward. But the chance will also not be that great…"

After thinking for a while, Han Xiao decided that he might as well try. There was nothing wrong with dreaming. The Great Mechanic Han was the kind of person to always buy a lottery ticket. So what if he never won? At least then there would be no regrets.

After sorting out his equipment and paying the fees for using the repair room, he left for the Mercenary Alliance's lobby. There was a sea of people here, and there were many more mercenaries than the usual. They were probably there due to the Silvers' recruitment notice and wanted to try their luck.

Han Xiao switched on the mercenary interface and saw the recruitment post sent out by the Silvers at the very top of the notice board. However, he got a shock immediately after opening up the message.

"Minimum Credibility Points: 400"

400‽ We don't even have half that number. Han Xiao was speechless. What is this? Are my dreams going to be crushed before I can even dream?

"Hey, Black Star!"

Just as he was about to leave, someone suddenly called over to him from the side. Han Xiao turned and saw a gown-wearing blue-skinned shorty sprint over with that short pair of legs of his while running out of breath.

Han Xiao widened his eyes and slapped his forehead as he realized and said, "Hey, uhm, you're that… right? Wait, don't tell me. I almost got it. You're called… called the… Nylon people?"

"It's Blue-Ni!"

Martin was mad, and his nail like hair all grew longer, turning from nails into long metal needles. This was one of the signs that a Blue-Ni was angry.

"What the…" Han Xiao's eyes shook. He was almost feeling sorry for himself that he had to hold back from calling the other person a porcupine.
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