The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 1006

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Chapter 1006: Chapter 1006 - The Hidden Bloody Rule

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1006 The Hidden Bloody Rule

As more and more bosses from various places arrived in the Shattered Star Ring, this Star Field became increasingly boisterous. Each and every Beyond Grade A attracted attention from countless galactic residents and organizations. They could be considered a type of idol.

Other than the things they had done, one of the other important sources of their fame was Wayne Cards. Every one of them had their own set of cards, and there were way too many people who played Wayne Cards in the universe, so they knew these bosses all too well.

On this day, spaceships circled around far away from the Black Star Army headquarters. Most of them were media reporters who had heard about the event, and about ninety percent of all the media reporters in the Shattered Star Ring were there.

The reporters had camped there for many days, witnessing the fleets of Beyond Grade As enter the Black Star Army’s headquarters one after another.

“How many are already here?”

“Twenty-seven! And there are more Beyond Grade As on their way.”

“So many Beyond Grade As gathering, something big is definitely going to happen!”

“Are they planning a coup d’état‽”

They were tempted by curiosity and wished they could rush into the Black Star Army headquarters to uncover the truth.

As soon as the first Beyond Grade A, Ames, arrived, these reporters were all chased out and not allowed to enter the Black Star Army headquarters. They had no choice but to linger outside and watch.

Without their curiosity satisfied, these reporters seemed to have become raging monkeys—they could not sit tight even for a second.

Although the dynasty had leaked some information, it was only ambiguous so that the sense of mystery would still remain. The reason that these Beyond Grade As had gathered in the Black Star Army was not explained so that the outside world would speculate and discuss the topic more.

It was clear that creating this kind of suspense was extremely effective. The Shattered Star Ring had already received a lot of attention from the outside world due to the Flickering World in the first place, and this became the hot topic immediately.

Everyone was filled with doubt.

About eighty percent of all the Beyond Grade As in the entire universe had suddenly gathered, why?

The circle of the Beyond Grade As was too distant for ordinary people. Without any source of inside information, there were too many questions that remained unanswered.

Among which, Black Star was mentioned the most. The interest the entire universe had in Han Xiao increased once again.

Why are all these bosses choosing the Black Star Army as the location to gather?

Why can Black Star summon all of them?

In the past years, Han Xiao had kept a low profile and did not attract much attention. Only recently did he suddenly do something this sensational. Many people wrongly assumed that Black Star had done something secretly over the years that caused his reputation to suddenly skyrocket.

It was not long ago that the Black Star Army acquired a second Beyond Grade A, and now, they were gathering about eighty percent of all the Beyond Grade As in the universe. They were definitely planning to do something big!

Almost everyone thought the same.

At this time, two more fleets arrived with hyperdrive from afar, one in front and one at the back. The exterior armor on the ships had symbols of the Mechanic Emperor and the Void Overlord. It was Manison and Kasuyi’s fleets.

“Quickly, record it!”

“Even Manison and Kasuyi came. Black Star’s face is so valuable!”

The two fleets passed by these media ships and headed toward the Black Star Army’s headquarters. The various reporters quickly recorded this process.

Since they could not enter, the only thing these reporters could do was record the Beyond Grade As who came and waited outside for the news to be announced.

The two fleets flew into the army’s dock. Manison and Kasuyi’s avatars disembarked from their spaceships. The two of them had known each other for a very long time, so they quickly started chatting.

“You’re here too. Looks like the church is also going to give Black Star face this time.” Manison smiled.

“Aren’t people from the federation here too?”

Kasuyi’s tone was calm. His voice sounded ethereal, as if it came from the void.

“The federation is one thing, and me coming is another. My goal here is different,” Manison said with an indifferent tone.

“Drawing the line so clearly, you really aren’t afraid of the federation being unhappy about it.” Kasuyi shook his head. “Then, what’s your goal?”

“Do you remember the last time this many Beyond Grade As gathered?”

“I forgot.”

“I’m thinking the three civilizations have forgotten too, so I’m helping them remember.” Manison’s tone was casual.

Kasuyi paused, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. “This might not be a good thing for us. The more seriously we’re taken, the more we’re feared. If things go wrong, it might be another Tragedy of the Pinnacles.”

“The good and the bad have always coexisted. Although us Beyond Grade As belong to different organizations, we’re all in the same Grade, and we’ve always been separated. Now that we’ve gathered, we’ve attracted the attention of the entire universe. I’m sure that the other Beyond Grade As can see how much power we have together. If we can make use of this power, we can demand and obtain more things,” Manison said slowly.

“You’re still the same, saying the same old things.” Kasuyi’s tone did not express any of his emotions. “The Ancient Ones, the Mechanical Race, the Limitless Financial Group… you have plenty of resources. Sadly… when at your level, you alone aren’t enough anymore. You have no choice but to make use of everyone… So, tell me, what ‘Ones’ are you going to form this time?”

“Just benefitting from each other. I’m not the only one benefitting from it; all the Beyond Grade As stand to gain something. Isn’t that good?” Manison smiled.

“No matter what, you know me. Unless you have a way to help me complete the final God’s Trait Transformation, don’t come to me for something like this.” Kasuyi waved.

Manison did not mind and changed the topic. “Then let’s not talk about this. The void specialties you gave me the last time are quite good. Can you give me more? Come on.”

“Sure, give the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter back first.”

“Are you dreaming?”

While the two of them poked at each other, the dozen or so Beyond Grade As who were waiting at the dock came over. They were mostly Beyond Grade As of the federation and the church.

These people had arrived earlier, but as not everyone had arrived, they were waiting in the army’s headquarters and had already stayed there for some days. Since their ‘bosses’ had arrived, they went out to meet up.

There was only one exception—Sorokin, who stood outside the crow alone with a big smile on his face.

“Why did you come to us?” Manison glanced at him.

“Although this is Black Star’s territory, the two of you are important shareholders in the financial group, so meeting you guys is what I should do.” Sorokin’s tone was sincere.

From the way this sounded to the others, his tone totally sounded like he was trying to bootlick, which suited their impression of Sorokin perfectly.

At this time, Han Xiao walked over and attracted the attention of everyone. He said with a smile, “Welcome to the Black Star Army. Follow me, the rooms are ready.”

“Black Star.” The Beyond Grade As turned around and greeted him, all with complex looks in their eyes.

Some of them had only heard about Black Star and had never met him personally, but after staying in the Black Star Army for the past days, they knew Han Xiao.

Most of the Beyond Grade As there did not actually want to go, and they only went reluctantly because of the order from the upper echelons of the federation and the church.

However, even though they were unwilling, since they were in someone else’s territory, they did not dare act too arrogantly, or they would insult Han Xiao completely. Clearly, enraging a peak Beyond Grade A who was very capable at fighting was highly irrational.

Manison nodded at Han Xiao. “We meet again. if I remember correctly, this should be the second time I’ve come to your territory.”

“Third.” Han Xiao raised his brows. “You forgot the fight.”

“Alright.” Manison shook his head and chuckled. He did not mind.

Ever since that fight, Han Xiao had not made any moves for the next decade or so. Manison had already confirmed that Han Xiao had admitted loss and would not challenge his position again. Therefore, he had no problems with him.

He had already beaten a ton of Mechanics over the years. As long as the opponent admitted their loss, he would not continue to trouble them. He had to maintain his reputation as the main God of the Machinery Faith.

“This is the Void Overlord, Kasuyi. If I remember correctly, this should be the first time the two of you have met.” Manison turned his head and introduced Kasuyi.

“It’s indeed the first time, but I’ve heard a lot about you.” Han Xiao smiled and extended his hand. “I’m honored to meet you, Your Excellency Kasuyi.”

Kasuyi shook Han Xiao’s hand and said, “I’ve been hearing the name Black Star a lot. You’re a legend, too. Meeting you is also my honor. I heard you also have the blood of the Void Race. I think we’ll have a lot of common topics to talk about.”

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After praising each other, Han Xiao guided everyone to their own room. After the federation and the church’s people settled down, Sorokin was the only one left.

“Your Excellency Black Star, it really shocked me how big your face is. So many important people are here.” Sorokin seemed like he was praising Han Xiao sincerely, but it sounded pretentious in Han Xiao’s ears.

Han Xiao curled his lips. “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Impossible! I have business in the Shattered Star Ring too, and you’re the top of this Star Field, so how can I not give you face? I know you have some misunderstandings about me since we have some competition in terms of businesses, but I personally have nothing but respect for you.” Sorokin smiled brightly. “We might even have the chance to work together in the future.”

Han Xiao knew that this guy’s shamelessness could match up to his own, so he was used to it. He tutted and asked, “Didn’t Heber come with you?”

“He said he’s going to come on the last day. Hehe, despite being the nearest to you, he’s trying to object like a kid.” Sorokin sold Heber out immediately.

“Humph, got it.”

Han Xiao waved and left the fake-smiling Sorokin.

Other than those allies who came because of the order from the three Universal Civilizations, everyone else had their own intentions. For example, Sorokin was probably there because he wanted to blend into the crowd, as well as to network with these Beyond Grade As. That old man Manison seemed to have other goals, too…

The Beyond Grade As who were staying at the Black Star Army could be classified into three types—the dynasty’s allies and those who were on his side, like Ames and Austin; the allies of the other two universal civilizations who came because they were ordered to do so; and the Beyond Grade As from the other factions as well as neutral Beyond Grade As, most of them whom had come to socialize.

However, the goals of these people would not impact this event too much, so Han Xiao did not mind.

To Han Xiao, the main focus of this Beyond Grade A gathering was the waiting stage before the official meeting. These Beyond Grade As would be waiting for more than ten days in their rooms, which would create a platform to communicate and socialize. Usually, due to factors such as distance and their respective factions, there were no occasions as public as this to gather so many of them together.

This way, everyone could socialize together, and it would be very convenient for him to find out more about the Beyond Grade As he would be meeting for the first time. Not only him, everyone’s circle would expand by quite a large extent, which would be beneficial to enhancing the relationship inside the entire Beyond Grade A circle.

Han Xiao did not just want to increase his reputation and maintain order within the Star Field; he also wanted the other Beyond Grade As to communicate and socialize. He was providing an opportunity for these people to build a good relationship with each other.

Although Beyond Grade As might have conflicts and grudges against each other, they would have no choice but to become comrades and fight alongside each other when the war of the World Tree erupted. He wanted to do something good in advance.

Furthermore, if the Beyond Grade As maintained the state of disunity, it would also lead to some very dire consequences.

“There were both natural and man-made reasons that led to the Calamity of the Supers, I hope this meeting will cause some changes…”

“Your Excellency President, there are already close to thirty Beyond Grade As who are now living in the Black Star Army’s headquarters. The estimate of the final count is around seventy to eighty.”

On the Federation of Light’s mother planet, Bader listened to the Chief Elder’s report with a frown on his face.

Considering the various factors, he decided to let the federation’s allies attend the meeting. However, he suddenly realized that the power of so many Beyond Grade As gathered in one place was too horrifying. Even though they were just meeting each other, it was still enough to shock the entire universe and stir up storms. The impact of this had exceeded his expectations.

“There are too many Beyond Grade As…”

“That’s right. In a few days’ time, the Black Star Army’s headquarters might be the most dangerous place in the entire universe.” The Chief Elder’s expression did not look good either.

“You misunderstand.” Bader looked up at him. “What I meant was… there are too many Beyond Grade As in the universe.”

The Chief Elder’s expression changed drastically.

Bader stood up, approached the window, and looked out. “The lifespan of a Beyond Grade A is very long. Without any accidents, they would live up to a thousand years, and there are also those Eternal Lives with seemingly endless life spans.

“Even though the chance of a Beyond Grade A appearing is extremely low, compare how long it takes for their life span to run out to how long it takes for a new one to appear—the number of Beyond Grade As in the universe will only keep growing. A hundred… two hundred… One day, sooner or later, there’ll be thousands of them!

“By that time, individual great power… will be uncontrollable!”

The Chief Elder’s expression became extremely serious. “You’re saying… to carry out a new cleansing? Like the Tragedy of the Pinnacles?

Bader shook his head. “The Tragedy of the Pinnacles was just an accident, but it hinted to us how to deal with the problem of Beyond Grade As. Although the number of the Beyond Grade As right now is still controllable, if we don’t plan ahead, the day when the peak of individual power overflows will come sooner or later… Therefore, cleansing the Beyond Grade As is a must. However, I don’t plan to do this during my term.”

The Chief Elder nodded. “Hmm, the Flickering World is very important to the entire universe right now. It isn’t the time for a cleansing.”

If there were too many individuals with extraordinary power that surpassed even logic itself, order would no longer be stable. In his eyes, cleansing the Beyond Grade As had nothing to do with hatred; it was only to maintain the stability of the universe. However, this would definitely cause unrest in the short term. Therefore, it was a hot potato to any leader of the universal civilizations—no one wanted to do such dirty work during their term.

To him, this was like keeping the ecological balance of the universe. This was not eliminating Beyond Grade As but controlling the total number of Beyond Grade As, keeping the ratio of individual power to collective power at a safe standard.

In peaceful times without exterior enemies, the consequences of this ratio being unbalanced would be unpredictable.

This was not his sudden idea. In fact, many years ago, the three Universal Civilizations had developed similar plans privately. However, the Beyond Grade As had never gone out of control, so they had never executed this plan. This was a silent agreement between the three rulers of the universe.

“I wonder if Black Star hosted this meeting because of this too…” Bader thought of Manison’s attitude, paused, and said with a deep voice, “Manison probably guessed the inevitability of the cleanse, so he wanted to gather all the Beyond Grade As to show us their strength. Or is he trying to improve the position of the Beyond Grade As? Tsk… these two crafty guys.”

He had to admit that he did now fear the Beyond Grade As more, but there was no way to start the cleanse now, so the only thing to do was to turn this fear into showing that the Beyond Grade As were more important.

“Black Star, Mechanic Emperor… do you really want to gather the power of the Beyond Grade As?” Bader’s eyes had a deep and unforeseeable look.

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