The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 468

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Chapter 468

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On the spaceship, everyone was doing their own thing. They had already gotten used to this lifestyle over those two months.

Han Xiao went back to his room alone, opened the interface, and rubbed his hands together.

"Four chances, four consecutive draws, don't disappoint me again."

After failing so many times, he was already very calm about it. As a Mechanic, he believed in making up for quality with quantity.

Beep beep beep!

Just as he was about to start using the Random Reward, his communicator suddenly rang. He received a communication.

"Who is it‽"

The ceremonial feeling was interrupted, so a hint of displeasure leaked into Han Xiao's tone.

"It's me, Nereja. Do you still remember me?"

Looking at the Godoran on the screen, Han Xiao recognized him straight away. "Oh, you're that green… ahem, I'm happy to see you. This seems to be the first time you've contacted me since what happened last time. What is this about? Are you hiring me again?"

"No, I'm here to relay a message." Nereja smiled and said, "Do you know someone called Kerlodd? He was my classmate in the Observer Training Class. He contacted me a few days ago and said that his Observer ID was used by someone else, somewhere else, which happened to be near us. I mentioned you when I chatted with him. When he heard your name, his reaction was a little… er, extreme. He seems to want you to pay him back some money."

Han Xiao understood what had happened. He had entered Kerlodd's ID on the system of the missing spaceship. The radiation storm had blocked the signal at that time, but when he brought the system core back to the space station, the people there had naturally checked the logs and noticed that access attempt.

Kerlodd was the Godora Observer who had been sent to investigate Planet Aquamarine and subsequently captured by Han Xiao.

Han Xiao nodded. "Oh, we are very good friends. How's that guy? Send him my regards."

Nereja's expression was a little strange.

"… Are you sure you are friends? He told me to say, 'Black Star, don't use my ID again! When are you going to pay back the money you blackmailed from me? You're already a renowned mercenary. Are you really this petty about a few hundred Enas?'"

"Hehe, he still loves to joke as always," Han Xiao said. "Our friendship was created through life and death. How can that be measured by money?"

Han Xiao had shown mercy to Kerlodd back then and did not take his life. Was that not a friendship created through life and death?

Speaking of which, he had kept his word and let Kerlodd go back then to have a channel of contacting Godora. He did not expect himself to join Floating Dragon Island afterward. Nonetheless, Kerlodd was still useful.

I told Kerlodd to pay attention to the abnormalities on Planet Aquamarine. I wonder if they sent someone else to investigate. Maybe this will lead to changes in the Version 2.0 storyline… Should be good changes, Han Xiao thought.

"Alright, you tell him that I got the message, and I'm not going to pay him back."

"Okay then…" Nereja gave a bitter smile. He suddenly recalled something and said, "By the way, we had a personnel transfer not long ago. The original station chief was transferred away, and the deputy station chief took over the space station. It's really hard to figure out what the higher-ups are thinking. Anyway, it's a good thing. The deputy station chief is much better than the original station chief. The station chief discovered that I was the one who hired you and gave me a penalty, such an awful guy."

Han Xiao raised his brow and said, "The station chief? I don't have a problem with him—he's a good man. On the contrary, the deputy station chief is a very slippery guy. If he did not have a motive, why did he mention an unsolved internal matter to a mercenary that he had just met?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Furthermore, the rescued Observers all rooted for you. Who would expose you? Your opinion of the station chief now means that the deputy station chief's act of transferring him was effective. Nonetheless, a good man might not be a useful man. Even though the deputy station chief did not mean well, without him, your wife and those missing Observers would not have been saved. Hence, seeing the results, maybe you won't regret being used."

Actually, the person that gave out the daily missions that rewarded Interstellar Beast Dungeon Crystals was exactly the deputy station chief who later became the station chief. He ordered the players to deal with some internal affairs and quickly improved his performance. If it was the original station chief, he definitely would not have let outsiders interfere with their internal affairs.

"What you said seems to make some sense. After the station chief was transferred away, the deputy station chief looked very happy."

Nereja was dazed for a moment and looked like he had something on his mind. He then sighed and said, "Sigh, speaking of which, the old station chief only followed the regulations. Although he was a little pedantic, he was once a military officer after all, so it's understandable.

"Anyway, I still like the deputy station chief a little more. If everything was done following the rules, the world would not only have that three Universal Civilizations now, and the war would still be going on. The other civilizations would have no choice but to become vassals, or they would be destroyed by the flames of war…

"Sigh, between hypocrisy and war, I would choose the former, and most people would probably do the same. Although I don't know much, I can guess that the Black Forest Age of the exploration history was definitely hell. The peaceful Galaxy Calendar age now was not achieved with ease…"

"Got it, got it. I have something to do, bye." Han Xiao decisively closed the communication. He opened the interface again and exhaled.

Let's begin…

Beep beep beep!

At this time, the communicator rang again.

Interrupted again, Han Xiao was boiling.

Can't I do my consecutive draws peacefully‽ The luck that I gathered is vanishing!

"Who the hell… oh, Ames, hi, are you well? What is it?"

To Han Xiao's surprise, the alluring and sexy Dragon Emperor appeared on the screen. Ames had never contacted him before, so why did she suddenly call him?

"Black Star, I need you." Ames' expression was a little strange.

Han Xiao's mouth twitched. "Pardon me, but what kind of need are you talking about?"

"I found my teacher's whereabouts. He came to the Shattered Star Ring. Black Star, you saw what he looked like personally. Accompany me to look for him." Ames' tone was assertive.

"Okay…" Han Xiao held his forehead. "When?"

"As soon as possible. I will immediately notify you when I return to the Shattered Star Ring."

"Are you not on Floating Dragon Island now?"

"I went to the Federation of Light's mother planet for sightseeing," Ames said.

The Great Mechanic Han was speechless.

"Alright," Han Xiao said, "where's your teacher now?"

"Someone said that he appeared on Noriosse some time ago. Go there to take a look first before I return."

Han Xiao nodded without panicking. Although him seeing the Dragon Emperor's teacher before was a lie, he did indeed know who the Dragon Emperor's teacher was. He was not afraid of not being to recognize that person.

After hanging up the communication, Han Xiao massaged his temple and opened the interface for the third time.

"Let's do this quickly, I have a feeling I'm not in luck again… no one will find me again I hope."

After being interrupted twice, Han Xiao's excitement was gone. He stared at the interface with an expressionless face.



Randomization Complete.

Your Random Reward Type is: [Ability]


Han Xiao glanced through and chose the most useful option between the three options. A Cannon Master ability, [Locked Shot]. Its effect was that the next shot would definitely hit with an addition 10 – 18% of critical damage.

Han Xiao's face was calm. He did not stop and immediately started to draw the second Random Reward.

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Randomization Complete.

Your Random Reward Type is: [Item]


Han Xiao's eyes sparkled. "It's here, a chance!"


Please select one from the three reward below:

Gene Awakening Elixir (Luxurious Version): If the user has no Main Class, using this has a chance to turn the user into an Esper.

Double Experience Card: Doubles the experience gained through killing monsters and doing missions. Lasts for 6 days.

Ability Enhancement Card: 70% chance to enhance an ability when used, amplifying its basic effects. 20% chance to mutate the ability into a similar but stronger new ability.


"Two cards but no Mission Completion Card." Han Xiao felt his chest was hurting.

Comparatively, the Ability Enhancement Card was somewhat useful to him, but Han Xiao was still frustrated over not getting what he wanted.

Without a doubt, the Gene Awakening Elixir was trash, and he did not need the Double Experience Card, so he chose the Ability Enhancement Card straight away.

"I feel lucky! Third time's the charm!"

Han Xiao felt hopeful as he activated another Random Reward.



Randomization Complete.

Your Random Reward Type is: [Experience]



"Great, very great. I'm in dire need of experience. What good timing…" Han Xiao clapped. Then he smashed his head on the table, clenched his teeth, and yelled, "As if!"

He had always thought that, of all the reward types, experience was the most useless one.

He picked the highest option of 2,000,000 experience and activated the last Random Reward despairingly.



Randomization Complete.

Your Random Reward Type is: [Item]


Medium Experience Crystal (x8): Grants 100,000 – 1,000,000 experience after using.

Blazing Battle Aura (Cosmetic): When equipped, grants special light effects when moving. Being strong is a matter of version; being cool is for life.

Mission Completion Card (x2): Marks one mission as complete and receive rewards equivalent to the lowest grade.


Han Xiao exhaled deeply and closed his eyes with satisfaction and fulfillment.

"Finally… I finally got it…"


The next second, he jumped up and slammed his palm on the metal table, leaving an imprint.

"Consecutive draw is the best in the world!"
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