The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 500

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Chapter 500

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At the same time, a few hundred kilometers away, Ember was still chasing after Alvin, and this chase had been going on for more than ten minutes. Both parties were already far away from the main battlefield where Han Xiao and the others were, and they were about to arrive at the Teleportation Mage's location.

After Anur's death, the situation on the battlefield had turned around completely, and the DarkStar warriors had become the prey that was being hunted. None of them had a chance to send any messages, so Ember was unaware of what was happening on the battlefield. In his mind, Anur was definitely still toying with those bothersome mercenaries.

He was not worried about Anur's safety at all. When he entered DarkStar at a young age, Anur had already been a Calamity Grade Super in the organization. He had received Anur's training from a young age and was extremely clear on how powerful his teacher was.

Since Anur had taken the initiative to stay behind and delay the enemies, he definitely had absolute confidence in himself. While his teacher had recently been disappointed by his failures, these little details were not important, and Ember had full confidence in Anur. With Nagakin's speed, Nagakin would not even be able to catch the edge of his teacher's clothes. How could his teacher possibly lose?

Even if he could not win, running definitely would not be a problem for his teacher.

Not sending any news meant that everything was in his grasp and that there was nothing to inform him of.

In order to prevent himself from being too eye catching, Ember dispersed the gigantic black cloud and only let the carbon particles revolve around him. Alvin's aircraft was still escaping, and there was still some distance between the two.

Alvin looked back and said with a face full of sweat, "We will arrive soon. When we stop, we will only have ten seconds or so before he catches up. If we cannot complete the teleportation within this time, we will be dead."

Aroshia looked at Alvin, and after thinking for a while, she corrected, "Not us, only you will die."

"Thank you for the reminder…" Alvin gnashed his teeth.

How infuriating!

The shop of the Teleportation Mage was already in sight. Aroshia seemed to have thought of something and said, "Right, after beating him up the last time, he may have shifted away from here."

"…" Alvin.


The aircraft performed an emergency brake and crashed head on into the wall of a bookshop. A large hole was immediately created in the front of the bookshop, and the shelves along the way were all destroyed. Torn up paper exploded into the air like fireworks and drifted down like snow.

Both of them jumped out of the aircraft halfway and landed in the destroyed bookshop. They did not have the time to park the aircraft properly before knocking on the door.

The counter by the door was also sent flying, and Yi Xuan was currently leaning back on a chair, reading a book. He stared at the scene before him in a complete daze and had a look of complete confusion on his face.

My shop is destroyed‽

Aroshia pointed at Yi Xuan. "He's the one."

"Thankfully, he's still here." Alvin heaved a sigh of relief. He then raised his head up to look at the large hole. "At least it's very airy now."

Yi Xuan looked at Aroshia and said, "I recognize you. You were with the mercenary who beat me up the last time."

"I need your help. Please send us to the northern port quickly. Money isn't a problem." Alvin did not dare delay and immediately stated his intention.

Yi Xuan fell into a daze and looked down at the shredded paper all over the floor. He finally reacted to the situation and felt a sharp pain throughout his entire body. The book in his hands slipped and fell to the ground. It was as though there was a dagger being plunged into his heart. He felt that even breathing was becoming difficult, and he cried out in despair.

"My treasured collection!"

Alvin was getting anxious. This was not the time for him to bother about those broken books, and he pressed, "We are currently being chased by someone who belongs to DarkStar, and he won't even blink when killing. If you don't leave together with us, he will also kill you. We are Godorans and will give you a high fee for your services. Furthermore, we will also compensate for your losses. We are running out of time! Hurry up and teleport us!"

Looking through the large hole and into the sky, Ember's figure was approaching them rapidly. In another two seconds, they would be within his attack range. At that time, he would be able to kill Alvin with a simple snap of his fingers.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Cold sweat trickled all over Alvin as he looked at the hesitating Teleportation Mage. They did not make any arrangements beforehand, and Alvin did not know if the Teleportation Mage in front of him would help. This was the only hope for them to escape.

At this moment, Aroshia said, "My friend said that he will come for you if you don't help."

As Yi Xuan heard that, he did not say another word and immediately opened the teleportation door. A whirlpool-like blue glow surrounded them, and the glow of magic dyed the surroundings blue.

Alvin was overjoyed. He rushed into the teleportation door quickly, and Yi Xuan did not dare hesitate either. He did not wish to stay behind and use his weak mage body to endure the rage of the enemy.


A brilliant glow flashed, and the teleportation door closed. The three of them had disappeared without a trace.

Ember, who had just charged in, saw this scene, and dark clouds could be seen on his face.

He had actually lost them!

He had originally thought that Alvin was already at his wits end, but never had he imagined that a Teleportation Mage would be hidden in this place.

If not for Aesop, the Great Mechanic Han would not have known that there was a hidden Teleportation Mage in this place. This was something that could not be realized with strategy but intel. At that time, Han Xiao also did not imagine that he would be dragged into the battle between DarkStar and Godora.

Ember looked at the empty room and clenched his fists. Only a mage who was proficient in teleportation would be able to track their whereabouts. At that moment, the traitor had already escaped with all clues being lost, and Ember was not able to give chase.

He truly wondered if he was having a streak of bad luck recently. All kinds of unexpected scenarios seemed to have been happening to him, and even a mission like this that should have had a ninety percent success rate had failed. It seemed like his teacher Anur would be angered to death.

Ember let out a depressed sigh and took out his communicator to contact Anur. With his mission failing, he needed to send news back immediately so that they can plan their next move.


Anur's face appeared on the communicator, and he said with a frown, "Have you succeeded?"

Ember shook his head and described the situation.

"Trash!" Anur flew into a rage.

Ember felt his body freeze up, and he was a little awkward. This was the first time that his teacher had cursed him. It seemed like his teacher was truly angered to death.

"Where do you think the traitor has escaped to?"

"I don't know. There weren't any clues," Ember replied.

"If they try to escape in a spaceship, it will save us a great deal of trouble," Anur said.

Ember nodded. Their DarkStar fleet was already on standby outside of Noriosse and ready to block the traitor from escaping. The moment that the traitor attempted to leave by ship, he would be surrounded by their fleet.

"How's the situation on your side?" Ember asked.

"Humph, the battle is a stalemate. Hurry up and return. I have delayed the enemy, and if you can get back in time, we can work together to get rid of the Godoran and those mercenaries. Since you can't catch the traitor, let's wipe out these enemies first."


Ember's eyes lit up, and he returned to where he had come from. Upon thinking about the possibility of getting rid of Black Star, his mood instantly lifted.

The protective shield had served its purpose to seclude this region, and the battlefield was already becoming one sided. The DarkStar warriors all began to fall one after another.

In the middle of the debris, 'Anur' ended his call with Ember. After turning off the communicator, he tapped his cheeks lightly, and an electrical current ran across the face. The next moment, Han Xiao's face was revealed.

Taking off the Facial Simulator, Han Xiao rubbed his cheeks and looked at Nagakin with a smile. "He's coming back, and I have a piece of good news. Alvin succeeded in escaping."

Nagakin burst into satisfied laughter and cracked his knuckles. "Great! My fists are still hungry."

Han Xiao nodded and heaved a sigh of relief. It was truly tiring for him to act. With Anur dead, the communicator had been picked up by him, and he had instantly thought of making good use of it.

DarkStar only had a single Calamity Grade Super left, and the difference in strength had finally been even out. While the Ames Character Summon Card had already been used, Nagakin was also extremely powerful. Together with him, the chances of them surrounding Ember would be extremely high. The only problem was whether or not Ember knew about the present situation. If he found out about their situation, he would definitely retreat.

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Right at that moment, Ember had actually called Anur on the communicator. Han Xiao had immediately taken out the Facial Simulator and scanned Anur's corpse to pose as Anur. At the same time, he had tested Ember with his words.

When he was acting, Han Xiao had truly been nervous. He did not know how Anur usually talked to Ember, and after observing Ember's reaction, Han Xiao concluded that Ember was extremely respectful toward Anur.

Ember did not suspect Han Xiao in the slightest, and he did not even notice the small discrepancies. Thinking about it carefully, this was extremely normal. After all, someone would only be able to use Anur's communicator if he had died.

In Ember's eyes, that was impossible.

"Not just that, his reaction allowed me to confirm something. There is indeed a DarkStar fleet waiting in the atmosphere." Han Xiao took his own communicator and tried to contact Aroshia while saying to Nagakin, "I never thought that we would be able to get rid of a Calamity Grade enemy. Since that's the case, we now have more breathing space. With most of the ground troops wiped out, there isn't a need for us to take the risk and send Alvin away."

Nagakin thought for a while and felt that it made sense.

It was best for them to adapt to the changes.

At that moment, the Protector also walked forward. Looking down at Anur's corpse, he let out a sigh and said with pity, "You guys actually killed him. Jeez, if I didn't suffer from his attacks, I wouldn't have been a step late."

Both of them were dumbfounded.

This person was truly vengeful!

How wonderful!

After pretending to feel pity for a while, the Protector then looked at the two of them with his gaze focusing on Han Xiao. A look of unconcealed amazement could be seen in his eyes.

After pausing for a while, he did not say another word and retreated far away. The members of DarkStar were already at their wit's end, and he did not have any intention of interfering.

He had previous witnessed Anur's death, and if he intervened at this moment, Godora might think that he was interfering with them on purpose. Thus, he gave up any idea of saving them.

Is it truly so difficult to remain neutral?

Nagakin then looked toward Han Xiao and commented, "That ability of yours… it seems to be related to the Dragon Emperor."

This doubt had been in Nagakin's heart for a while, and he had finally found a chance to ask about it. He knew that his senses were definitely not mistaken, and the might of that attack was definitely at the beyond Grade A level. However, why was Black Star able to make use of the Dragon Emperor's abilities? Just what was their relationship?

If this matter was reported to the War Bureau, the intel division would probably have to re-estimate Black Star's position in Floating Dragon Island.

"Nothing much, I only performed a small role." Han Xiao waved his hands humbly.

Nagakin could not help but value Black Star even more now. A few days ago, he had felt that this mission was completely hopeless. Even when he secured Han Xiao's help, it did not reduce the hopelessness that he had felt. However, Han Xiao's abilities had far exceeded his imagination.

If not for Anur's corpse lying down at the side, he would never have thought that even after facing a situation where he was surrounded by two Calamity Grade Supers, he would not be severely injured and actually be able to get rid of one of them.

With two of them fighting him alone, he was actually able to kill one of them!

The sound of the surrounding battles began to die down, and this meant that the DarkStar warriors were getting fewer and fewer.

"Let's stop chatting," Han Xiao said in a deep voice. "The battle isn't over yet, and there are still members of DarkStar alive. Before Ember returns, we should get rid of them quickly and not leave a single one of them alive."


The Battleship Slicing Blade cut through flesh, and Sherman's shocked face was cleaved into two.

Herlous panted heavily and sheathed his weapon. After a long battle, he had finally gotten rid of this dwarf Cannon Master. With the enemy's morale being destroyed, their courage had also been destroyed, and Herlous had killed the other party in one fell swoop.

Just as he wanted to leave, his footsteps suddenly paused, and he turned back to Sherman's corpse. Picking up the cannon that had landed on the ground, Herlous muttered to himself, "Black Star should like this spoil of war."

Carrying the cannon on his shoulders, Herlous left the battlefield happily.


Sinesa's brain was reduced to mush, and she collapsed onto the ground with her body contorting.

Chen Xing rubbed her throat, which had turned hoarse from singing loudly. Shutting her eyes, she recuperated from the damage that the other party had dealt. The other party had not been weak, and she had exhausted a great deal of energy.

"Feidin, I saved your life, and your body shall be treated as the reward," Chen Xing said.

Feidin laughed bitterly in the head but did not respond.

Chen Xing then looked up at the protective shield and muttered to herself, "Since I cannot leave now, I can only pretend to be Feidin and interact with those mercenaries. As long as they don't see through my disguise, I will be able to escape during our free and easy time."

It was not too difficult for her to pretend to be Feidin. Her senses were connected to Feidin's, and she was extremely familiar with Feidin's habits. She was definitely confident in mimicking him completely.

Thinking about the source of all her trouble, Han Xiao, Chen Xing's mood became terrible.

As long as she could trick that fellow, she would regain her freedom.

She was extremely confident in her acting skills. After all, she was an actress!
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