The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 687

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Chapter 687: 687

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Chapter 687 DarkStar Leader and the Fallen Ark

Black Star Base No.1’s military factory was so large that the end of it was out of sight. Countless assembly lines operated every hour of the day. Mechanical parts were assembled into all kinds of equipment by countless mechanical arms. Several Mechanics walked in between the assembly lines, debugging them from time to time.

The top of the factory was the main control room that could look over the entire factory. Decks of blueprints were spread on the alloy table near the window of the main control room, flipped by a person’s hand.

Reynold sat upright beside the table, reading through the blueprints with a serious expression.

This time, the door of the main control room was shoved open, and Sylvia ran in with joy all over her face.

“Hey, I have good news!”

Reynold slowly moved his eyes from the blueprints and looked at Sylvia.

“Big sis, please do tell,” he said with a serious face.

Sylvia was already used to Reynold’s personality and had learned to selectively ignore parts of it. She raised her hand, and a ball of flickering Mechanical Force appeared in her palm.

“Hehe, I’m Grade B now. Aren’t I amazing?” Sylvia said with an excited expression.

“Amazing,” Reynold said with an upward tone and a poker face. He even raised his hands and clapped.

Seeing this, Sylvia felt awkward. She felt like something that she was proud of might not be worth mentioning in the eyes of a Calamity Grade.

But she could not resist sharing her joy. Han Xiao had taken the old officers out to war, so the one that was closest to her among the remaining people was only Reynold, who oversaw the logistics. Usually, she would ask Reynold any questions she had. Although Reynold was nominally her junior, he was actually considered Han Xiao’s teaching assistant.

Sylvia could not suppress her excitement of entering Grade B and became happy again after feeling awkward for a while. With aspiration on her face, she said, “Teacher will definitely be very happy when he hears about this. He’s always had high hopes for me…”

Most importantly, Han Xiao had promised her that if she could become a Grade B Super, she would be able to focus on combat in the future and not do homework every day.

I’m free!

I, Sylvia, am happy!

After enjoying being happy for a while, Sylvia realized that Reynold did not say anything. She looked up and realized that although Reynold was facing her, his eyes were secretly looking sideways at the blueprints on the table.

Is talking to me this boring? Sylvia snapped her fingers, put on an angry expression, and said, “Stop looking away. I’m talking to you!”

Reynold looked back and said with a serious expression as if nothing had happened, “Hmm, you’re right.”

Wow, what a perfunctory response… Sylvia clenched her teeth, took a deep breath, and calmed her emotions. She then took out the communicator and said, “By the way, Teacher did something great recently again. Look, people all over the Star Field are discussing him on all platforms. They all say he has the highest chance to become the next Beyond Grade A of the Shattered Star Ring. Tsk tsk, I never thought that Teacher is this amazing. If he really becomes a Beyond Grade A, as his disciple, maybe we…”

With a pause, Sylvia suddenly realized that Reynold did not react again. She looked up and saw that Reynold was looking at the blueprints on the table once again.

“Still looking?”

Sylvia was embarrassed and irritated. She snapped her finger again louder.

Am I, such a beautiful lady, not even as attractive as those boring blueprints?

“No, I’m listening.” Reynold coughed. He took the communicator from Sylvia’s hand and looked at the news on it. His face turned serious again, and he muttered, “Black Star… Beyond Grade A seed…”

Seeing that Reynold was finally not looking at the blueprints, a smug expression appeared on Sylvia’s delicate and exquisite face.

As Han Xiao’s secretary, she knew that Reynold’s contract duration was about to end. For the Black Star Army, she felt that she had to make Reynold stay.

According to her knowledge of Reynold, this person’s desire to learn exceeded even his physiological desires. Sylvia felt that the best way to make him stay was to keep reminding him that her teacher had become stronger and stronger, showing him how outstanding her teacher was. That way, Reynold might choose to stay and continue following Black Star to learn and work for the army.

Although Sylvia did not really want to share her teacher with Reynold, for the sake of the army… she decided to sacrifice that.

“Beyond Grade A… Beyond Grade A…” Reynold muttered. Usually, he always looked serious and formal, but now, he looked like he had something heavy on his mind. “Black Star… Black Star can solve this once and for all…”

“What?” Sylvia did not understand what he



Reynold returned to being serious.

At the same time in the training camp of Black Star Base No.1, Brock put down the communicator that was playing the news. He wanted to pick up the wine cup and drink it to suppress his fear but realized that his hand was shaking

He was a DarkStar remnant. After the DarkStar leader went missing, he had kept his mission in mind and believed that the leader would definitely return. Hence, he had joined and infiltrated the Black Star Army, hoping to one day become an important chess piece for the leader. He was now acting as the drill sergeant in the base.

For the past couple of years, Brock had been working in fear, not daring to do anything out of the line, and carefully disguised his identity, afraid of being suspected by anyone. His trust for the DarkStar leader was what kept him going

However, when he saw the news of Han Xiao becoming a Beyond Grade A seed, Brock realized that his belief was shaken.

He could not help but doubt… if the leader would really be a match for Black Star. Would he really be able to complete his revenge?

Would it not most likely be suicide?

If so, him staying in the Black Star Army as a spy might be pushing the leader into the pit of fire.

Brock was perturbed. Black Star’s overwhelming strength made him despair. He almost could not even think about resisting.

He secretly made up his mind. If the leader one day returned and he was able to get in contact with him, he had to convince the leader not to mess with Black Star. It would be more difficult than messing with Godora!

On a devastated civilization planet in a certain Star Field…

The planet’s surface was burning with endless flames and smoke, the ground shattered, the cities were destroyed, and countless were slaughtered.

The fleet that completed its invasion retracted their artillery barrels, slowly rising above the atmosphere, leaving the almost completely destroyed planet surface civilization.

This invading fleet was made up of three thousand battleships.

However, not far from the planet, an enormous fleet a thousand times bigger was docked. The battleships seemed endless, as if they filled up the entire galaxy. The three thousand battleships were just a small division of this enormous fleet.

A fleet of such a size could even fight a Star Cluster Civilization directly.

The three thousand battleships returned to the large army with their loot, like a droplet of water entering the ocean.

The leading disk-shaped battleship of this team deviated from the others and gradually entered deeper into the army, arriving at the center of this enormous fleet.

At the center of the fleet was a gigantic planet-level main ship. Comparatively, the disk-shaped spaceship was like a pebble, and this gigantic main ship was like a mountain.

A conspicuous sign was painted on the exterior armor of the main ship-a gray, hooded man.

The disk spaceship entered the dock of the main ship, flew down the long lane, and stopped at the hangar.


The hatch opened, and the DarkStar leader walked out. With emotionless eyes, he turned around and waved, signaling for the subordinates behind him to bring the dozens of weak captives and follow him.

After walking for a while, they arrived before an enormous alloy gate. The giant cyclops guard beside the gate saw the dozens of the captives behind the DarkStar leader and grinned.

“You’re quite fast. Go in, he’s waiting for you.”

As he spoke, the alloy gate slowly opened. The DarkStar leader focused his mind, led the others, and walked in. The view before his eyes turned bright. Noises and heat waves landed right on his face.

This was an enormous palace that was now having a party. There were countless tables filled with the delicious food and alcohol of many races, and there were people everywhere. Countless creatures from different races were gulping down the meat and drinks, roaring and laughing loudly. There were also female dancers walking through the crowd, roughly groped by people from time to time.

The DarkStar leader even saw that there was someone in the corner hugging a dancer and bumping her against the wall, his laughing and roaring mixed into the noises.

Chaos filled the entire room. Despite having lived there for a few years, the DarkStar leader still could not help but frown, not used to this stimulating scene.

A drunk Beastman stumbled over. The DarkStar pressed him on the shoulder and pushed him away. He then walked to the center of the palace with large steps. At the center was a scarlet throne carved into the shape of some strange creature, like an ancient god he did not know the name of, which some Arcane Church branches prayed to.

On the throne was a skinny, boney human-shaped creature wearing a ragged hood. Other than his face, his body was covered tightly. He was facing down, not making a single sound. The hood covered his face.

The DarkStar leader came before the throne. Ignoring the chaotic scene around and the noises, he pointed at the dozens of captives behind him that were stunned by what they were seeing. “Your Excellency, I’ve brought the Espers.”

Suddenly, the creature on the throne shivered, as if he had awoken from his sleep. He slowly looked up, showing his face under the hood.

Under the hood was a vortex-like black fog, with a red flickering dot of light in the middle.

With an unknown method, this faceless creature somehow spoke. His voice was rough and husky. “Well… done…”

As he was speaking, he suddenly twisted his neck. The black fog under the hood suddenly disappeared, turning into the face of a hybrid human without any special features.

The hooded man stood up and walked down from the throne and toward the dozens of captives. The DarkStar leader stepped aside.

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He stood in front of the first captive, looked right into the horrified eyes of this captive, grinned, and grabbed the neck of this captive.

The next moment, this captive’s entire body shrunk and became dry, yet he did not die. He collapsed to the ground with his eyes opened wide, not even having the energy to speak a single word.

“Not bad.”

The hooded man licked his lips as if he was enjoying the taste. Then, he did the same and turned all the captives into dried shells before returning to the throne. He looked at the DarkStar leader with a satisfied expression

“You’re good. I like you.”

“It’s my honor to serve you.” The DarkStar lowered his head with respect. “According to our agreement, for every satisfying Esper I bring, you…”

The hooded man waved his hand and interrupted the DarkStar leader. “I know, I will give you a new fleet. Hmm, I have some information here. Maybe you’ll be interested.”

The hooded man shook his hand. A communicator flowed out from his palm and landed in the DarkStar leader’s hands.

The DarkStar leader opened and looked at it. His expression instantly changed. The rumors surrounding Han Xiao were playing on it.

“He seems to be what made you escape from the Shattered Star Ring.” The hooded man smiled faintly. “Looks like he can become a Beyond Grade A.”

The DarkStar’s face was grave. He took a deep breath and slowly said, “Thank you for this information.”

“You’re welcome.” The hooded man smiled and spoke in a rather friendly tone. He then waved and said, “You can leave now. Such a good environment is rare. Don’t disturb my sleep.”

“Yes.” The DarkStar nodded and led his subordinates. He did not care about the dozens of dried captives. The chefs would come to cook them later anyway.

Walking out of the palace, the alloy gate slowly closed. The DarkStar looked back. Through the gap in the gate, he saw the hooded man lower his head and enter into sweet dreams in the chaotic, loud, and insane environment.

“What a maniac.”

The DarkStar leader clenched his fists, and a deep sense of fear flashed through his eyes.

The people behind him had arranged for him to leave the Shattered Star Ring and join under this hooded man. This man was the master of this enormous fleet and also a horrifying Beyond Grade A Super who wanted to fuse the abilities on the Super High Risk Esper Ability Restriction Treaty together.

Following the agreement, the DarkStar had given the hooded man Ember. He could still remember the look of disbelief and shock on Ember’s face when he realized that he had been betrayed.

However, his resistance was futile. The hooded man had been very satisfied with the sacrifice, so he had made an agreement with the DarkStar leader-he could provide fleets for the DarkStar leader, but the DarkStar leader had to exchange them for Espers that could satisfy him.

Therefore, the DarkStar leader stayed there temporarily. He invaded and destroyed one surface civilization after another, searching for Supers with interesting Esper abilities. After a few years, he had obtained a large number of battleships and men.

Originally, the DarkStar leader wanted to continue building his forces. However, Han Xiao’s rocketing combat capability gave him pressure.

Following the current pace, Black Star might really become a Beyond Grade A Super. Then, it would be useless for him to return. If there was a Beyond Grade A in the Garton Star System, no one would be able to cause any trouble. DarkStar would never have a chance to rise again.

“I have to go back as soon as possible, otherwise everything will be too late.”

The DarkStar leader made his decision. Black Star happened to be at war, so he could take advantage of that.

Furthermore, the DarkStar leader did not dare stay there any longer. In just a few years, he had been deeply affected by the chaos there. He could not imagine what would happen if he continued to stay, whether he would become just as insane.

This enormous fleet was a Beyond Grade A organization that was always relocating and moving. The hooded man was the leader of this organization. Among all the Beyond Grade As in the entire universe, he was the most notorious maniac!

This place welcomed wanted criminals from every Star Field who had no way out. It was the holy land for all criminals.

This was the… (Fallen Ark]!

Aroshia had followed Han Xiao to the war as well. She was staying in the fleet and slacking off like Han Xiao.

Inside a room with turned off lights, Aroshia hugged her knees, sat in a corner, and stared into the darkness in front of her blankly.

This time, dots of light debris suddenly appeared out of thin air and formed into the bright shape of a man, lighting up the room. It was Risda.

“It’s you.” Aroshia had no expression on her face.

Risda’s body vibrated. He then spoke.

“Great, if Black Star becomes a Beyond Grade A, he will be able to fight the Mechanic Empire. Our people might be saved.”

“Oh.” Aroshia did not respond too passionately

“But Black Star might not be willing to fight the Mechanic Empire. You and I must convince him. He’s our biggest hope,” Risda said.

Aroshia kept silent for a while before suddenly asking, “He might die, right?”

“Everything is possible; nothing is absolute.” Risda shook his head and avoided the topic. “Remember what I said.”

Then, Risda disappeared, and the room returned to darkness.

Aroshia buried her chin between her knees and stared blankly.

Meanwhile, Lagi was still on the way there.

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