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Chapter 743: 743

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743 Recognition, Ghost Clan’s Birthmark (3)

Wan Feng was confused. “Master, what did you say? Why don’t I understand?”

The State Preceptor pointed at Jiang Hai and said to Wan Feng, “Wan Feng, he’s your uncle.”



Wan Feng and Yu Wan widened their eyes in unison.

“But I think you might be wrong about one thing.” This time, the State Preceptor looked at Jiang Hai and said, “Wan Feng is not my flesh and blood, but my brother’s.”

Wan Feng was stunned. “Then you’re my uncle?”

“Second Uncle, I have an older brother, but he’s been dead for many years,” the State Preceptor said calmly.

In the blink of an eye, not only did Big Brother Jiang become his uncle, but his master also became his second uncle. Wan Feng was dumbfounded.

Yu Wan blinked. What explosive news. This was because she didn’t have any melon seeds. Otherwise, she would have eaten them.

“Where’s my sister?” Jiang Hai’s reaction was a tacit agreement to the State Preceptor’s words.

The State Preceptor said, “Your sister had a difficult birth when she gave birth to Wan Feng and passed away not long after. My brother couldn’t take the blow and passed away not long after. I brought Wan Feng back to the State Preceptor Hall. I didn’t want too many people to know about my family matters, so I lied that Wan Feng was just a child found among the commoners.”

Wan Feng scratched his head. “Is Big Brother Jiang really my uncle? Why don’t I believe it?”

“Where’s the jade pendant I asked you to wear?” The State Preceptor asked.

Wan Feng pulled out a red rope from under his neck. There was a jade pendant with only half of it hanging from the rope. “Here. Master didn’t let me take it off. I’ve been wearing it.”

Jiang Hai took out another fish-carved jade pendant and put it together with Wan Feng, coincidentally putting together a complete fish pattern.

In the past, Jiang Hai had never carefully sized up Wan Feng’s appearance. Now that he looked carefully, he realized that his eyebrows and chin looked very similar to his eldest sister.

The State Preceptor smiled and teased Wan Feng, “Look, you didn’t help the wrong person. He’s your uncle.”

“But you’re still my second uncle…” Wan Feng cried again. If he had known that his master was not his father, he would have tricked him more gently… What could he do now? He tricked him into prison and he could not come out. “Master…”

The State Preceptor dusted his sleeves self-deprecatingly. “Alright, I’ve said what I needed to say. You guys can reminisce on your own. Whether Wan Feng goes or stays is up to him. Anyway… the State Preceptor Hall is going to be gone.”

Wan Feng wailed. “Master…”

Jiang Hai looked at the State Preceptor and then at Wan Feng, who was crying like a child. He stood up without a word and pulled Wan Feng out.

Yu Wan was stunned by the unexpected scene. She had long known that Jiang Hai had a different background, but she did not know that he was related to Wan Feng.

“Come down. They’re already far away.” The State Preceptor suddenly said.

Yu Wan turned around and looked in the direction of the cell door. Who was he talking about?

The State Preceptor said, “Stop looking, Commandery Princess Wan.”

This guy wasn’t fooled by Asura’s qinggong? Since she had been discovered, Yu Wan did not hide anymore. She revealed herself with Asura and walked into his cell. She looked down at him. “Who are Jiang Hai and your sister-in-law?”

The State Preceptor said, “Someone from the Feiyu Manor.”

Yu Wan said strangely, “Feiyu Manor? I’ve never heard of it.”

The State Preceptor continued, “It’s fine. You’ll be there soon.”

“Huh?” This time, it was Yu Wan who was confused.

The State Preceptor changed the topic. “You have a Ghost Clan birthmark on you. Am I right?”

“There’s a birthmark.” However, Yan Jiuchao did not say whether it was not from the Ghost Clan or not. After that, she threw the birthmark to the back of her mind. It was not until the State Preceptor mentioned it that she remembered it again. “What’s wrong?”

The State Preceptor looked at the wall and said, “Only the Ghost Clan has the mark of the Ghost Clan. Your parents are both from Nanzhao. Aren’t you curious why the mark of the Ghost Clan appears on your body?”

“Why?” Yu Wan asked.

“Because.” The State Preceptor smiled.

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