The Oracle Paths - Chapter 773

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Chapter 773: 773

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Chapter 773 A Valuable Lesson

Kevin didn't even wait to check if the Werecobra was really dead. If this assassin was from Lost Divinities as he thought then he wouldn't die so easily. He had a hunch that something much worse was afoot.

These attacks were too obvious. The Werecobra wanted to look like he had inadvertently revealed his face, and his acting was excellent it was true. But the more flawless his acting was, the less Kevin believed it.

And if Kevin could think it, then Kenway and Lysander would realize it soon enough. The problem was that it didn't matter. To clear their names they would have to find the culprits without delay, and what could be more logical than to go after the Werebeings clans responsible for these attacks?

The Werebeings were humans, but they were also beasts. When their fury took control of their reason, they were nothing but ferocious beasts. To make matters worse, Lost Divinities had managed to time their attack on the day of the full moon. The moon was not visible because of all the dark clouds and that made this operation even more impressive.

During the full moon, the Werebeings' strength increased tenfold, but their self-control was also much more blurred. If a moonbeam hit them directly, they would transform into their beastly form and they would not stop chasing anything that moved until the next morning.

Alphas like Lysander and Kenway could obviously control themselves under any circumstances, but only when they were calm. When Lysander heard about his wife's death, he would freak out instantly.

If the other clans had been attacked in the same way, blaming the murders on another clan each time, then Kevin could already imagine how this night would end. The neutral factions would kill each other until there were only a handful of survivors left or sanity returned to them. All the efforts Werebear had made to persuade them would be for naught.

Damn it! They even used a Werelion to kill Kenway's childhood crush, those bastards!' Kevin roared internally, his anger turning to helplessness, then despair.

Kenway was Lysander's older brother, the ultimate Alpha Werelion of the clan. He took no sides, but with what had just happened, it was not impossible that in his fury he decided to eliminate everyone, including his own race.

However, Kevin had the feeling that he had forgotten something important. As he spotted the Were-eagles' mansion in the distance, his face went pale and he screamed in horror,


If Qewie died the clans of the Werelion, Werebear, Werebirdss, Wereoxen and Werewolves would dissolve. It was this princess who held this group of divergent interests together.

But there was a worse scenario...

Don't tell me...'

Kevin galloped at top speed in his semi-bestiale form, a giant hairy creature of more than 5 meters with dark gold fur and an overdeveloped musculature as well as long claws and a protruding jaw.

A few seconds later, he arrived at the palace of the young princess. All the Were-eagles in charge of her security were dead or absent. With a heavy heart, he anxiously made his way to his room, but he found only an empty room with the windows wide open. A draft lifted the white curtain, as if to taunt him for being too late.


Keeping his cool, Kevin tried to locate her with an Oracle Path in vain, then began to sniff the air for her trail and luckily he managed to detect her scent. He rushed out of the mansion and came face to face with Lysander.

The Werelion was also in his semi-bestial form, and his yellow eyes were clouded with tears of blood. Still impaled at the end of his claws, a huge gray wolf's head hanging from his arm, his eyes bulging in total incomprehension. Even at the moment of her death, he had been unable to understand what her clan had done to justify the Alpha Werelion's hatred.

"They took her too?" Lysander growled grimly.

Kevin gulped. He knew that telling the truth would only make things worse and play into the enemy's hands, but he also knew that no matter what he did, Lysander would find her with or without his help.

"I'm afraid so..."

"Hmmph, whoever dared to do this I'll kill them all."

Like Kevin a few seconds earlier, he sniffed the air for Qewie's scent, then all at once he turned east and turned into a blur, crossing the entire district in the space of a finger snap.

'This is fucked up...' Kevin sighed as he caught his breath.

Looking up, he could see fires breaking out everywhere. Explosions and tremors were not uncommon, and cries of agony, rage and pleading echoed throughout the district, together forming a morbid requiem.

'The Were-beings no longer exist.'

Even if Lysander and the other Alphas eventually realized their mistake, there would probably be no one left to save.

I'd better catch up with Lysander... If I have to, I'll fight him in person to stop him.' Kevin decided as he clenched his fists with resolve.


"Your plan is truly disgusting." Azeus spat as he admired the carnage from atop a bell tower.

"Thanks for the compliment." Shamash grinned at him broadly.

"It wasn't a compliment."

In Shamash's hands, miasma of black smoke could be seen escaping from a half-opened antique amphora. The same kind of amphora that a Wengol Player had used to zombify the Wengol army three months earlier.

Once outside, the gas diffused at an alarming rate, becoming completely odorless and colorless again. Azeus and Shamash and their men had taken a preventive antidote, but the Werebeings continued to breathe the gas without realizing it.

Because of it, their already shaky reason became extremely tenuous, giving their minds the little push they needed to go completely mad. Now, even if the truth were revealed to them, they would continue to kill each other.

"Kenway hasn't lost control yet, but it should be soon. Shamash chuckled out of the blues, a glint of malevolent glee in his eye. "I can't wait to see what kind of man he is when he gives up his humanity."

The barbarian at his side remained silent, but deep inside he felt pity for the Alpha Werelion. The powerful warrior held the body of a young woman between his paws, but unlike Lysander there was only tenderness on his lion's face. He didn't look angry or hateful, but it was just the calm before the storm.

Suddenly the man stood up and turned his head to the east.

"Lysander..." He murmured worriedly.

Shamash and Azeus, who had been watching him carefully, suddenly widened their eyes. Freewebnᴏ

"Hmm? Where did he go?" Azeus wondered with a confused look on his face. He hadn't noticed anything.

Shamash frowned, but in the end he sneered,

"I was hoping he would go into a Berserk state like the others, but it seems that was too much to ask. But now that he's chosen to leave, our hands are free..."

Azeus shivered as he heard his companion's grim statement. Shamash pulled back his hood and drew the huge saw hanging from his shoulder behind his back.

"Let's kill them all."

"What about our coalition allies?" Azeus hesitated.

"We kill them too."

"Very well..."


By the time Kevin found Lysander and Qewie it was too late. The Lost Divinities kidnapper had placed the young woman in Duke Gole's bed after stripping her naked. As ordered, he used the powerful aphrodisiacs provided by Ashun, then using a certain artifact he managed to hypnotize the sleeping Duke into committing the unforgivable.

When Lysander arrived in front of the Human HQ, the Duke was two points away from dipping his wiener in the honey pot.



That night it was not only the Werebeing district that was wiped out, but the Human district as well. When Kenway arrived a few moments later at the scene of the massacre, there was nothing left but smoldering ruins. He took his brother in his arms, and they cried together for many minutes.

The only good news was that Qewie survived, but her status as princess was now worthless. She no longer had any subjects.

A few hours later, Jake and the other Myrtharian Nerds received the news about Kevin and they were furious. Wyatt and his faction were also informed. Upon hearing what had happened, they decided to meet to discuss their future plans.

The war had not yet begun and they had already lost the first battle. However, it was also a very valuable lesson for them.

Now they knew what kind of scoundrels they were dealing with. Jake now had no remorse about slaughtering every last one of them.

The war had not yet begun and they had already lost the first battle. However, it was also a very valuable lesson for them.

Now they knew what kind of scoundrels they were dealing with. Jake now had no remorse about slaughtering every last one of them.

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