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Chapter 159: Returning With Pockets Full

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‘The moment Su Baifeng left, Xue Fanxin could not wait to ask Gu Jinyuan about her. Soon, she learned about her identity from him and everything else that was relatively secret.

“You mean that Su Baifeng was once engaged to the Ghost King, but she broke it off for the Ninth Imperial Uncle, causing the Ghost King and the Ninth Imperial Uncle to become enemies?”

Heavens! This story was too melodramatic.

Su Baifeng was the only pearl in the palm of the current Prime Minister, Su Ze. She was the number one beauty of Heavenly Saints City and the most talented woman. When she was ten years old, she had an engagement with the current Ghost King. This engagement was given to her by the Heavenly

Saints Emperor. But five years later, for some reason, Su Baifeng suddenly fell in love with Ye Jiushang, She did not hesitate to cancel her engagement with the Ghost King, She even indirectly killed the Ghost King’s biological mother, causing the Ghost King and Ye Jiushang to become enemies.

The Ghost King was the fifth prince of the Heavenly Saints Empire. He was called as such because of his ruthless methods.

Now, everyone in Heavenly Saints City knew that Su Baifeng was in love with the Ninth Imperial Uncle, Ye Jiushang. Unfortunately, the Ninth Imperial Uncle rarely appeared in Heavenly Saints City, ignoring Su Baifeng’s feelings.

Anyone with eyes could tell that the Ninth Imperial Uncle did not like Su Baifeng. As for the grudges between the Ninth Imperial Uncle, the Ghost King, and Su Baifeng, no one knew.

“Fanxin, Su Baifeng is not someone to be trifled with. You’d best not provoke her.” Gu Jinyuan was worried when he thought of the killing intent Su Baifeng had revealed earlier.

Although he was the Young Master of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, Su Baifeng was not someone ordinary either. If he really faced her, it would be a problem.

“It’s not that I want to provoke her but that she wants to provoke me. Do you think she will let me off while I occupy the position of the Ninth Imperial Consort?”

Gu Jinyuan also understood her reasoning, After all, there was Ye Jiushang between the two of them. With Su Baifeng’s infatuation with Ye Jiushang, she would never let Xue Fanxin off.

“In short, you have to be careful.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ma lucky person. I won’t finish playing so quickly. Burp… I’m so full. It’s getting late. I should go back. See you later. Oh right, if someone tails me later, please help me deal with it. I don’t want too many people to know my true identity yet.” Xue Fanxin placed the delicious food

the waiter brought into her storage bag and patted her bloated stomach before leaving in satisfaction.

She had been out for so long, and it was time to go back. Although Ah Jiu had agreed to let her enter and leave the Lord’s Estate as she pleased, that guy would definitely not be too happy if she left for too long.

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She thought that selling two medicinal pills would not cause any trouble, so she had not made any preparations when she came out. Unexpectedly, not only had she provoked the Lian family, but even Su Baifeng had come to look for trouble for some reason.

Be it the Lian family or Su Baifeng, they were not simple people. They would definitely investigate her identity and background in secret. Sending people to shadow her was the most common method, so… Gu Jinyuan should be able to settle these things, right?

Xue Fanxin did not know if Gu Jinyuan had helped her deal with her pursuers. Anyway, she was not bothered on the way back to the Lord’s Estate. She climbed over the wall and returned to the small courtyard she was living in. This was her world.

The Ninth Lord’s Estate was heavily guarded. Wanting to find out the information inside was harder than ascending the heavens.

“Returning with pockets full feels good. Lalala…” Xue Fanxin touched the storage bag hanging at her waist and hummed happily as she walked towards her room. She pushed open the door in a jovial mood. Unexpectedly, when the door opened, she saw a certain Imperial Uncle sitting inside, staring

straight at her. His face was filled with anger, looking very unhappy.

Uh… Ah Jiu seemed to be angry.

Who had provoked him?

It couldn’t be her, could it?

She didn’t offend him today, did she?

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