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Chapter 164: My Name Is Yan Lei

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Xue Fanxin did not know what kind of fortune Ye Jiushang had given Xue Batian, but she knew that it was definitely not simple. She did not disturb Xue Batian and let him cultivate in seclusion.

“Ah Jiu, are we really going to snatch the mineral vein just like that? Why do I feel that it’s very difficult? Are you playing with me?”

Of the two of them, one could not use force while the other was so weak that she had practically no combat strength. Coupled with the thin little white tiger, anyone would think that such a combination to snatch the mineral vein was a joke.

“There’s one more,” Ye Jiushang said mysteriously.

At this moment, a youth in purple clothes who looked to be about 13 or 14 years old appeared. He was handsome like he was carved from jade and had exquisite looks. His arrogant expression was a little cute, though.

In short, he was just a little brat who had not grown up yet. However, he liked to pretend to be an adult. It was a little strange.

“He is Little Lei, my servant. He will come with us to snatch the mineral vein this time.” Ye Jiushang introduced Little Lei casually as if he was introducing an unimportant person.

“Lam not called Little Lei. I am Yan Lei, the domineering Yan Lei.” Little Lei strongly emphasized his name. Clearly, he was dissatisfied with the way Ye Jiushang addressed him. This also showed that Little Lei had the temperament of a child king. He was clearly young, but he insisted on acting like an


Ye Jiushang could not be bothered with Little Lei’s meaningless emphasis. He did not care how depressed he was as his attention was all on Xue Fanxin. “With him around, a low-grade mineral vein is not a problem.”

Xue Fanxin was not too sure about the relationship between Little Lei and Ye Jiushang. Although they were master and servant, Little Lei’s expression seemed to be filled with hatred and fear towards Ye Jiushang. Amidst these complicated emotions, there was more admiration and respect. No matter how

dissatisfied he was, he did not dare to go against him, much less disobey his orders.

“Ah Jiu, where did you abduct such a handsome young man from?” Xue Fanxin liked this youngster who looked like he had walked out of a painting at first glance. She wished she had a younger brother like him.

If this was her son, that would be even better. Haha

All of a sudden, she really wanted to have a child. Although her body was only fifteen years old now, she had already reached the age of a mother in the 21st century. Her mindset was different.

If she had not met Jiang Donghai and Pei Xiangxiang, that scumbag and slut, she might have already… No, no. If not for that scumbag and slut, how could she have met Ah Jiu?

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Hence, she should be thanking Jiang Donghai and Pei Xiangxiang.

Ye Jiushang saw that the expression on Xue Fanxin’s face was changing repeatedly. At first, she was happy, but then she became sorrowful and angry for some reason. Then, she returned to calmness and revealed a happy smile.

In just ten breaths of time, Little Xin‘er had actually experienced a round of emotions. What kind of story did she have?

Xue Fanxin adjusted her mindset and forgot her sorrows from the past. She cherished everything in front of her and stared at Little Lei’s tender and handsome face. The more she looked at him, the more she liked him. She couldn’t help but pinch him. “Wow… Your skin is so elastic and smooth!”

“Woman, what are you doing? Little Lei was so frightened by Xue Fanxin that he immediately jumped back a few steps and looked at her warily. “Don’t think that I’m afraid of you just because you’re Master’s woman. I, Yan Lei, am not afraid of you.”

“Ah Jiu, where did you find this guy? He’s so cute! Haha…” Xue Fanxin ignored Little Lei’s explosive temper and felt that he was getting cuter.

“No matter where this guy came from, you are not allowed to touch him casually in the future,” Ye Jiushang said unhappily.


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Could it be that in Ah Jiu’s heart, this guy was more important than him and she couldn’t even touch him?

She felt a little stifled!

“Because he’s a guy.”

Xue Fanxin was just feeling stifled. After hearing Ye Jiushang’s explanation, she almost burst out laughing.

What was wrong with him? He was just a little child.. How could she not touch him?

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