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Chapter 172: Honest (1)

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Chapter 172: Honest (1)

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Ye Jiushang felt that he needed to have a good talk with Xue Fanxin. Otherwise, no matter how hard he worked, he would not be able to obtain her complete trust.

Although this silly girl seemed to be quite dependent on him usually, she was actually still wary of him deep in her heart. It seemed like she had been hurt in the past and was no longer willing to trust someone easily. Had Li Yaoyao and Yi Tian caused her to become like this?

It was most likely the case. After all, what that couple had done had hurt Xin’er greatly and had almost taken her life.

Li Yaoyao had already been killed by him. There was only Yi Tian left. It seemed like he could not let him off either.

He would not spare anyone who bullied and hurt Xin’er. Even Su Baifeng was

no exception.

“Xin’er, have you heard of the Star Divination Technique?” Ye Jiushang asked solemnly. He planned to reveal something important to Xue Fanxin now so that he could gain her trust.

“What’s the Star Divination Technique? Is it something like reading astrology or fortune-telling?” Xue Fan asked in response.

“That’s right. Your guess is not far from the truth. The Star Divination Technique is a kind of spell that predicts the future according to the astrology of divination. There is a type of person in this world called the Star Diviner. They can calculate everything with divination. A powerful Star Diviner can also use the Star Divination Technique to kill people.”

“Oh… I know that. There are some scammers who specialize in swindling food and drinks, acting mysterious, and scamming people.” Xue Fanxin’s amusing words made the originally heavy atmosphere a little more lively.

Ye Jiushang originally had a serious look on his face and was talking about business. But after being teased by Xue Fanxin, he burst out laughing. “Oh, you! If a Star Diviner heard that you compared them to scammers, they would definitely make things difficult for you.”

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“Ah Jiu, don’t tell me you’re a Star Diviner?”

“I only know a little about the Star Divination Technique. I can’t be called a Star Diviner, but I do know a very powerful Star Diviner. He was the one who told me that the power of nirvana day on the moment of three nines is my Phoenix Star. Only by finding the Phoenix Star can I resolve the various tribulations in my life. Otherwise, there is no way to resolve them.”

“What? What three nines? The power of nirvana?” Xue Fanxin’s mind was buzzing. For a moment, she could not comprehend Ye Jiushang’s words.

Why was it getting more and more confusing?

No wonder Ah Jiu was unwilling to tell her too much. He must have known that she could not understand.

Ye Jiushang shook his head helplessly and explained patiently, “To put it simply, an extremely powerful Star Diviner predicted a calamity for me. He calculated that I would have many crises in my life, and they would all be fatal. The only way to resolve them is to find my Phoenix Star and use its power to have a chance of survival. He pointed me in a direction, so I waited in that small place in the Nanling Empire for my Phoenix Star to appear.”

His wait was worth it.

“A mortal calamity?” When Xue Fanxin heard this, her heart tightened. Just the thought that Ye Jiushang might die made her panic and scared. She was extremely anxious, feeling that apart from his life and death, nothing else mattered.

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“Silly girl, don’t you understand?”

“Understand what?”

“You are my Phoenix Star. I admit that I had a purpose when I approached you in the beginning; you are my Phoenix Star. To me, you were only a tool for me to transcend the tribulation. But later, after getting to know you better, I realized that you are an extremely interesting girl, someone who can move my heart.”

Dragon Star and Phoenix Star were a match made in heaven. No wonder he had feelings for the Phoenix Star.

However, he liked this relationship..

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