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Chapter 23: The Superior

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Xue Fanxin naturally would not clash directly with Lian Bingyu, but she could make good use of her.

“Miss Lian, I didn’t want to say this initially, but my cousin has gone too far. She actually pushed me off a cliff yesterday and wanted to kill me. Since she treated me like this, don’t blame me for telling others about her. Let me tell you a secret…” Xue Fanxin moved her mouth close to Lian Bingyu’s ear and whispered, “The person my cousin really likes is His Highness the Third Prince.”

“What?” Lian Bingyu’s expression became uglier. She did not doubt Xue Fanxin at all.

Everyone knew that Xue Fanxin was stupid. How could such a person lie? Even if she lied, anyone with eyes could tell it at a glance.

From her expression, Xue Fanxin did not look like she was lying at all.

Xue Fanxin was indeed not lying because Li Yaoyao did say such things. She kept comparing herself to Lian Bingyu, thinking that she was better than her.

“Anyway, you just need to send someone to do a bit of digging. I’m going back, or else Grandpa will be worried.” Xue Fanxin did not say much to Lian Bingyu. She smiled slightly and left with her herbs.

She wanted to see who was stronger between Li Yaoyao and Lian Bingyu.

Although Lian Bingyu had a strong backer and Li Yaoyao had nothing, the latter was smart and knew how to act. She had a beautiful face and understood how to use all kinds of resources for her own benefit.

It was hard to say who would win when these two people faced off!

“Lalala…” With the herbs in her hand and the ten thousand taels in her pocket, Xue Fanxin happily walked towards another medicine store.

Actually, there were quite a few medicinal stores nearby. She just had to walk further.

If she could earn ten thousand taels of silver by taking a few more steps, that would be a very good deal!

Before long, Xue Fanxin bought Purple Jade Orchid from another medicine store and returned home happily.

When she came out, she had 5,000 taels. When she returned, she had 11,000 taels and a bunch of herbs. Haha… Her luck was really good!

Xue Fanxin returned to the Duke’s estate and was about to go to her room to concoct the Spirit Awakening Potion. On the way, she accidentally saw the butler walk into the study with a pale expression. He looked like he had encountered something bad. Out of curiosity, she followed him and eavesdropped outside the study.

“Duke, another urgent message came from Xue Feng. The Xue family army’s rations can only last for five days. If more isn’t delivered soon, I’m afraid…”

“Sigh, how could I not know what’s going on over there? But you also know that the Emperor has long been dissatisfied with the existence of the Xue family army. Over the years, he has never given us any food or clothing. All these years, all of the food and clothing of the Xue family army were taken from my private savings. I don’t have enough funds now. Go and see if there’s anything else you can pawn in the residence.” Xue Batian repeatedly sighed, feeling very helpless.

Back then, he had led the Xue family army to build an empire for the Nanling Emperor and pacify the rebel army. Who knew that after the world became peaceful, the Nanling Emperor would begin to fear him?

Which emperor could tolerate his subjects being more powerful than him?

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