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Chapter 264: Growing Good

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Chapter 264 Growing Good

Xue Fanxin’s sudden cry attracted everyone’s attention, especially those studying the tablet. All of them looked at her with complicated expressions. Some were shocked, some were puzzled, and some were mocking…

An elder reprimanded unhappily, “Little girl, don’t speak nonsense if you don’t understand. You’re disturbing our study of the stone tablet. Which family are you from?”

Following that, another elder said angrily, “What does a girl know? Quickly get lost. Don’t bother us.”

Initially, some of the ones studying the stone tablet wanted to ask Xue Fanxin if she knew what was written on it, but after the two elders’ scolding, they did not dare to speak. They also felt that a little girl would not know the profound words on the stone tablet.

Xue Fanxin, on the other hand, scoffed. She mocked them coldly, “Then you can take your time. Anyway, you won’t be able to figure out what it means even if you study it until death.”


“What an arrogant girl. You’re so full of yourself. It looks like if I don’t teach you a lesson, you’ll really think you’re something.”

“Of course, I’m not something. I’m a human. Forget it. Seeing that you’re so old, I won’t argue with you. You can continue to study the stone tablet. I want to see how you can study these Western words.”

“You’re courting death.” One of the elders had a very lousy temper. He wanted to beat someone up because of a disagreement. Unexpectedly, just as he raised his hand, he was sent flying and let out a tragic cry.


Xue Fanxin really did not wish to fight with an elder. When the old man wanted to attack her, she had already made preparations to dodge and did not intend to counterattack. Unexpectedly, Little Lei sprang into action and kicked him away. He even patted the dust beneath his feet coolly and said, “You have one foot in your grave, yet your temper is still so bad. You’re definitely not a good person.”

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The other elder was infuriated as well. He berated angrily, “You’re already so ruthless at such a young age. Keeping you alive is a disaster. Today, I’ll uphold justice for the heavens and get rid of you—Ah…” Before the elder could finish speaking, he was kicked away as well and joined the first elder. The two old fellows fell onto the ground and groaned in pain.

“People like you must have harmed quite a few innocents to live to this age. I feel kind today and want to uphold justice for the heavens and take revenge for those who have been harmed by you. So… get lost and have a good time.” Little Lei smiled sinisterly and took two steps forward. He kicked the two elders lying on the ground far away.


The two tragic cries continued. Finally, with two thuds, everything fell silent.

“I’ll send you to feed the fish.” Little Lei handsomely retracted his foot and patted the dust on his foot. Only then did he jump in front of Ye Jiushang and ask ingratiatingly, “Master, how was my performance?”

“Very good,” Ye Jiushang replied with a faint nod.

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Even though it was only a faint nod, coupled with the word ‘very good,’ it was extremely satisfying for Little Lei. He jumped up in excitement. “That’s great, haha…”

Master was finally not angry with him. Long live…

Xue Fanxin looked at Little Lei speechlessly before a happy smile appeared on her face.

No matter when or where, having one or two people cry and laugh with you is a very blissful thing.

She was very fortunate to have met several of these people.

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