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Chapter 302: Someone Is Here

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The sharp cry frightened everyone present. They all retracted their gazes from Xue Fanxin and looked at the people beside her as if they wanted to obtain some information from them.

Xue Fanxin was also affected. The state of being one with the sword disappeared, and she returned to her senses. She put away the sword and looked in the direction of the lake in confusion. “What happened?”

Ye Jiushang frowned. His face was filled with displeasure and intense disgust. His body emitted an incomparably cold aura, scaring everyone around him shitless. They took a few steps back in shock, and even Little Lei and the others were no exception.

Xue Fanxin sensed Ye Jiushang’s abnormality. While everyone was retreating, she walked over and stood in front of him. “Ah Jiu, what’s wrong?”

“Someone is here, and it’s someone I hate.”

“Who is it?”

“Su Baifeng.”


Just as Ye Jiushang guessed, Su Baifeng had indeed come here. She slid out of the ice path and landed in the lake. At the moment, she was struggling in the lake, wanting to swim ashore.

The people from the four great families guarding the shore were familiar with the number one beauty of Heavenly Saints City. They recognized her at a glance. They were shocked and excited, and they could not wait to pull her out of the water.

“She is actually the number one beauty and talent of Heavenly Saints City.”

“It’s the Young Miss of the Prime Minister’s Estate, Su Baifeng.”

“Miss Su, the water is too cold. Let me pull you up.”

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After a series of terrifying things, Su Baifeng was still in shock. Recalling the experience, she still had a lingering fear. At this moment, she was extremely panicked. The cold water of the lake made her sober up a little. She looked at the men who were drooling over her and found them disgusting. She would rather soak in the water than let those people touch her.

However, no matter how much she hated them, Su Baifeng still showed a pitiful appearance, asking gently, “May I ask where this is? Who are you?”

“We don’t know where this is either. In short, it’s a strange place. We’re from the four great clans and are responsible for guarding this place.”

“People from the four great clans?” Su Baifeng was not stupid; she was quite smart actually. She thought of the people from the four great clans who had disappeared recently.

Could it be that all the missing people were here?

What were they doing here?

Although the people of the four great clans had an extremely good attitude towards Su Baifeng and coveted her beauty, in comparison, they wanted the food on her more.

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To not alert the enemy, the people of the four great clans tacitly avoided mentioning that this was a sealed space, afraid that Su Baifeng would hide her food reserves.

The others from the four great clans had also rushed over, including Bai Han and Xue Hanxi. Even Yi Fentian, who had returned to the stone house, came. He wanted to know who the newcomer was and also wanted to snatch food from them.

If he came late, the food might be stolen by everyone else.

But after coming to the lake, they realized that the person was Su Baifeng, the number one beauty of Heavenly Saints City.

They had not expected the daughter of the Prime Minister to come to such a place.

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