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Chapter 331: A Tomb in a Tomb

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The crisis this time had damaged quite a few stone houses, but only a few had fully collapsed. Most of the stone houses had just some corners missing. They were still habitable after a simple repair.

The stone house Xue Fanxin lived in was not too affected. They could live in it after cleaning up the mess. Under Little Lei’s constant urging, Xue Fanxin had no choice but to start cooking and make another dry pot roasted fish.

Ye Jiushang had failed to eat it last time, so he would not miss it again. He sat in the courtyard like a Buddha and watched everyone work. There was a mysterious smile on his face. No one knew what he was thinking, but they felt that he was extremely high and mighty.

“Ah Jiu, what are you thinking about?” After Xue Fanxin had her fill, she saw that Ye Jiushang was still meditating. Her curiosity was piqued.

“I’m estimating how many Evil Bone Spectral Soldiers there are in this place. If I’m not wrong, the entire underground beneath our feet is filled with them.”


His words not only frightened Xue Fanxin, but even Gu Jinyuan and the others were scared. They imagined countless Evil Bone Spectral Soldiers under their feet, which could appear at any moment… Just thinking about it spooked them. If they really encountered them, who knew if they would be scared to death?

“Ah Jiu, you’re not joking, are you?” Xue Fanxin felt her hair stand on end. Although she and Ah Jiu could deal with them together, if there were too many of them, it was difficult to say anything.

“I’m not joking. There are indeed countless Evil Bone Spectral Soldiers underground,” Ye Jiushang said solemnly, not looking like he was joking at all.

He had just investigated the cracked ground and discovered that there was faint resentment coming from there. It carried evil power and was the best nutrient to nourish the Evil Bone Spectral Soldiers.

Why was there such a powerful grudge in the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor?

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Based on what he knew, although the Spacetime Emperor had a strange personality and did not follow common sense, he was not someone who liked to kill the innocent.

Could it be that this was not the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor?

The more Ye Jiushang thought about it, the more suspicious he felt. He looked at the little white tiger and picked it up roughly. “Tell me, is this the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor?”

“Awroo, awroo…” The little white tiger was so terrified that its entire body was shaking. Its limbs kept waving as it begged Xue Fanxin for help.

Master, Master, save me, save me, wuwuwu…

“Ah Jiu, if you have a question, ask it properly. Don’t scare it.” Xue Fanxin put down the chopsticks in her hand and spoke up for the little white tiger.

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Ye Jiushang also understood that there was no benefit in scaring it. He asked again, “Answer my question. Is this the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor?”

Xue Fanxin hugged the little white tiger and stroked its head. She said gently, “Little guy, if you know, answer Ah Jiu’s question. This is very important to us.”

“Awroo, awroo…”

Ye Jiushang had no idea what it meant.

With just a look, Little Lei understood Ye Jiushang’s hint. He patted his bloated stomach and quickly said, “Little white tiger says that this is the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor. However, it is a tomb within a tomb. The tomb of the Spacetime Emperor suppresses another large tomb. Many people are buried in that large tomb, who all turned into vengeful spirits and wanted to go out to do evil, but they were suppressed here by the Spacetime Emperor.”

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