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Chapter 349: Being Played

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Behind the tomb’s door was a magnificent palace, but it was filled with flying fireballs and water bullets.

The water bullet was filled with alcohol. If it encountered a little open fire, it would burn. So if a person got hit by the water bullet and touched the fireball, they would definitely die.

It was clearly a beautiful and gorgeous palace. It looked breathtaking, but who knew that it was filled with danger?

If the entrant was slightly weaker, he would have been burned to ashes the moment he entered.

In fact, if not for Ah Jiu’s reminder and protection, some of them would definitely have been in danger. The fireballs and water bullets that attacked the door were numerous in number. They swarmed over like locusts. Ye Jiushang erected a defensive shield and blocked all the fireballs and water bullets. Only then could they enter safely.

There were still countless fireballs and water bullets attacking them, but they could at least dodge them safely.

“What’s going on?” Gu Jinyuan found it difficult to evade every ball. The speed and number of fireballs and water bullets were too fast for him. With his current ability, he could barely protect himself, and that too for a short period. As his stamina and spirit energy were slowly exhausted, his dodging speed would also decrease. He would be in true danger then.

“Young Master, there are more and more fireballs and water bullets. What should we do?” Ah Wei was guarding Gu Jinyuan without caring for himself.

Zhuri and Fuyun joined forces to deal with the crisis in front of them. Their situation was not bad.

Little Lei did not seem to be under any pressure at all. With the little white tiger in his arms, he easily dodged the projectiles. Some were even kicked by him like balls and sent flying. He had no idea where they went and was happily playing alone.

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Xue Fanxin was protected by Ye Jiushang. The fireballs and water bullets did not pose any threat to her. However, their numbers were never-ending. It was very troublesome. They could not always be in a passive state.

“This Spacetime Emperor really likes to fool around. He’s playing all kinds of dangerous games with a high chance of death.” Xue Fanxin was curious and angry at the Spacetime Emperor. She felt she was dancing in the palms of a slightly neurotic and boring person.

When she found out who that Spacetime Emperor was, she would definitely teach him a lesson, even if it was her master.

“Xin’er, do you know how to stop the music?” Ye Jiushang did not let the fireballs and water bullets touch her.

Xue Fanxin did not solely rely on him to protect her. Whenever there were a large number of fireballs and water bullets, she would help out. She spent the rest of the time searching for anything strange in the palace, but her efforts were futile. Hearing Ye Jiushang’s words, she asked in confusion, “Is there a problem with the music?”

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When they had entered this place, they heard cheerful voices. Coupled with the powerful fireballs and water bullets, it gave off the feeling that they were gloating.

Yes, they were gloating. When they were being played around, someone was gloating.

“I’m not sure either. I just feel that the attack patterns of these fireballs and water bullets are related to the music.”

Ye Jiushang was proficient in music. Even if he had never heard this tune, he could tell the various melodies after listening to it once.

The cheerful music was indeed related to the attack patterns of the fireballs and water bullets.

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