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Chapter 352: Must Be Saved

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Xue Fanxin also kept quiet. The two of them just watched as if they were enjoying a movie. Zhuri and Fuyun were no exception. There was no need to mention Little Lei. He couldn’t care less about the four great clans.

However, Gu Jinyuan had some friendships with them. He was not that ruthless. Seeing the four great clans trapped in the Illusory Spirit Realm, he could only take the initiative to ask, “Xin’er, aren’t you going to save them?”

Little Lei asked in return, “Why should we save them? Most of them are not good people. The idiot girl treated their injuries and gave them fish meat, but how did they repay her? One moment, they said that you were a good person, and the next moment, they said that you weren’t one of them. Especially that Yi Fentian, he’s so annoying.”

Gu Jinyuan didn’t have a retort. He knew these people had gone a bit overboard. Xue Hanxi was fine, and so were a few others. But that Yi Fentian…

“We have to save them. At least half of these people have to get out alive,” Xue Fanxin said solemnly, her eyes shining with shrewdness.

“Why?” Little Lei did not quite agree with Xue Fanxin. He did not like these people and hoped that they would all die here.

“If they don’t survive, who will spread the news of Su Baifeng’s true colors to everyone? If we rely on ourselves, the impact will be far from enough. No one will even believe us. Furthermore, if everyone from the four great clans dies here, Su Baifeng can use it. We’ll be in some trouble.”

Most importantly, she could not watch Xue Hanxi die. She was okay with leaving the others, but she had to save him.

“Xin’er, how do you plan to save them? Break this illusion?” Gu Jinyuan heaved a sigh of relief.

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To be honest, no matter how heartless these people were, he was unwilling to see them all die.

“Most of these people don’t have a conscience. They won’t be grateful even if you save them. Even if they are, this gratitude will disappear with the wind unless they are taught a lesson…” Xue Fanxin smiled sinisterly. Anyone could tell she was up to some mischief.

Ye Jiushang seemed to have seen through her thoughts and smiled, looking very expectant.

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Little Lei was creeped out by their smiles and felt sorry for the people on the screen.

The little white tiger sensed Little Lei’s abnormality and trembled as well, burrowing into his arms. It really did not understand why those people were so stupid, even more stupid than it was. Couldn’t they tell that a certain lord was not to be trifled with?

Forget it. This had nothing to do with it. It should just follow Brother Little Lei and have meat to eat.

Although it wanted to follow its master, a certain lord did not like it. It could only follow Brother Little Lei.

Brother Little Lei would follow his master. If it followed Brother Little Lei, it would follow its master. That was enough!

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