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Chapter 365: : A Tricky Matter

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Ye Jiushang’s expression had turned ugly because he had received the message from Ruying and Suixing. He hurriedly came to find them to understand the situation.

“What’s going on with Nine Cloud Palace? Tell me immediately.”

Ruying and Suixing knelt on one knee as one of them reported, “Master, I also received the news not long ago. I don’t know where the Sacred Fire Sect found out that Master is not in the Nine Cloud Palace. They sent people to attack the Nine Cloud Palace and also spread a lot of rumors that are disadvantageous to us. Since Master hasn’t appeared for a long time, more and more people believe that you are not in the Nine Cloud Palace. A few sects have already formed an alliance and plan to destroy the Nine Cloud Palace in one fell swoop.”

“They want to destroy my Nine Cloud Palace? They’re overestimating themselves. What about the Shadow Clan?”

“There has been no movement from the Shadow Clan yet, but I heard that they are looking for the whereabouts of the Shadow Clan’s Old Ancestor. I have investigated the matter. The last time the Shadow Clan’s Old Ancestor appeared was ten thousand years ago. He challenged the Spacetime Emperor and disappeared after that battle.”


“The Shadow Clan’s ancestor challenged the Spacetime Emperor?” When Ye Jiushang heard this, for some reason, he suddenly thought of the vengeful spirit suppressed under Tomb Two of the Spacetime Emperor.

The Shadow Clan was famous for the power of darkness, and the tomb had exactly that.

The power of darkness and the power of holy light were extremely rare elemental powers in the world. As far as he knew, only the Shadow Clan could cultivate the power of darkness.

If the vengeful spirit that ran out of the tomb was the Shadow Clan’s ancestor, then things would get tricky.

The more Ye Jiushang thought about it, the more he felt that this matter was troublesome. He asked solemnly, “Do you have any news about Su Baifeng?”

“Master, Su Baifeng set off for the Red Maple Forest half a day ago. There’s no news of her yet.”

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“Send someone to pay attention to her every move. Once you find any traces of her, inform me at once.”


“Master, the trouble with the Nine Cloud Palace is a little big. I’m afraid you’ll have to intervene. The Sacred Fire Sect has invested heavily this time and insists on destroying our Nine Cloud Palace.”

“I have my own arrangements for this. Prepare yourselves. We’ll return to Nine Cloud Palace tomorrow.” Ye Jiushang’s eyes revealed a cold and murderous intent.

It seemed that the Sacred Fire Sect had been very free recently. He had to find something for them to do.

“Master, there’s one more thing,” Ruying said nervously, “Zhuiyue was saved by the Ghost King. I failed to complete the mission. Please punish me.”

Although it was only a small mission, he had failed to kill Zhuiyue. He had failed in a mission, no matter how big or small it was.

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“Why did the Ghost King save Zhuiyue?”

“I haven’t found out the reason yet. Zhuiyue was saved yesterday, and there’s no news today, so…”

“Yesterday?” Ye Jiushang was a little shocked, but he quickly came to a realization.

Although he had been trapped in the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor for seven to eight days, it had only been a day outside. In that case, he had only left yesterday and returned today. Many things in Heavenly Saints City had not changed.

Be it the Ghost King or Zhuiyue, they were not important now. What was important was Su Baifeng and the vengeful spirit on her.

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