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Chapter 367: Confessing Her Identity

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Xue Fanxin spent a lot of effort preparing a sumptuous dinner. At night, everyone gathered together to eat happily. Most of the dishes were made with Electric Water Eels, pickled fish, spicy fish, sweet and sour fish, roasted fish, and so on. It was almost an all-fish banquet.

Yet every fish dish had its own characteristics. The taste was also extraordinary. They were so delicious that people wanted to eat their tongues. They displayed their gluttonous nature and swept the table clean like a whirlwind. In the end, they almost ate the plates too.

“Burp… Little Xin’er, when did your culinary skills improve so much?” Xue Batian ate a lot and even snatched food from Little Lei. After eating his fill, he stroked his bloated stomach and asked in satisfaction. Although he had doubts, he believed in his precious granddaughter.

No matter what his granddaughter had become, she would always be his precious treasure. This was a fact that would never change.

Although Little Xin’er had changed a lot recently, he could sense that she was his biological granddaughter.

Xue Fanxin knew that it was best to clarify some things early and confess her identity. Otherwise, it would be easy for someone with ulterior motives to cause trouble, especially Yi Fentian, who was already suspicious of her identity.

“Grandpa, I have to tell you something.”

“What is it?”

“Before we talk about that, take a look at this letter first.” Xue Fanxin took out the letter Xue Feichen had left for her.

“What letter?” Xue Batian had a feeling that this was a serious matter. He tensed up as he took the letter over. Upon reading the contents, he was shocked. “What… what’s going on?”

Although there were only a few words in the letter, the general meaning was still clear.

What otherworldly soul returning, my daughter returning…

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What Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel, Nirvana Rebirth…

What did that mean?

“Grandpa, in the past, I was actually not complete. A part of my soul was missing; that’s why I was so stupid. When I was pushed down the cliff by Li Yaoyao, the other part of my soul returned. Only then did my soul get complete and I became normal. That’s why I’m not stupid anymore. Grandpa, do you understand what I’m saying?” Xue Fanxin roughly explained, but she did not mention the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel.

The Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel was very important. The fewer people who knew, the better. If her grandfather did not ask, she would choose not to say.

Xue Batian was not stupid. Even if he did not know what the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel was, he could guess that it was something sensitive. Therefore, he did not mention it, nor did he want to. He only wanted to know what was going on with his precious granddaughter.

“Little Xin’er, you mean that in the past, your soul was incomplete, hence your silliness? Now that your soul is complete, you’re smart? Be it the past you or the current you, they’re all you.”

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“Grandpa, you’re so smart! That’s what I mean. Be it the past or the current me, they’re both me. No matter what I become, I’ll always be your precious granddaughter.”

“Little Xin’er, were you worried that Grandpa would suspect your identity?”

“I’m not, but I’m afraid that someone will use it.”


“Yi Fentian, or Yi Tian.”

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