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Chapter 384: Decisive Killing

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Little Lei’s words stunned Xue Fanxin. However, Xue Batian, Zhuri, and the others almost laughed out loud. As for Yi Qingshan and Yi Fentian, they were confused, not understanding what he meant at all.

Yi Fentian had witnessed Little Lei’s power and fiery temper. Therefore, he could catch his meaning, and that made him a little uneasy.

Did this brat want to kill him?

He did not doubt his strength. If the other party really wanted to slap him to death, it would really be like flipping his hand.

An inexplicable fear crept up Yi Fentian’s heart. He felt that he had become a tiny ant and could not be compared with the high and mighty Ye Jiushang.

This feeling disgusted him. He would rather deceive himself than admit that he was inferior to Ye Jiushang.

“Little Lei, let’s talk about that in the future. We need to deal with something else first.” Xue Fanxin stroked Little Lei, then turned her gaze to Yi Qingshan and asked solemnly, “Master Yi, if I kill Yi Fentian, will your Yi family really not hold it against me?”

“He only has himself to blame. Our Yi family will never take revenge for him,” Yi Qingshan vowed. Although there was some hesitation in his eyes, he was a decisive man.

“In that case… Little Lei, do it. Do whatever you want. As long as you like it.”

Xue Fanxin’s last sentence shocked Yi Qingshan and Yi Fentian. Logically speaking, if an ordinary person personally came to kiss her boots and apologize with enough sincerity, she would not make things difficult for them. They would even choose to forgive them and at most make some requests.

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However, Xue Fanxin’s heart did not soften. Even if they had done this, she still gave the order to kill.

With Ye Jiushang’s nurturing, such a decisive woman’s future would definitely be limitless.

“Xue Fanxin, how dare you?” Yi Fentian did not imagine Xue Fanxin would go this far. Thinking back to the girl who had always been chasing after him, he was furious. He noticed Xue Batian and said, “Duke, she’s not your granddaughter. She’s an impostor. Don’t be deceived by her. Ever since Xin’er was pushed off the cliff by Li Yaoyao, her temperament has changed drastically. Didn’t you notice?”

“You’re the impostor. Your entire family is imposters. Yi Fentian, you ungrateful scourge, you just can’t bear to see Xin’er become smarter, right? You want her to still be as stupid as before and be bullied by you, right?” Xue Batian retorted angrily, wishing he could slap Yi Fentian.

Why had he saved such a person back then?

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He really regretted it!

“She’s not Xue Fanxin, your granddaughter. Can you wake up a little? Although Xin’er is stupid, no matter how stupid she is, she’s still your granddaughter. Have you ever thought about Xin’er’s feelings when you acknowledge someone else as your granddaughter now? Perhaps she’s suffering somewhere and waiting for you to save her!”

Yi Fentian was really good at making things up. His words sounded logical. If Xue Batian had not known Xue Fanxin’s identity in advance, he would definitely have been misled by him.

His precious granddaughter had foresight!

As for Yi Fentian, he was extraordinarily shameless and heartless.

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