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Chapter 387: Ghost King Again

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An arrogant laugh sounded from midair. Before they could figure out what was going on, Yi Fentian, who was tied up on the ground, had already been taken away.

“Stop, leave my ten feasts.” Among everyone, only Little Lei could see the person who had saved Yi Fentian. He even chased after him. He was fast as lightning. The others did not even have time to react.

“Your Highness, the person who saved Yi Fentian is the Ghost King. I can tell that it’s his voice.” Zhuri had been guarding the door, waiting for Xue Fanxin’s orders. When the Ghost King came, although he had not seen anything, he had heard his voice.

“Ghost King? Him again?” Xue Fanxin was no stranger to this Ghost King. She had heard of this guy from Ye Jiushang, but she had never seen him before.

Previously, the Ghost King had saved Zhuiyue, and now he did the same to Yi Fentian.

The Ghost King was Ah Jiu’s sworn enemy. It seemed quite reasonable that he would save the person Ah Jiu wanted to kill.

However, it did not make sense for the Ghost King to be able to come and go as he pleased in the Ninth Lord’s Estate.

“Zhuri, is that Ghost King powerful? Will it be dangerous for Little Lei to chase after him?” The first thing Xue Fanxin thought of was not the trouble the rescued Yi Fentian would bring in the future but Little Lei’s safety.

To her, Little Lei was much more important than Yi Fentian.

While she was worried, Little Lei had chased the Ghost King outside Heavenly Saints City. When he was about to catch up, two black shadows jumped out and blocked his way.

“Get lost.” Little Lei shot out a purple bolt of lightning and sent the two black-clothed people blocking the way flying. He continued his chase, but there was no trace of the Ghost King or Yi Fentian.

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“I’m so angry. Bastard, bastard, it’s all your fault. You ruined my plans and caused me to lose ten meals. I’m going to skin you alive.”

Little Lei was angry for missing Yi Fentian. He vented his anger on the two black-clothed people and beat them up ruthlessly. He only stopped when they were only half a breath away from death. Then, he brought them back.

In the blink of an eye, he returned to the Ninth Lord’s Estate. He threw them on the ground roughly and said, “It’s all these two’s fault. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have lost them. I’m so angry. My ten feasts are gone. I’m so, so angry.”

Xue Fanxin was worried about Little Lei a moment ago. She did not expect him to return the next moment. Although he looked furious, it was good that he was fine.

“Little Lei, don’t be so impulsive in the future, okay? What if you couldn’t defeat that Ghost King?”

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“How powerful can that Ghost King be? If he hadn’t sacrificed two people to block my way, I’d have caught him. It’s all your fault. My treats are gone because of you. I won’t let you off easy.” Little Lei was still raging. He was about to start another round of beating, but the two actually died? Furthermore, they died very miserably. Not only were their seven orifices bleeding, but disgusting black and green liquid also flowed out of their bodies.

The liquid turned into mist the moment it left their body.

“Everyone, be careful. Hold your breaths and leave this place quickly.” Xue Fanxin covered her mouth and nose. She used the Reverse Spirit Art to activate the power of the fire element and condensed a large ball of spirit fire to burn the two corpses.

Xue Fanxin then left, running to the empty courtyard outside. She looked at the hall that was burning with smoke from the spirit fire. Her heart was a little heavy.

Fortunately, she reacted quickly. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

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