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Chapter 398: Visiting the Bai Family (1)

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Xue Fanxin was open-minded. To her, who had experienced life and death once, nothing could make her feel pessimistic. Even if the sky collapsed, she would face it with a smile. Therefore, no matter how much trouble there was outside, she ate, drank, and slept well in the Lord’s Estate. She would usually spend her time and energy on cultivation. When she felt like it, she would make everyone a delicious meal.

Everyone in the Lord’s Estate knew that Xue Fanxin had good culinary skills. They all hoped that she could cook often, but unfortunately, that was impossible.

After cultivating for an entire day, Xue Fanxin took a hot bath and thought about going to the Bai family tomorrow.

The Bai family was willing to pay such a high fee for that person. Presumably, their status must be extraordinary.

“Your Highness, you’re going to the Bai family tomorrow. You have to be careful.” Fuyun waited on her by the side. When she thought of her trip, she could not help but remind Xue Fanxin.

“Why should I be careful? Don’t tell me the Bai family dares to eat me? We already agreed that I would save the person if I could. If I can’t, then there’s nothing that can be done.”

“I don’t know what to say about this either. I feel that this matter is not simple. There are so many famous doctors in Heavenly Saints City, but the Bai family didn’t invite them. Why must they invite you, Your Highness?”

“Perhaps it’s because my medical skills are better.”

“It might be, but I still can’t put my finger on it. Zhuri has investigated this matter. Over the years, the Bai family has never invited any famous doctor. Since they haven’t invited anyone, how would they know that those doctors can’t treat that person? Now, they’re spending a lot of money to invite Your Highness to treat him. I feel that there’s something going on here.”

“If the Bai family wants to scheme against me, then they better be ready for my counterattack. I don’t think the Bai family will dare to do this. Otherwise, the four great families wouldn’t have come together to give me so many gifts… Forget it, forget it. Let’s not think too much about it. We’ll know when we go to the Bai family tomorrow.”

At most, she would bring Little Lei along. If the Bai family really dared to do anything to her, with him around, her safety would not be a problem.

The next morning, Xue Fanxin washed up. After breakfast, she left with Little Lei and Fuyun.

The current Xue Fanxin was a famous figure in Heavenly Saints City. After the people from the four great clans returned, they promoted her vigorously, making her sound as amazing as possible. Almost everyone knew that the violent woman who was as beautiful as a fairy was Xue Fanxin, the Ninth Consort of the Ninth Lord’s Estate.

Su Baifeng watched from a certain tea house as Xue Fanxin walked past on the streets. She gritted her teeth in hatred and almost couldn’t help but want to rush out and kill her.

“Don’t be rash. You’re not her match. Furthermore, she’s wearing the Purple Buddha Bracelet and has a powerful young man by her side. If you attack, you’ll undoubtedly die. I don’t have the ability to save you again, so you’d best bear with it.”

Hearing the words of the vengeful spirit in her body, Su Baifeng suppressed the impulse and forced herself not to act recklessly. “Then when can you help me kill her?”

“When you take off that bracelet.”


How should she remove the bracelet from Xue Fanxin’s hand?

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