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Chapter 417: Someone Reported Me

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Little Lei’s words made Mu Changfeng speechless. Even if he was angry, there was nothing he could do. After all, the other party was stronger than him.

From the day he entered the Flowing Cloud Sect, his master and various uncle-masters and aunt-masters had told him that this world valued strength. Strength was everything. If he encountered someone stronger than him, he had to respect them, or he would be courting death.

Hence, he could only bear with it now.

“I think you should go and look for your junior brother. He’s very likely far away. If you don’t look for him, even if he doesn’t die from the fall, he might die for some other reason. We’ll take our leave first. See you never again.” Xue Fanxin did not argue with Mu Changfeng and left after saying a few words to him.

Although she had met two top-notch arrogant men today, they did not seem to be completely annoying. They were not hopeless.

But so what?

Anyway, she had no intention of contacting them again.

The situation had changed too quickly. Mu Changfeng was worried about his junior brother, but Xue Fanxin told him that they would never meet again. Before he could react, she had already disappeared into the crowd.

“Hey, you…”

You haven’t said your name yet.

Mu Changfeng did not say this out loud. His gaze followed Xue Fanxin. Even though she had disappeared, he did not look away. Then, he thought of something and smiled bitterly.

How could such a strange and powerful girl be from a small place like Heavenly Saints City? Perhaps her background was not inferior to the Flowing Cloud Sect.

Forget it, I should look for Zhang Qiushan first. If anything happens to him, it would be troublesome.

As for the unicorn that had disappeared, he would search for it later. Anyway, it was a spirit beast from the Flowing Cloud Sect. It would return sooner or later.

Xue Fanxin walked all the way to the Lord’s Estate, thinking about everything that had happened today. In the beginning, she felt that it was very serious, but in the end, nothing happened. Why?

Perhaps she thought too badly of everyone. Actually, some people were not that bad. They just had a special personality and a lousy temper.

It seemed like she had to change her thinking. Although she had met scums like Jiang Donghai and Pei Xiangxiang, and then Su Baifeng, this evil white lotus, it did not mean that everyone was the same. She could not look at this world with this mentality, or else things would develop in the wrong direction.

It was normal for there to be small fights between people. As long as it was not an irreconcilable grudge, they could be more tolerant. That way, the world would be a better place.

After thinking it through, her mood improved. She walked towards the Ninth Lord’s Estate happily. She bumped into the people from the Ministry of Justice just as she reached the door.

“Ninth Imperial Consort, please come with us.”

“What?” Xue Fanxin noticed that these guys were a little arrogant as if they were not afraid of her at all. Furthermore, they were treating her like this outside the Ninth Lord’s Estate. She felt something was amiss!

“Someone reported you for privately mining the royal mine, so please come with us to the Ministry of Justice.”

“Ah? Someone reported me?”

Even if she had really taken the royal mine, with how afraid Heavenly Saints Emperor was of Ah Jiu, he would not dare to do anything to her, right?

But now, the people from the Ministry of Justice had come to arrest her. What was going on?

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